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Game of Thrones S01E06 based on the novels by George R. . Martin. We are only counting the Romantic and Blood relationships in the series. I know some other guy has already uploaded the same lightsaber fight, but I have been working on. Whoa look at all those meetings as our storylines converge and we setup the conclusion of the. I will show you them in action and you tell me who is. Today I am reading the Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 5 (Plot Leak). Jon Snow Daenerys Scene Winterfell, Sansa, Arya, Tyrion, Night King Battle and Final Episode. I'm glad you gave Anna a small taste of waiting for season 7 so that she could get a somewhat sense of what everyone else had to go through, but I'm glad you didnt wait too long because I definitely want to see these reaction videos. It's one thing for a full grown man like Jaqen to impersonate another full grown man, just as it was for the waif to impersonate an elder female of the same size. That whole part of her character arc is so laughable. Adaneth She's a smart cookie, just like her favorite heroine. Haha that was a pleasant surprise the first time I saw it in leaked photos Nicholas Get your daughter a gosh darn floor map. Richard Manley 11:42 Anna throwing ALL the shade at Cersei. Forbidaxe Oh damn Mark, first a library in the back yard now you'll have to prep the kitchen floor for the floor map she wants. D POTTER hey- Mark and Anna.

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A couple of over-the-phone radio interviews followed (mercifully in English—the hell of “simultaneous translation” was still ahead of me in Berlin), then two hour-long newspaper interviews, and then—a cancellation. An hour to stagger around the Marienplatz gawking at the Munich people, wondering what it was like to be them. Back for three more intense interviews, then off to Cafe Mufthalle for the evening’s reading. TV Munchen were doing a documentary on me, which meant I had to smile constantly from seven till midnight in case they filmed me looking knackered or distracted. Once again people turned up, once again they laughed (particularly at the introduction. It is my arse), and once again 42 If It’s Wednesday, It Must Be Hamburg they all looked shyly at their shoes when they were asked if they had any questions. After the reading we went for dinner (still being followed by TV Munchen’s cameras. Have you any idea what it ’s like eating a hamburger and chips, aware that your every mouthful is being filmed. Actually, what a great way to lose weight! , and at twelve-thirty finally got to bed. Slumped against the plane window, we flew over snow-covered forests en route to Vienna. Vienna is gorgeous, the hotel suite with its upstairs sitting room and tented daybed is delicious, but I’m too tired to care. A couple of interviews before lunch, then got taken out into the snow-swirly streets by a photographer. “Febulous, febulous. Sharming, febulous,” he encouraged, as he clicked away and I slowly froze to death. Only when the tips of my fingers had actually fallen off with the cold did he let me back to the hotel. (Said that later to a journalist, who stared closely at my hands, then fixed me with a “Do-you-take-me-for-a-right-eejit?