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Don't get me wrong, I'll still enjoy it when she's finally mounted on a spike, cunt first. She's spending her last happy days sucking off Jaime. It felt like the showrunners didn't watch the previous seasons. Olenna deserved better, at least she got in a parting shot by telling Jaime she killed Joffrey. Forget the Brienne reunion, he doesn't deserve redemption now. The Bran reunion - did I miss how he got back to Winterfell from the wall. And of course now Sansa's mad at him because. well. she is always mad at her siblings. The road from the Wall to Winterfell is pretty well-established and I'm sure the Watch Commander sent him away with a horse immediately upon learning who he is in the very first episode. He arrived at The Wall and then boom he is at Winterfell, no scene where he tells Edd he needs to get there, just booked a connecting wagon to Winterfell.

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In that last scene, the leader of the Others is taunting Jon with thousands of people that Jon had come to recruit for war. He’s essentially saying “You wanted them, I got them. A Lord Commander of Night’s Watch, descended from the Kings of Winter, with the Blood of the Dragon, brings weapons of their destruction, and tries to form an alliance with the wildlings to kill them. We don’t see it that way because the Others come out on top, but they were potentially in a lot of trouble there. Essentially at Hardhome the Others are doing more or less the same thing, killing people (including innocence), because those people are going to result in deaths on their side. The main difference is that the Others do the killing directly, and the Watch is allowing someone else to do the killing. Which tends to be how powerful empires operate; through institutional oppression. Just because a society aren’t killing people directly, doesn’t mean they aren’t responsible for systematically oppressing people. The Westerosi, the Others, and the Free Folk, are all merely protecting themselves above all else, doing what they have to do. That they’re thralls of the Great Other, creatures of cold and death and darkness who oppose all warm blooded life and humanity. Well, maybe that attitude is exactly what is pushing the world to war.

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The examiner said he matched lines in the shirt patterns at eight points along the seams. The red arrows point to shirt features that allegedly match. Witnesses had seen a burgundy-colored sedan similar to McKreith’s Mercedes-Benz outside a majority of the robberies. No one has studied the alignment of lines on men’s button-down shirts. There is no database of shirt features allowing Vorder Bruegge to calculate the probability of a random match, a statistic used to explain results from DNA typing. Last year, a federal study determined that professional image examiners matched faces more accurately than untrained students — providing the first scientific basis for a photograph comparison field. In both, participants couldn’t consistently mark the features to use in an analysis. They marked a certain number of creases or freckles on a face or hand the first time and came up with very different counts the next. If examiners cannot mark the same features each time they use a technique, “then you can’t rely on the result, I think that’s what any statistician would say,” said David Kaye, a Penn State University law professor and expert on DNA analysis. “It’s not a reliable measure. .

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But he’s not following Robert Baratheon, or Joffrey Baratheon — he’s the Hand of Daenerys Stormborn, a woman who has shown herself to be an excellent leader, and who has learned to listen to her advisors, which is something no other monarch in Westeros has done in recent memory. That finger in the pie didn’t look like it had been washed. That’s how you end up with the Norwalk virus, you know. A man wonders if she’ll be the one to finally take Cersei off the board. Wouldn’t that piss off Olenna and the Dorne women. As revenge killings go, it’s almost as satisfying and poetic as Ramsay’s. Walder Frey spent his long life obsessed with the status of his family, creating many Freys with his succession of young wives, to the point where he’s not sure if the serving girl is his daughter. And when he is assured that she is not, he proceeds to be gross and gropey. Ick. That just kind of puts the cherry on the vengeance cake, though, as the random girl he feels so entitled to take liberties with fools him into literally eating his family legacy before revealing the face of a Stark Who Got Away. Two seasons worth of apprenticeship to the Faceless Men, only to finally reject them and head home.