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GRRM added that after he had started: and even though he revised thoroughly, it’s really tough to make major changes to your own work like that. The Wildlings are loyal to Jon for saving their lives. But if the Starks want their home back they will need to reunite (most of) the North. Northerners are loyal to Starks, and if they won’t fight for a bastard who let the Wildlings past the Wall, they may get behind a trueborn Stark. I do think the Vale’s army will show up last minute during the Bastardbowl. And I think a lot of enemies will have to put aside their differences to fight the common one. The Waif is correct in being certain Arya is unable to become No One. Nice to see Theon has learned he’s not a good leader (nor deserves the things he used to feel entitled to) but has always been an excellent hype man. I like the idea of Yara and Theon heading to Mereen to help Tyrion in the impending war to come. Theon is a bridge to an alliance between Targs and Starks. We are depicted as fat stupid beer-swilling smokers who live off benefits and Greggs pasties. I wonder if they will tell people that he died and was resurrected. Or maybe the show will not bother with that anymore and just assume people know the reason why his watch has ended.

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In February, 1989, I received a five page, single-spaced letter from my editor at Onyx, John Silbersack. Following his instructions, I went through my manuscript with a black marking pen, striking out sentences, paragraphs, and full pages. W. . Allen published Funland hardbound in 1989 with my name, not Richard Kelly, as the author. They used the version of the manuscript that I'd revised for Onyx, so this time there aren't two different novels out there. Onyx published the book in February, 1990—with a very nice cover which included a piece of the endorsement that Dean Koontz had -written for Resurrection Dreams. Funland was later nominated (short-listed, as they call it in the U. . for a Bram Stoker award. It has been brought out in foreign language editions by publishers in Germany, Russia, Hungary and Turkey. As of this writing, it is in its 13th paperback printing from Headline. THE STAKE I started writing The Stake on March 28, 1988, two days after finishing Funland.

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But Serbian journalists aren’t alone in seeing a problem: Even with little acknowledgment from the international community, the country dropped 10 spots in Reporters Without Borders’ annual ranking last year. The increased prominence of media intimidation globally, as well as the relative disinterest in the Balkans, compared to the clear and countable abuses such as the jailing of journalists by Turkey’s strongman Recep Tayyip Erdogan, have made it easier for leaders like Vucic to quietly quash criticism without attracting too much attention. Unlike Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Russia, however, Serbia is currently in the process of joining the European Union. Membership includes an accession process of aligning a country with the EU’s political and human rights principles, press freedoms included. Since then, Vucic has denounced his earlier actions. He and future president Tomislav Nikolic formed the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS), a conservative but pro-European party, in 2008, and won the next elections, representing a compromise for those who wanted the economic and political benefits of EU accession but also valued Vucic’s and Nikolic’s nationalist credentials. Compliant editors and journalists quickly replaced critical voices; ad revenue to critical outlets from companies that either have partial government ownership or are close to the government was cut off; and outlets deemed unfavorable were given less and less access. The public broadcaster, the Radio Television of Serbia, quickly fell into line, but so did former bastions of critical thought like the now defunct B92, a critical radio and later TV channel that used to be synonymous with brave journalism during the Yugoslav wars in the 90s. Positive coverage kept Vucic from appearing weak or subservient to the EU—a liability in Serbian politics. Anytime a significant compromise was made in the ongoing political dialogue with Kosovo, or a particularly painful reform needed to be instituted as part of Serbia’s EU accession process, tabloids featured stories about how Vucic had stood up to the representatives of Kosovo’s Albanian majority, trying to contort it into a victory. Those pointing out deficiencies in this logic—critical outlets like the daily Danas, weeklies Vreme and NIN, as well TV channels like N1—would either be shouted down by Vucic personally during press conferences, or be torn apart for days by tabloids and on social media. n the past few months, however, press intimidation and government-friendly media consolidation has escalated. On November 23, leftist politician Borko Stefanovic was viciously attacked by men dressed in black.

