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For me, and it may not be the same for everyone, that was a clear sign that they had gone to far. And as I say, if your argument is that they go too far all the time, I might suggest that you are right and that that could also be considered a problem. I don't know if I ever expected to get to this point. Somehow I managed not only never to have the death of Petyr Baelish spoiled for me, I even read stuff online that (mis)led me to believe he was still alive and kicking. I've read essays online where people say his role had run its course, but I disagree. Anyway, Littlefinger and Stannis were the two deaths I did not expect. Most of the others were either in the books or I had spoiled for me. They sped up so many things once they got away from the books. Yeah, that kind of pacing has been way, way off in the last few seasons. I think someone said they must have discovered teleportation off-screen and that's really the only explanation that makes sense. I think it's as much a result of the shortened final seasons as the writing though - there's just a lot of material they have to get through in 13 episodes. The servers were fully recovered by 9:36 p. . and viewers were able to watch the finale in full.

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Conclusions The newly developed K-DRAVP system could be used to. If the broken bone punctures the skin, it is called an open. Other causes are low bone density and osteoporosis, which cause weakening of the. The objective of this study was to evaluate the direct and indirect costs associated with long bone fractures in a working age population using real-world claims data. Outcomes included direct medical costs and utilization, as well as work absenteeism and short term disability, which was available for a sub-set of the patients. A total of 208,094 patients with at least one fracture were included in the study. The results of this study indicate that long bone fractures are costly, both in terms of direct medical costs and lost productivity. Workplace absences and short-term disability represent a significant component of the burden of long bone fractures. These results may not be generalizable to all patients with fractures in the US, and do not reflect the burden of undiagnosed or sub-clinical fractures. Georges Hospital, it was noted that there was an unacceptably high number of soiled perinea in patients transferred from Base Hospitals. The effectiveness of preoperative skin preparations: an integrated review of the literature. A review of perineal skin care protocols and skin barrier product use. We decided to audit the problem with a view to finding out why this was happening and to improve the situation. A 2-year study was carried out over three distinct phases (phase 1: February-June 2004, phase 2: July-November 2004, phase 3: February-November 2005).

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The wight hunt stupidity The Dragonpit meeting fiasco with Cersei. Those people are obsessivelly anti-jonsa and the way they speak of the people in this fandom (and in general) is revolting. Maybe its because I already got too many foreshadows about not only Jonsa but also about Dany tragic ending that I dont mind their stupidity. Believe me when I tell you, their asses will be mine on 2019. I have been saving their comments and insults for quite some time now. I will rip so many wigs when the new season starts. BTW - To all the jonsas afraid to go to Freefolk, let me assure you, I have a block of cheese in my fridge right now that its probably smarter than most users of that sub. Its actually comical how dumb they are, which is why I fucking LOVE it to be there. Dont worry about them, they will pay the price in the end. Dragons should be seen as they are (dangerous beasts) and treated with caution, not one’s children. Letting roam free will cause huge problems. They cannot distinguish the difference between livestock and children, what they can eat and what they can’t. Dany’s response: They’re beautiful, extraordinary. What she implies: I would not commit the same mistake as my forefathers, locking the dragons and became small, just like everyone else.

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