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Similarly, Ajay Grover has been nominated as Jammu District Convenor, K. . Padha has been nominated as Kathua District Convenor and Smt. Kusam Dutt is Jammu West District Convenor of BJP Senior Citizens Cell. BJP pays rich tribute to Dr Syama Prasad Mukherjee in Kashmir Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) today paid rich tribute to Dr Shyama Prasad Mukherjee, founder of the Bharatiya Jana Sangh, which later evolved into BJP, at its party office here. BJP State President, Sat Sharma (CA), while paying rich tribute to the Jana Sangh founder member said that the great leader has sacrificed his life for the cause of the country. “His martyrdom is a reminder to the commitment to serve the country and its unity,” Sharma said. Terming him a visionary leader, Sharma said that at the age of 33, he became the world's youngest Vice-Chancellor of the Calcutta University and held the office till 1938. During his tenure, he introduced a number of constructive reforms and was active in Asiatic Society of Calcutta as well as was a member of the Court and the Council of the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore and Chairman of the Inter-University of Board. Sharma also said that it was first in the history of Jammu and Kashmir that rich tribute was paid to Dr Shyama Prasad Mukherjee in the state Assembly. Expressing pleasure and gratitude to people of Kashmir, Sharma said the objective of the function was to reach out to the youth of Kashmir.

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Ned then assumes the humility and tells the world that Jon is his bastard. We saw last night through Bran that Jon is FOR SURE Lyanna’s son, not Ned’s. But the show intentionally cut the volume as she whispered into Ned’s ear. This is gimmicky. It’s extremely similar to the use of Jon’s death in last season’s finale. Everyone is going to assume all year that Jon is Rhaegar’s son. She has a heart-to-heart with Jon where she apologizes for not telling him how she sent for Littlefinger and they express how important it is to be honest with each other. The immediately afterwards Littlefinger tells her how his end goal is to sit alongside her on the Iron Throne and SHE DOESN’T TELL JON, even as Littlefinger slyly smiles when Jon is proclaimed King in the North. The entire sequence in King’s Landing was beautifully done, and fans are surely thrilled to see Dany and company finally set sail. It’s hard to ask for much more out of a season finale. “The Winds of Winter” tied up some stories while laying the foundation for others, all the while remaining a riveting hour-plus of television from scene to scene.

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Normally they'd like nothing less than a dragon queen trailing Lannisters in her wake, but once the ravens start coming in from what's left of the Nights Watch, they'll get all friendly and welcoming. George R,R, Martin is sitting in chair by a fire and he closes this huge book and cuts a long, loud juicy fart. Ain’t nothin GRRM likes more than a tubby writer and incest. They really have kept a tight lid on leaks this year. I just rewatched the last episode and it’s been so long, I had completely forgot. Which Dany will likely counter by calling on Michael Huisman. I'm now really curious about The Death and Life of John F. Donovan as its finally received a premiere date at TIFF. Considering Kit plays a closeted actor, will there be any gay scenes. As for GoT and the final season, it can't get here soon enough. I've rewatched the damn show in its entirety about a dozen times since the last episode of S7 aired.


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