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For the first time, we experience some tension between Drogon and Dany. I am sure that this is some foreshadowing and a set up for a new storyline. At this point, I don’t really care anymore about conquering cities. Sansa talking about her dead mother and brother was sad, but it sounded more like whining. We didn’t see Bran nor Stannis this episode, and I really missed the last one. Stannis’s ending last season was quite interesting and I am eager to know how he will travel to a complete new location: The Wall. The Hound was awesome in this and Arya just rocked. Epic ending. Excellent opener with interesting material from Arya and King’s Landing. Dany disappointed a bit, so is the absence of Stannis. Beric Dondarrion. Entertaining fight and cool atmosphere. Jon’s progression in his storyline: he breaks his oath and eventually declares his love for Ygritte.

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The Fear of God is an older British documentary from 1998, which was available on one of the older DVD versions (the second one to be precise). It is about an hour long and has become almost as important as Hearts of Darkness (documentary from Apocalypse Now). Unfortunately, the video is not presented in 1080p despite its importance. OOne of the new docs is called Raising Hell: Filming the Exorcist, which is sort of an update of The Fear of God. This is presented in 1080p video, and the wealth of behind the scenes footage is impressive. Watching Linda Blair receive the numbing drops in her eyes to endure the contacts, which bothered her, and witnessing Friedkin on the set was amazing. The different angles taken of iconic scenes are sure to embed themselves into your subconscious only to surface in some new nightmares. OA shorter doc is called Faces of Evil: The Different Versions of the Exorcist. This is obviously older, but since it is the first time that I have seen this footage, I am calling it new. It goes into the history of why certain scenes were cut, and the only reason most of the scenes were put back into the film was a favor to the author William Blatty who for years complained at what remained on the cutting room floor. It kind of contrasted the two versions to show you what went back into the newer version and the stuff that still didn't make it because of poor or missing audio. All the horror movies on various cable channels for weeks. The other day I stumbled across THE EXORCIST, which scared the creepers out of movie audiences in the early Seventies.

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1992, Paperback: soft cover edition in. Text: Crossing Press, 1975. NIS. Juvenile Literature. ISBN: 0912278692. Paperback: soft cover edition in. Jacket, Illustrated. Minor Ex-Library Marks: Atheneum, 1975. Ends: Cambria, San Simeon and the Ranchos: The Colorful History of Spanish. Explorers, Indians, Whaling, Life Ont he Ranchos, Chinese, Quicksilver Mines. Fires, Floods, Swiss Dairies Hearst Ranches, Early Califorina Pioneers. Illustrated. Clean and Unmarked Text: The Learning Works 1982, Previous Owner.

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The historic courthouse, on Courthouse Road off Route 128 in Dresden, is open from 10 a. . to 4 p. . Saturdays, and noon to 4 p. . Sundays through Columbus Day weekend. During August, it is open from 10 a. . to 4 p. . Tuesday through Friday. A puppet show Aug.

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This shows up in Winterfell, in the story of the Rat Cook, and in the three skinchanger abominations. Will you go to Slaver’s Bay and bring my love to me? This is a ridiculous request to make. Euron knows Victarion is incredibly likely to betray him - unless he has some way of influencing Victarion beyond what Victarion thinks. “You have sons,” “Baseborn mongrels, born of whores and weepers. “They are of your body. “So are the contents of my chamber pot. None is fit to sit the Seastone Chair, much less the Iron Throne. No, to make an heir that’s worthy of him, I need a different woman. When the kraken weds the dragon, brother, let all the world beware. Wait, what? recordscratch. p3 Zoom in: to make an heir that’s worthy of him, I need a different woman.

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Just because they’re good doesn’t mean they’ll look good. Bruce Lee was an incredible fighter in real life but he was very aware of what worked practically in a fight and what looked good on the screen. Part of me even thinks this casting call is an elaborate rouse. Just made Brienne seem like one of those kids on chat shows who’ve grown up to be a success but still haven’t let it go so need to confront their bullies. If they showed how the other knights still mock her to some degree you create sympathy with the character which show Brienne is seriously lacking. I’m not sure it is as it’s something the books haven’t even hinted towards and LF seems to have abandoned them already with Roose not really giving a crap about whaever LF is doing. I think it was just a vehicle to get Sansa in position for last seasons storyline and although that storyline itself worked the way of getting her there was painfully contrived. Of course it does! He goes back there and riles up the Vale by saying how she’d been taken hostage by the Boltons. Robin is infatuated with her so LF could easily manipulate him and the Lords into marching on Winterfell. Yes I do. He’s a Targ. He will drain a lot of Dany’s support.