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ll your tools during a working. It should be a table or some kind of similar construct that is about as tall as your waist when you're standing. If you have a table that can be set aside for this purpose, terrific. You'll also need a black altar cloth to cover the table; this should not be reused as something else, however. Only spread this cloth over your altar when you are preparing to lay out your tools for a ritual. Now, on to those tools, beginning with the few you'll use repeatedly to invoke darkness. In chapter 4 you'll see how to dedicate these permanent tools to your use in Nocturnal Witchcraft. An active aid to magick is the athame, or black-handled knife of traditional Wicca. In our practice it would seem a no-braincr that its handle be black, but in actuality the reason for the color choice is based on the athame's use. As we said, black is the color that draws everything into itself. The athame is used to direct energy out of our bodies and toward some purpose. Therefore, having a black handle helps the athame draw energy from your projecting hand (the hand you write with) and channel this power out through the double-edged blade. These considerations—handle color and blade type—are not the only ones to keep in mind when shopping. Make sure the knife is comfortable to hold and feels almost natural in your hand. Its purpose is to be an extension of yourself, kind of like an extended finger or two; and in a pinch you can also use your pointer and middle fingers together for an athame. You'll use your athame predominantly for casting circles or charging objects with energy. Again, you'll most often hold the athame in your writing or projecting hand; however, there are certain ritual steps that call for a banishing or disruptive stroke to be made with the athame, in which case you'll hold it in the opposite or receiving hand. More passive but equally powerful is what you can think of as a nocturnal portal. This is some type of round skrying tool that is black. On each side of your nocturnal portal should be placed a black taper c a n d l e — y o u can use silver for a Full M o o n celebration.

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That's what I try to do with my own writing; write what has never been written. I, too, find some of Celan's work impenetrable, but I like to watch his language happen in front of me, just the same. JM: So far, you have talked about queer cinema, experimental expatriate writers, and a proto-minimalist painter. Are there contemporary or popular cultural influences in your poems as well. Burroughs-influenced cut-up of Sylvia Plath's Ariel poems. Take that, Post-Modern Literature. My two other work-in-progress manuscripts, The Excitable Gift, and, Cryptopedia XXIII, are both the result of two different influences. I love gritty films. Ratcatcher by Lynne Ramsay (1999) is what I would want one of my poems to look like if it were filmed. Debussy is considered the father of modern tonality because he pushed its conventional limits. But you asked me about pop culture: I adore Florence and the Machine. Florence Welch's obsession with drowning is marvelous. Did you know I have written three novels and a children's picture book, as well. I have a New York literary agent, Carolyn French, who is trying to place two of the novels, If There's a Heaven Above, and, Ghost Songs, at major publishing houses right now. Both are Young Adult novels, both autobiographical. We're waiting to hear back from Bloomsbury (J. . Rowling's publisher) about Ghost Songs. Fingers crossed. JM: I didn’t know that you also wrote novels and children’s books.

