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A country must get the support of the two-third members of the General Assembly. 2. Country must be peace-loving 3. Country must accept the rules and regulations, aims and objectives of the U. . . 4. It is necessary for a new member to get the recommendation of Security Council. Power of veto: If any one of the five permanent members casts a negative vote on the resolution, it falls. To pass a resolution, all the five Big Powers Plus two others must cast their votes in favour of the resolution. Principal Organs of the U.

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Follow me on Tumblr: younevergo. umblr. om Season 1,2 and 3 Game of Thrones GENDRY AND ARYA. I own nothing, no copyright infringement intended. Gendry: I've never had a family Arya: I canbe your family Gendry: You wouldn't be my family, you'd be my lady I needed to vid them and I thought this song was just perfect for them. I used Kristen Stewart as older! rya and Chris Hemsworth as older! endry just because the clips of Snow White and the Huntsman are perfect so don't hate the casting choices. Anyway, the AU, so it isn't very original tbh, Arya and Gendry meet again and he helps her to take the North back. They're basically one of my favorite non-crossover ships from this fandom and I really REALLY hope GRRM does something with them in the last two books; I don't even care if they just become like best friends or even have a familial-esque relationship. just want something--anything.

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