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Jon receives them and informs them about Daeneryss death. Its no one but Yara Greyjoy who has arrived in Dragonstone. Jon asks her about Theons whereabouts and she tells him he probably didnt make it out alive when the dead arrived. Daeneryss body hanging from the walls in Kings Landing. The people of Kings Landing are throwing shit at her body and make fun of her corpse. They hear that Euron is king now and that Kings Landing will probably face another attack by Eurons enemies. Arya wants to help Jon, fight with him, but the Hound thinks hes done with that shit for now. Arya says she doesnt care what the Hound does, but shell stay to fight alongside her brother. He thanks them for bringing the body of the Dragon Queen to him and thinks its a shame that they didnt bring her alive. Euron commands the new Maester to send a raven to every kingdom and write that all of the Great Lords should swear fealty to him otherwise he shall attack them with his army of sellswords from Kings Landing. Jon, Jaime, Bronn, Tyrion, Jorah, Sansa, Gendry, Davos, Missandei, Samwell and Yara are present at the War Council discussing the message of Euron Greyjoy. Euron Greyjoy has declared himself King of the Seven Kingdoms after Queen Cerseis tragic death. Davos states his opinion that this madman shouldnt be ruling the Seven Kingdoms and they should fight back with everything they got. Tyrion also think they should convince Daeneryss remaning loyal men to keep fighting for Jon and for Danys offspring. Its Samwell who later addresses Jons parentage again, but Jon doesnt want Samwell to tell the rest about this. Sansa is confused with Jons parentage and finds it difficult to believe that father always lied to his family, to Catelyn, to Jon. Jon agrees with Sansa and asks her to take care of the North and of Winterfell, as shes the heir of Winterfell. Old Melisandre comes to tell Jon shes ready to pay for her sins and reveals her identity. She tells a shocked audience that shes done her part and that the prophecy has come true. Jon proposes to hang Old Melisandre but Melisandre asks Jon to have her killed by fire, because thats the purest form of death.

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The meeting also reviewed the action taken report on the decisions of the last board meeting and took stock of physical and financial achievements registered in the District Plan during 2015-16. Ambardar, Vikramaditya Singh and Surinder Choudhary. While pushing for area specific planning and rationalization of developmental funds keeping in view the area population and topography of a particular region the Deputy Chief Minister said the proposal mooted by the Chief Minister for having separate development plans for the capital cities of Srinagar and Jammu will be a major step in this direction giving fillip to the developmental scenario of these two cities. He stressed that a comprehensive view of all vital parameters should be taken for ensuring optimal utilization of funds aiming at sustainable development. He also called for chalking out the developmental plans in consultation with the concerned legislators. Referring to the various steps taken by the Government for streamlining and strengthening of public distribution system in the State, Dr. Singh called for increased synergy between district administration and CAPD Department for reaching out to the people besides taking adequate steps to ensure that no genuine beneficiary is left out from the purview of the NFSA and benefits under the scheme reach last man in the queue. Underscoring the importance of 100% utilization of funds, the DyCM maintained that every single penny should be expended judiciously, adding that strict adherence to the fixed timelines for completion of the vital developmental projects should remain priority of the executing agencies while ensuring quality of works on ground. Dr Singh also directed the concerned officers to ensure that utilization certificates required under various schemes are submitted on time for timely release of funds and effective implementation of these schemes. While projecting the demands and issues of their respective constituencies, the legislators raised several issues pertaining to basic services like upgradation of power, education and health infrastructure, strengthening of of PHE distribution network, improved irrigation and marketing facilities for the farmers and strict adherence to fixed timelines for completion of vital developmental projects especially those related to tourism sector. Responding to the demands of various legislators regarding improvement in water and power supply Dy. CM directed the concerned officers of PHE and PDD Department to take immediate requisite measures to augment water and power supply in view of the summer season so that people of the region don't face any inconvenience. He also directed for pressing into service more water tankers to supplement water supply especially in Kandi areas. While reviewing the action taken report of previous DDB decisions Dr. Nirmal Singh appreciated the achievements registered in the district in the last fiscal and exhorted upon the officers to ensure implementation of these decisions in letter and spirit. Earlier, District Development Commissioner Jammu Simrandeep Singh while apprising the board about physical and financial achievements registered during last fiscal said that against an availability of Rs. 189 crore an expenditure of Rs. 187 crore was made which works out be 98. 2%. DDC informed the Board that 128 hectare potential was created and 32 hectare was stabilized as far as minor irrigation facilities are concerned.