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Convicts Musadiq Ahmed and Ahsan Hassan were accused of killing the Class 5 student after raping him in Sahiwal district, some 230 km from Lahore, in November 2017. Initially the police had registered the case on charges of murder, kidnapping and unnatural offences under the Pakistan Penal Code. But after the protest by the victim’s family and locals, the police also included terrorism sections in the FIR and the suspects were prosecuted in an anti-terrorism court (ATC) in Lahore. “The ATC today awarded 75 years imprisonment to each suspect and also imposed a fine of Rs 400,000 on each of them on different counts,” a court official said and added the convicts confessed to their crime before the judge. According to the FIR, the convicts and the victim studied in same academy in a village in Sahiwal. On November 7,2016, the convicts on return from the academy kidnapped the minor boy and took him to a deserted place where they killed him after raping him. PTI. Coldplay went hi-tech for the tour, with fans given interactive wristbands that change color to the music and eye-popping displays with lasers and confetti. The rockers led by Chris Martin, who broke through in the early 2000s with a mixture of dark ballads and rock anthems in the fashion of U2, earlier hinted that “A Head Full of Dreams” would be their last full-length album, although they released a new EP in July. The tour started in March 2016, also in Buenos Aires, and reached nearly 5. million fans, according to Live Nation. Coldplay pushes into fourth place on the highest-grossing list Roger Waters, the former Pink Floyd member whose marathon 2010-13 “The Wall Live” tour incorporated elaborate effects as he pressed an anti-war theme. The online craft and artisan marketplace unveiled the first phase of its efficiency drive at the end of April and further cuts in June that will together result in the loss of 245 staff or 23% of its headcount versus the end of 2016, as well as the closure and consolidation of certain international offices. But chief operating officer Linda Kozlowski says Etsy’s future in London is secure and plays into a larger corporate strategy to streamline its overall operations. “Actually London and the UK in particular is one of our most critical offices for our expansion work, so we actually plan on making sure that we’re managing a lot of the centralised activities across all of international here,” she told the Press Association. Though posing in magazine editorials and walking the runways isn't particularly lucrative, profitable beauty, fashion, and lifestyle ad campaigns are actually where models earn the majority of their income. Add to that the licensing deals for products and their own fashion and beauty brands, and it's easy to see how models can end up becoming seriously high earners. Here, we've rounded up the top model salaries at the moment, including both established supermodels and social media sensations. Notably absent from the list are up-and-comers like Bella Hadid and Kaia Gerber, but we're pretty sure we can count on them to jump up in the ranks in years to come. Ahead, find out who's currently occupying the top 10 spots — plus how they got there.

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Not only is Alicia an absolute badass warrior, she is resourceful and caring, two qualities that are definitely needed in the apocalypse. In just one episode, Alicia has become my favorite character in “Fear the Walking Dead” and one of my favorites in the entire “TWD” franchise; there’s no denying the depth and growth of Alicia, especially in comparison to her character in the pilot episode. Alycia Debnam-Carey is simply amazing in this episode as she is given her darkest material to date, but she handles it beautifully, giving a raw and emotional performance that really showcases the trauma that the character underwent. I also have to praise the grim tone, excellent action, use of horror and the increased threat of the Infected; the surprising destruction of the Broke Jaw Ranch is another highlight that helps to keep the story moving forward. What awaits the characters as they begin their new lives post-Ranch. With such a high level of intensity, fantastic character development, powerful dialogue and mesmerizing acting, this episode really knocks it out of the park and proves that “Fear” is moving in the right direction. There are a few minor issues, but the scale and overall sense of urgency help to make up for them. They decide to slaughter the cattle to help deal with the Infected, but also to preserve water; Jake isn’t too happy with this decision and he speaks with Alicia about it, but she basically tells him to live with it. The Ranch that Jake knew is long gone and he expresses a desire to leave with Alicia and live out their days in a nearby cabin that the Ottos built; she shuts this down immediately, proving once again that Alicia is a far better leader than Jake as she refuses to leave behind the Ranchers. Ofelia and Crazy Dog discuss the relative peace taking place on the Ranch and they both make it clear that they are coming to trust Nick and his leadership; he stopped a massacre from happening and while he isn’t completely keen on leading, they both acknowledge that he’s built for it. There’s a really touching scene between Nick and Alicia where they discuss the killing of Jeremiah, something that is weighing heavily on Nick, but that Alicia vehemently defends; I really love the sibling bond between these two and I wish we would get more scenes with them. Nick and Troy come face-to-face and it’s clear that there is an enhanced sense of urgency as Troy describes a “beast” from the desert coming to annihilate the Ranch; it isn’t clear what this “beast” is right off the bat and Nick starts to wonder if this is just the talk of a madman. In the morning, Alicia and Jake butt heads as they discuss their relationship and both are unsure of exactly what it is. Nick arrives and makes them both aware of what Troy told him; Alicia warns Nick and Jake from listening to Troy, but they go anyway, but not before Alicia hands over a radio. Obviously none of the characters know what is going to happen in the future, but Jake leaves when he and Alicia aren’t on the best of terms and this only adds to the emotions of what comes next. Jake tells a story of when he was younger, out hunting in the desert and coming across a rabbit that had been skinned alive, apparently by Troy; he put the rabbit out of its misery and uses this to tell Nick that he plans on doing the same to Troy. A massive cloud of dust can be seen on the horizon and Nick lets out a single “fuck” to make the urgency abundantly clear. Kudos to AMC for finally allowing an uncensored F-bomb to be dropped in the “TWD” franchise; hopefully this means that more freedom will also be given to the original series when it comes to the language used. Upon closer inspection, Nick and Jake discover a MASSIVE herd of Infected moving through the valley and they are stunned to find out that Troy is using explosives to lead them right to the Ranch. If you weren’t already convinced that Troy is too far gone, this is the final nail in the coffin.

