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This way I get the light flowing in when I want it and complete privacy when I need it. I found the valance blocked a TON of light so I didn’t want to put those back up. You could just put up blinds if you wanted and you’d have complete privacy. That is a health concern as well so be sure to bleach the wall and clean up the mold first. You may need to check that it doesn’t have underlying water damage issues. We removed the old flooring first and then painted and finished with the new flooring install. I’ll see what I can do about a flooring tutorial. The table (which I sealed with Beyond Paint sealer) is doing great with multiple washings a day. I am on the Menards website and there is a huge list of Shaw laminate flooring. I think it was actually Urban Cafe vinyl plank flooring in espresso oak. But we really loved the Shaw flooring in our bathroom too. NOWHERE in any of the material I’ve read or googled can I find out how to clean my brush. Is it soap and water clean up or a onemtime use thing? Thanks.

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Reference points can be made to Atrium Carceri, recent Raison d'Etre, and the like, but ultimately, Rasalhague operates within its own realm. After Shopping (2002), Loving (2004) and Faking (2005) comes. Gardening. The title is inspired by Ratkje's new life in the coutryside. Two tracks of shimmering echoed string drones and introverted escapism. If you are into The Infant Cycle music, you'll definitely like this too. Four different tracks combining electronic signals, field recordings, slowly evolving deep drones and strange fragments of melodies. Each project has prepared 30 minutes for this special release. In the meantime, he has been touring extensively plus released one full album, a digital EP and offered his music on a split release with Rovar17. Now Pavel returns to Zoharum with 3 new tracks of contemplative nature. They are full of slow acoustic sounds and field recordings. Again, composed of 3 songs, it takes you on a trip to the desolate factory inhabited with ghosts of its previous owners. Mainly investigating the world of aggression, fear and nightmares, the label has always been searching for a certain balance to avoid one-sidedness, withdrawal and repetition. And, finally, this is the first album absolutely falling out of the earlier specialisation of Autarkeia, yet equally attractive.

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Apparently I have responded very well to hormone therapy and can now have radiotherapy which should knock it on the head once and for all. It's about half an hour's drive, depending on traffic but I can pick and choose the time of day which is very useful. The treatment is far worse than the symptoms which are now no more than slight and lends the whole process an air of unreality. But you have to go through with it or things may happen later, you could say. The hospital is brilliant and are confident the treatment will be successful. You're rarely absolutely cured of cancer, of course and checkups will be needed from time to time. I have been given a booklet about dealing with this particular form of cancer. It's a useful read and there are photos of various smiling late middle-aged and elderly fellows, sometimes with their soulful-looking wives. One of the men is someone I instantly recognised and know quite well, as I do his wife. In the Big Band I used to play in before it packed up he and I were the trombone section. I had no idea he'd had prostate cancer because even though he must now be about 80 he's pretty vigorous and healthy. And I have no idea what either of them were. (Didn't comment in the game because it makes the stanzas messy - tidy, tidy, tidy! .

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Extra show: Wed. Austen. We raved happily about the first incarnation. Rubber Repertory. Through Oct. 28. Thu. Sat. 8pm. Sat. 8pm. Arts on Real, 2826 Real (behind Flatbed. Fletcher, Shannon Grounds, Michael Joplin, and Paul. The deadline for the Oct.

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I particularly enjoyed reviewing the moment I had to pesky bad ones following me and I simply destroyed them by switching on a laser with a switch I found. Our protagonist has flashbacks, nightmares and more which fuel him to power through the levels, including sections where you go back home with him in a Hotline Miami kind of way, getting to know his neighbours in the process, all seemingly unaware of how he likes to spend his time. You see him with his therapist and engage in phone calls with his boss to offers up new contracts for you to take on. There’s a strong narrative at play which will hopefully turn out to be as engaging as the gameplay. You would have also heard that I had a very difficult time playing puzzle games in a public sector. I have no real need to rush my puzzle gaming, particularly because I’m rubbish at them. In the middle of an Etherborn is pretty clear that I was taking far too long to solve a certain area and without looking around I got the feeling that people were watching me fail to such a degree that I had to put the controller down and go on my way. You play as a being with no voice who gets called to visit an ethereal voice through a series of rather gorgeous levels which allow you the patience to explore them in order to find the correct orbs in order to open new areas that will further your progress. Take your time. Explore and understand how you can use the shifts in gravity to your advantage. Each structure is designed in such a way that there’s an answer possibly tucked away somewhere. You can see areas that you can’t currently reach, so the resolution must be nearby. There’s no rush, just live in the world and find each segment at your own pace. Despite this, I could absolutely see the potential, reminding me of Back 2 Bed with its patience and gorgeous world.

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'Nobody had swum a full ocean,' he explained. 'More people have landed on the moon than have tried this, so at that point I thought maybe this is my calling. 'If I can inspire myself, other people and raise money for charity, why not do it? Inspired by British explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes, Hooper said he hopes to motivate others, especially children, to swim. Funding for the expedition has taken time, and the launch was set back several times as various crew members dropped out and the boats faced mechanical issues. 'This will be a major achievement overall,' said Nigel Taylor-Schofield, the captain of Big Blue. 'If anybody can accomplish this, it would be Ben. He is very determined. The crew, including a paramedic, will track the miles, and Hooper has said if he gets to Brazil with the help of currents, he will swim until he fulfills the full Atlantic mileage. The challenges - be it marine life, dehydration, and more - will be vast, but Hooper says his biggest fear is letting the team and his daughter down. For motivation he will listen to a playlist on customized earphones that he said will include eurotrash music, Eminem and The Script's Hall of Fame. Hooper will also wear various gear that helps camouflage him from sharks and a tracking device so supporters can follow his nearly five-month swim online. 'See you in Brazil,' he said to supporters as he stood in sea at Dakar, before eventually swimming off into the sunlit waters toward his goal. British man aims to swim across Atlantic from Senegal to Brazil article.

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This proposal would require a modest adjustment in how people act. The state has tracked how much money it could raise for nearly 40 years. By now, if you have spent any time dealing with state finances, you know what this fix could be. And when I say it could be a potentially easy fix, that is because it would not require much tinkering with the law. However, 10 years ago when then Governor Jennifer Granholm proposed a variant of this fix, it sparked a massive political fight and after it actually became law such a backlash that the Legislature and Ms. Granholm repealed it shortly afterward. Still, no one disputes if the income tax is repealed revenues will have to be raised elsewhere. Why not, then, require sales taxes paid on services. If people don’t have to pay income tax, why not pay sales tax on a haircut, the plumber, a medical visit, a round of golf, a funeral. But the governor and the Legislature could probably say prisons and medical services and whatever are contingent to education and pay for everything out of the SAF. However, we know how difficult actually convincing the Legislature to impose the sales tax on services would be. That, however, would not result in immediate massive growth and the state would still have mammoth responsibilities to meet. Hard decisions will be needed, whatever the Legislature decides. But when the contrast of history is so striking to today’s reality, then reminding one of what was once may help in convincing them of what should be done now.