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Advertise Be seen and heard in the Midem Preview, Midem Daily and the Midem Guide, and get your message across loud and clear. Tel: 071 528 0086. Fax: 071 895 0949. Reed Midem Organisation A member of Reed Exhibition Companies. But when Master Studios in Switzerland found itself in this enviable position, studio owner Victor Waldburger decided things had become a little too dull for his taste. So he ripped out both of the control rooms in Studios A and B, called in top studio designer Andy Munro to redesign them, put DynaudioAcoustics monitors in both rooms and became the first studio in Europe to install one of the new breed of Solid State Logic consoles -the G Plus. The new look, two -studio residential facility is based in St Gallen -a 40- minute train journey from Zurich airport. Waldburger is away from the delighted with the response he has achieved so far, but regards this as just the beginning', and is actively marketing the studio complex as a truly international facility suitable for top bands and top record producers. Waldburger explains: 'I needed a challenge and so did the studio. I really had reached the point where I could have left the whole place empty for five years without suffering financially. Everything was jogging along quite smoothly, everything was paid for and it all worked without any effort. We were getting plenty of music recording, radio and TV postproduction to keep both rooms busy but I felt the potential was there to do much more, and that was the challenge I was looking for'. Aerial view of studio building and surroundings, with lake for swimming or skating, depending on the weather mountains, with their large skiing area up to 2,500m, and only half an tudio The potential that Waldburger wanted to exploit was Master Studios location.

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Fair enough. Using her sexuality as weapon, like Melisandre does, probably doesn’t make sense to someone who’s never experienced sex. But Sansa better figure out pretty soon what her way is, because to watch her storyline backslide so jarringly after the progress it seemed to make was a shame. It’s hard to see what there is to be gained, story-wise or character arc-wise, by putting her in this situation. As if things haven’t been bad enough for her, do we really want to see Sansa impregnated by Ramsay, something that’s bound to happen if he’s raping her every night. As I noted in my previous Thrones post — and as Cogman mentions in that DVD commentary — this is not Sansa’s storyline in the books. Ramsay marries Sansa’s childhood friend, and these events play out with her while Sansa remains back in The Eyrie. Knowing this, I assume that showrunners David Benioff and D. . Weiss will ultimately bring her story to the same conclusion that George R. . Martin intends. Benioff and Weiss can kill supporting characters like Mance Rayder and Barristan Selmy who are still alive in the books, but I gotta think that with the main players, they’re going to follow Martin’s lead.

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And they’re starting modestly with just two beers: a Belgian-style wit beer (“wit” means a white wheat beer; for you Austin old-timers, think Celis White) and a pale ale. I tried a pint of the pale, and it’s a solid rendering of the classic style. Perhaps not the best version I’ve tried, although I noticed it got better as I came closer to the bottom of the glass (insert drunk joke here). And I’m really not a big fan of wheat beers, but the small taste I had of the wit wasn’t bad. I’m tempted to go get a full glass and see if I become a wheat convert. They’re off to a solid start, and I’ll definitely be ordering more. You may have noticed that Shiner has a new beer on the shelves, Spezial Leicht. Although Shiner has had a light beer for some time now, Leicht is a true light, clocking in at just 99 calories. It ranked with Real Ale’s Firemans 4 and Saint Arnold Summer Pils among my favorites when I needed a cold, crisp drink on these brutally hot summer days. Beginning this month, North by Northwest’s cask-conditioned beer night moves from the last Wednesday of the month to the last Monday. Lamar, 476-1206) will host a Celebrity Cook-Off on its plaza, featuring three chefs from Bravo’s hit reality series Top Chef, to benefit the Gender Public Advocacy Coalition. A memorial service is tentatively planned for today (Thursday, Sept. 11) at Providence Funeral Home in Taylor, and the family asks that donations honoring Bobby Mueller be made to Trinity Lutheran Church, 3505 N.

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People are lazy. It's easier to have a mechanic fix your car than to fix it. It's misusing statics to further its political agenda. THE REALITY: Such restrictions negatively affect the supply of goods, exacerbating shortages. This is an issue most decent-hearted people simply misunderstand. Most people agree that victims shouldn’t be harmed. What the general public isn’t aware of, however, is that anti-price gouging laws ARE harmful. From the paper “The Ethics of Price Gouging,” Associate Professor of Philosophy Matt Zwolinski explains. Without any way of refrigerating food, infant formula, or insulin, and without any idea of when power would be restored, people were desperate for ice, but existing supplies quickly sold out. But in doing so, they did something to help ALLEVIATE THE SHORTAGE of ice that Raleigh was facing. Unfortunately, these men were arrested for price gouging and the ice was left to melt. Let’s be clear about this, the prolonged shortage of ice was the result of anti-gouging laws, not greed. Imagine your own helpless relative and ask, does NO ICE sound better than EXPENSIVE ice.

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revolution C. both (a) and (b) D. any of these depending upon the question under construction Answer: C 17. The most salty sea in the world is A. Red sea B. Dead sea C. Arabian sea D. Mediterranean sea Answer: B 18. The most densely populated regions in the world are A. The most notable example of a tectonic valley is that of the A. Doon valley B. Kashmir valley C. plains of Aksai Chin D.

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The Mormont storyline was awesome (and how epic did that castle look like! , the Blackfish and Jaime were pretty interesting, as was Arya’s three minutes, but a shame she let her guard down. I prefer ten of Dany’s speeches over any more screen time from this guy. I am surprised that Peter Dinklage skipped two episodes in a row. To do that, she needs to accept LF’s offer: and it would be very hard for Sansa to admit to herself that she needs LF’s aid. She was positive that the North would rise for her family. However, she has just learned a valuable lesson for the first time: loyalty is a two-way street. And she probably is just now getting a good understanding of how devastating her brother’s war was for the north. However, this is an important part in learning to become a leader: learning when to do things yourself and learning when to let others do things for you. Jon, Daeny, Sansa, etc. are not born knowing how to rule, but are going to learn to lead from trial and error. This is not quite a Bildungsroman, but it has a lot in common with one. There is no point in telling Jon about it: chances are that it will come to nothing.