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Gue mendapati respon yang actually emang gua harapkan saat membesut PB. Azzam: Ada beberapa skrip yang udah jadi tapi belum sempet buat direalisasiin (aka belom punya duit dan waktu buat syuting). Gue juga pengen bikin film pendek yang judulnya “Pocong Kesurupan Hitler” tapi belom sempet aja haha. Doakan saja. HSD: Waduh, apaan lagi nih pocong fasis haha. Azzam: Hmm, memang masih ada beberapa kekurangan di film PB, tapi tetep bersyukur bisa menggarap sebuah film yang sesuai dengan apa yang gue inginkan dari A-Z meskipun dengan produksi seadanya. Kalau ditanya yang berada di urutan teratas film horor terfavorit gue sepanjang masa bisa gue bilang Kairo (Kiyoshi Kurosawa, 2001) ya. Film horor lokal terfavorit gue pastinya Affair (Nayato Fio Nuala, 2010). Film itu udah gue tonton ribuan kali, gue sampai hapal semua dialognya. Affair adalah sebuah bentuk film slasher yang hanya bisa lahir dari tangan seorang Nayato. Eh gue bingung, antara film itu atau Hausu (Nobuhiko Obayashi, 1977) haha. Film horor underground terfavorit gue Snuff 102 (Mariano Peralta, 2007). Film panas 90an lokal terfavorit gue Hukuman Zinah (Emil G. Hampp, 1996). Menghibur dari awal sampai akhir film. Azzam: Seperti yang gue bilang sebelumnya, nonton film horor Nayato itu bikin gue ngerasa kalau sebenarnya Nayato itu anak hasil perkawinan Wong Kar Wai dan Harinam Singh hahah. Sebenernya alasan gue suka Nayato karena soal selera kali ya, jadi gue luar biasa subjektif kalau ngomongin Nayato. Tapi harus gue akui Nayato adalah filmmaker yang sadar sepenuhnya tentang pasar film lokal dan tahu setiap filmnya mau dilempar ke pangsa pasar yang mana. Lo bisa liat perbedaannya ketika dia bikin film horor-komedi super murah dengan film horor atau genre lain garapannya dia kalau lagi dibikin agak niat. Dari segi pengemasan keseluruhan film, promosi, deretan pemain, sampai desain poster, bakalan keliatan bedanya.

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What makes them different is the clothes and the accent. As for Elaria she continues from where Oberyn left it only now his death has drastically changed their dornish principles. She has to take revenge at all costs and no one and nothing obliges her to do it with the rules that your standard heroine would follow. It is also called character evolution, plot twist etc. But it full force consistent with what Elaria has been so far. Why has Elaria to follow the same frame-mind as Oberyn did when this failed with a thunderous crash of his head. I call it smart from her side. And badass. Westeros politics is not all about courtesy and politeness. All the players are cruel calculators and Elaria is part of this mentality. And yes killing innocents this is how the story goes. And I had the same trouble last night, in fact when I emailed the mods about it they said that everyone was trying to get on and everyone was having the same problem. How in hell did those two Sand Snakes get on the ship. Some can be matronly of course, eg Catelyn Stark and hopefully Sansa. Here are the back-to-back Dornish scenes as they are (not bolded) with two minor changes that would have clarified (bolded). I don’t think this would give anything away, and it would have taken only a few seconds to show. Elia Martell raped and murdered, and you did nothing. Where do you think Nym and Obera have been these past weeks. I tended to think it was the writing since, like many other Sullied, these Sands were my least favorite in the book. (I do still love Book Sarella so far, and I really hope to continue to love her.