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Rumlow pulls out a gun and points it straight at Cameron’s head. And Cameron panics; heck, he’s practically holding back tears already. But he still says no. “Captain’s orders,” he explains. Someone that people watching the movie are already pretty familiar with. Cameron is the guy who may not have the muscle or the skills to be a soldier or a spy, but he wanted to help make the world a better place, so he did what he could. He got a job at Shield, he followed the orders of people he thought he could trust, and when he realized the truth, he stood his ground and did the right thing. He hasn’t gone through any training, he has no powers or skills or suits of armor. He didn’t even know Sharon Carter was armed and would be able to get him out of harm’s way. But he wasn’t going to stand by and let evil triumph. And that’s despite the fact that Cap had EXPLICITLY given him permission to do so. That’s what he meant by “If I stand alone. Cap was saying that if there’s a gun pointed to your head, it’s not cowardly to give up. If a grenade gets tossed your way, you’re allowed to run away. But Cameron chose to jump on top of the grenade instead. I’ve heard people say “Steve Rogers is a hero with or without the serum,” and other people say that’s kind of a cheesy thing to say, but if you want proof of that statement, Cameron is it. In a 90-second or so scene, this movie perfectly emulated what it means to be a hero even if you have a desk job. Even if nothing eventful has ever happened to you until one moment when everything in your life changes, YOU CAN STILL BE A HERO. Cameron Klein is incredible - so incredible, in fact, that he got a cameo in Age of Ultron on Fury’s Helicarrier. Yeah, someone (I’m guessing Sharon) was so freaking impressed at his bravery that they recommended him to serve on Fury’s staff (and, after Winter Soldier, the amount of people Fury trusted could probably be counted on one hand).


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If that is a twist GRRM is planning - and it's still a big if for me - it has to be as a part of Aeron's character arc, right. Aeron Greyjoy had built his life upon two mighty pillars. Imagine being Damphair and walking into a room and seeing that. Fuck YOUUUU! D It took me at least a few months to come around on Balon. And finding ways to explain the discrepancies in the text. Re: Aeron: THAT alone is huge reason to buy Septon Balon. And this seems like a very carefully crafted chapter. You could be right that it's just a mistake, but it could just as well be a clue. I just think that's less likely than the alternative. Finish the book, then go through it, cutting, cutting, cutting. In the case of A DANCE WITH DRAGONS, my sweat -- most of it performed after we announced the book's publication date but before I delivered the final chapters -- brought the page count down almost eighty pages all by itself. The reason we're all here is that we think he's intelligent and professional enough writer to make this amazing series full of all these characters that we all care about. Maybe I think he's capable of more than you do, but I trust him not to fuck up in such an obvious and important way. And when you've eliminated the impossible (GRRM fucking up) whatever remains, however improbable (Euron has a boss? ) must be the truth. I remind you that the series is like 5000 pages long. We're talking about a single error, in all that volume. Stephen King, as I mentioned before, makes at least one error every few hundred pages, and that's after his top-of-the-line editors have pored over his work meticulously. I proposed an alternate version of the passage which would have made your theory so much more convincing.


