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It could be Umbers, Manderly’s, NW, Wildings, Boltons and then the WW. It was stated that is what the crew is calling it so I took that to mean its just going to be massive and didn’t literally think there would be six armies. Either way, I guess its fun to speculate who the six will be. Way too early for that, and her story will more than likely deal with the Dothraki and a war in Mereen where she’ll show up with the horde to save the day. Probably a bit too early for White Walkers as well, but more likely than Daenerys. Which Starks? I wouldn’t be surprised if they split into three groups, some behind Rickon, some with Sansa as their figurehead, Jon with his own Wilding army. It sounds like it will be a free-for-all mess. I just don’t know whom he would side with; probably with the ones most likely to win. There’s also a weird blue-white one with gold circles.

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Michio Kaku explains the impact of exporting jobs in the video below. Perhaps the greatest factor in the American jobs crisis is manufacturing jobs being exported by American companies, as Michio Kaku acknowledges. Corporations build factories in foreign countries while closing American Factories. The other side of globalization according to Michio Kaku, is the importation of labor. Michio Kaku acknowledges that the American jobs crisis is exacerbated by these problems, but Kaku also emphasizes how many human jobs have been replaced by artificial intelligence, robotics, and automation. Michio Kaku believes the American job crisis is the result of the combination of globalization and automation. American jobs have been lost, as companies once rooted in the United States have gone international, spawning the American jobs crisis. Michio Kaku acknowledges that American companies have closed plants in the United States and either import products from foreign companies, or build their new plants on foreign soil. Michio Kaku discusses the American jobs crisis in the video below from the five-minute mark to the 13-minute mark. Michio Kaku doesn’ t see this American jobs crisis as hopeless, and believes in the end Americans will prevail against the machine, triumphing over robots as well as surviving corporate globalization with all the job exports and employee imports.

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The army as always cast its shadow even before campaigning began. Imran Khan was unofficially declared as the chosen one. Journalists were intimidated, disappeared and silenced where needed. Reports of voter fraud and rigging were wide spread. European Union monitors declared that it was not a level playing field for all parties. Delays in election results reporting cast further suspicion on the process and the losing parties cried foul. In the end Imran Khan's strategy of flirting with religious extremists paid off. With only about 50% of the eligible voters casting their ballot, he was able to galvanize the large young demographic, who had only seen him be a cricketer on youtube. The lack of post election violence showed that many had resigned to him becoming their next leader. The impromptu speech he gave under the portrait of Jinnah flanked by the national flags, before being officially anointed, seemed to have calmed some nerves.

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