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Indeed, the format again receded into the margins by the mid-'80s. Unlike most previous 3-D films, this new wave utilized high production values (including advanced 3-D rendering that reduced eye fatigue) and focused on family-friendly, often nonfiction subject matter. Epcot's Captain EO, starring Michael Jackson and directed by Francis Ford Coppola, was a high-profile example; at the time, the 17-minute short was the most expensive film ever produced on a per-minute basis. The film wasn't received well by either fans or critics. However, small, independent direct-to-video productions like The Creeps (from Charles Band, who previously directed the 1982 3-D film Parasite ) and Camp Bood maintained the cheesy 3-D horror tradition into the start of the 21st century, when the format would expand beyond anyone's expectations. James Cameron's much-anticipated follow-up to Titanic, the 2003 IMAX documentary Ghosts of the Abyss, marked a shift towards crisp, clean digital 3-D as opposed to film. By 2004, more than half of the IMAX theaters were 3D-capable, and the company released its first feature-length animated film, the blockbuster The Polar Express. When the 3-D version of the movie earned about 14 times as much per screen as the 2-D version, Hollywood took notice, and the 21st century 3-D revolution began. Scar 3-D earned the distinction of being the first feature filmed in high-definition (HD) 3-D. The slasher remake was the first horror film and first R-rated film to use RealD, which had become the most popular 3-D technology. My Bloody Valentine was released on a then-record number of 3-D screens and was followed later that year by, which expanded the number of 3-D screens even further. (Although the earlier sequel, 2006's Final Destination 3, was initially scheduled to be filmed in 3-D, those plans were scrapped. . Another entry was soon announced for a 2011 release. The Final Destination 's success didn't go unnoticed by other established horror franchises, as 2010 saw,, and The Ring all announced plans for new 3-D additions. Meanwhile, standalone horror releases like and opted for significant production delays so that the films could be converted to 3-D. The risk, it seems, was deemed worth the reward in this new golden era of 3-D movies. As such, 3-D has since been reserved more for blockbuster-scale projects like World War Z, and I, Frankenstein; hybrid horror offerings with mainstream appeal, like,, and; or works with built-in fan bases, such as sequels like and Texas Chainsaw or remakes like Poltergeist. A few years ago, when Warner Brothers first announced The. Lego Movie (a big screen adaptation of the popular toy line) the.

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alley with hubs in San Francisco, Denver, Dallas, and Atlanta. Connect with us on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook. For more information and to open an account, visit. Any reference to the advisory services refers to Personal Capital. It is so simple to clip the shank off the back of these buttons. For more buttons, please check out: WARNING: Choking Hazard, Small Parts. Symantec Delivers Automated Solution to Help Stop Business Email Compromise Attacks Cache Translate Page. orld's largest civilian cyber intelligence networks, allowing it to see and protect against the most advanced threats. View source version on businesswire. om. KISS: KISS was live. Wasted movements drive me crazy and any time I can get into a habit that saves me a few seconds it makes me happy. This is of course especially true in the case of repetitive tasks. If you have been working with hand tools for even a short time you have probably heard to “Reference only from your true face and true edge”. Start on your true face across the true edge. Like so. When I figure it out I will edit and bump the post. Sorry. Legislation aims to honor Idaho conservationist Tom Cade Cache Translate Page BOISE, Idaho (AP) — Legislation has been introduced to honor a conservationist who led efforts to prevent the extinction of Idaho’s state raptor, the peregrine falcon. The Statesman Journal reports that Deputy Andrew Jackson now may lose his certification to serve as a corrections officer in Oregon.


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(It's not on the regular soundtrack and it's a fantastic version of the theme. shinviroz 3 ? ? someone tell me the song that plays when ollie lies about uncle benjen. Jonny:'( That ending music, that ending season, that end. '( Luciana Stan 3. Praetorian 61 3 ? ? Though I was always a Stark fan I am not so moved by Jon s death. Also, book readers know a certain other person with a better claim than anyone else Bo95B 3 ? ? So sad. Its just beautiful, evento though it was a sad ending this gave it an extra touch Paul-E 3. Is there a longer version? Anthony Y. 3 ? ? does this credits have a song name or just credits. Why everybody hates Olly now don't forget his entire family was killed by wildlings just imagine from his site. Matt Maul 3 ?