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4; see also “Propaganda Techniques,” par. 6). In this part of the film the narrator is talking about the course Hitler and the Nazis are going to pursue in order to take over a bunch of the world’s countries. When it gets to the point of how the Nazis are going to take over the United States, the film mentions that they are going to do so with the help of “their bucktoothed pals. This name is used as a direct reference to the Japanese people. The first truth comes as the film references the fact that Japan was working together with Germany in an effort of world conquest. The second truth comes by referencing the fact that the Japanese people had some physical differences in terms of their facial looks when compared to Americans (Garrett, 73). This message was than altered by making a statement that would derogatively exaggerate some of those physical features. This derogative reference probably created an emotional response in American viewers at the time because it sent the message that the Japanese people were a big joke. Therefore, this statement probably created propaganda by causing Americans to hate the Japanese people even more because they understood them even less. Just like the “Name Calling” technique, “Pinpointing the Enemy” was used a ton during World War II. This propaganda technique operates “by presenting one specific person or group of people as the enemy. This is done in hopes that the audience member will begin to “view the situation in terms of clear-cut right and wrong (“Propaganda Techniques,” par. 7). One of the places where I noticed this technique the most was during the first 20 minutes of the film. During this part of the film the “Pinpointing the Enemy” technique is created through the comparing and contrasting of the American side and the Axis power’s side as if they are two completely different worlds. This comparison and contrast starts when the screen shows a picture of two globes. On the left is a lighted globe which represents “the free world” of the American continent. This globe represents “the slave world” of the Axis powers on the other side of the earth. After these two globes are shown together, we then get to see the comparison as the camera zooms into each globe and the narrator talks about what they are like.


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A cross-sectional study design was used, and 24 RBS items were generated from in-depth interviews, a literature review, and expert recommendations. The RBS self-administered questionnaire was provided to 619 clinical nurses, who were recruited from two medical centers and one local hospital in Taiwan during 2011-2012. A calibration sample was used to explore the factor structure, whereas a validation sample was used to validate the factor structure that was constructed by the calibration sample. Known-group validity and criterion-related validity were also assessed. The RBS correlated positively with spiritual health and supported concurrent validity. The known-group validity was supported by showing that the mean RBS between nurses with or without religious affiliation was significant. The 17-item RBS developed in this study is a reliable, valid, and useful scale for measuring the religious beliefs of nurses in Taiwan. This scale may help measure the religious beliefs of nurses and elicit the relationship between these beliefs and spirituality. In this talk, we shall discuss the radiation testing challenges as related to commercial memory devices. The focus will be on complex test and failure modes emerging in state-of-the-art Flash non-volatile memories (NVMs) and synchronous dynamic random access memories (SDRAMs), which are volatile. Due to their very high bit density, these device types are highly desirable for use in the natural space environment. In this presentation, we shall discuss these devices with emphasis on considerations for test and qualification methods required. The requirement to explain these phenomena imposes constraints on the mass spectrum of the heavy neutrinos, their flavour mixing pattern and their CP properties. We first combine bounds from different experiments in the past to map the viable parameter regions in which the minimal low scale seesaw model can explain the observed neutrino oscillations, while being consistent with the negative results of past searches for physics beyond the Standard Model. We then study which additional predictions for the properties of the heavy neutrinos can be made based on the requirement to explain the observed baryon asymmetry of the universe. Finally, we comment on the perspectives to find traces of heavy neutrinos in future experimental searches at the LHC, NA62, BELLE II, T2K, SHiP or a future high energy collider, such as ILC, CEPC or FCC-ee. If any heavy neutral leptons are discovered in the future, our results can be used to assess whether these particles are indeed the common origin of the light neutrino masses and the baryon asymmetry of the universe. If the magnitude of their couplings to all Standard Model flavours can be measured individually, and if the Dirac phase in the lepton mixing matrix is determined in neutrino oscillation experiments, then all model parameters can in principle be determined from this data. This makes the low scale seesaw a fully testable model of neutrino masses and baryogenesis. The first project is being conducted by the North Dakota Energy and Environmental Research Center (ND-EERC).


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Meanwhile, Steve Wozniak appears on a new Big Bang Theory. I guess on that show at least there’s no debate if it’s more exciting that he co-created Apple or once dated Kathy Griffin. NBC’s comedy line-up features Paul Giamatti on a new 30 Rock while Michael takes counseling from Toby on The Office. On Outsourced, Todd is faced with the prospect of firing one of his call center employees. Hopefully, Outsourced ’s writers got all those expected jokes about sacred cows, castes and funny accents out of its system. Having battled gay marriage, the gang buys a boat on Thursday’s It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Meanwhile, infoMania starts taking a look at the week in media an hour later this week. Sadly, it looks like I won’t be able to keep ignoring The Real Housewives of DC as it looks like Thursday’s episode will be dealing with gay marriage. Over on Project Runway, the remaining designers have to look to the past for inspiration. Now that the new season is getting going, it should be interesting to see what show has your excitement this week. Last week, The Vampire Diaries had you most excited with the revelation of the Lockwoods’ lycanthropy, which got 31. % of your votes. The finales of As the World Turns and Being Human came in second and third, respectively, with 26. % and 22. % of the total. The aliens are clearly in charge of people, but humanity is not suffering. However, it quickly becomes apparent that happiness and utopia come with harsh, unbelievable consequences. But what does this mean for the future of humanity. Episode 2 - The Deceivers Episode 1 - The Overlords 3 years ago An alien presence arrives on Earth with the intention to end all suffering and guide humanity into a utopia. But when the aliens refuse to reveal their appearance, some wonder if this dream is instead a nightmare.


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Advancing issues outnumbered declining ones on the NYSE by a 3. 1-to-1 ratio; on Nasdaq, a 1. 9-to-1 ratio favored advancers. Russia has previously said it periodically sends Iskanders to Kaliningrad, but until now it has said these were routine drills. Moscow has not linked the moves explicitly with what it says is a NATO military build-up on Russia's western borders. After the election as U. S. president of Donald Trump, who has said he wants closer ties with the Kremlin and has questioned the cost of protecting NATO allies, some analysts predict an emboldened Moscow could become more assertive in eastern Europe. The defense ministry did not immediately respond to a Reuters request for comment on Ozerov's remarks. Russia to deploy S-400 and Iskander missiles in Kaliningrad: RIA cites senator article. n. om New missiles in Kaliningrad answer US 'shield' mwcnews. et US says Russian deployment of missiles 'destabilizing' to Europe dailymail. o. k New Russia missiles in Kaliningrad are answer to U. . shield - lawmaker dailymail. o. k. The social media company’s investment seems to show that it is not worried about the U.


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It's fine, where it's placed. I think it is, in part, the contrast between the fantastic and the mundane that makes the whole story seem so possible. The Salem story is known to all of us but somehow it never seems quite possible. There's also a very low-key subplot having to do with lives in England prior to emigration to the colonies. Just a very nicely done novel - especially for a first one. Any awkwardness in the quotes is due to my trying not to give away any story lines. The books took their places on the shelf of unreads, and the Newsweek s formed two shelf-high stacks elsewhere on the bookcase. Last night I noticed I was reading a spring 2007 essay by George Will, and this morning I finished O. Up until 50 pages ago, my review was going to be: With O. Henry guidelines: 1) short is better (A twist works better when it's not at the end of twenty-some tedious pages. , and 2) the New York stories are better than those set in the southwest. This morning, however, I read three stories that were longish, set in New York and really good. I guess guideline 1) didn't survive the test of time. Get my hat, I must hurry around to the police-station. Why wasn't someone looking after her, I'd like to know. For God's sake, get out of my way or I'll never get ready. Bessie must have been crazy; she's usually shy of strangers. Naturally, we lived in a vine-covered cottage, and were happy. I cannot bring myself to believe that Guy was aware of my hiding place, but even if he was, I'd be loathe to blame him for setting fire to the leaves, causing the destruction of my new suit of clothes, and nearly cremating a parent. (page 397) Funny.