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Would you like me to tell you the little story of Right Hand-Left Hand - the story of good and evil. It was with this left hand that old brother Cain struck the blow that laid his brother low. L-O-V-E. You see these fingers, dear hearts. These fingers has veins that run straight to the soul of man. These fingers, dear hearts, is always a-warrin' and a-tuggin', one agin the other. It's LOVE that won, and ol' Left Hand HATE is down for the count! (Rev. Her insan sevgiyle dogar ama nefretle icini doldurmas. Pearl’e vererek saklamalar? ? istemistir. sl? da amac? cocuklar? a bu parayla iyi bir gelecek saglamak olan Ben’in cinayet d? ? da bir hatas. Hapishaneden c?

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Dany's biggest advantage is her dragons and Bran has already proven he can warg things people have said are impossible to warg. If Bran can turn one of the dragons on Dany's other forces or even on its siblings and its a whole different ball game (particularly since if the one Bran wargs goes down he could just warg another one). Dany and Tyrion's plots merged last year, now the Iron Born and probably Dorne will fold into that as they leave Meereen behind and take over the gutted King's Landing). I don't see that Dany crushing them under her bootheel, which is probably what she's going to do, augurs much about how she'd handle people in completely different circumstances. Possibly Jon can still be burned by regular fire but not Dragon fire. My guess is that he's saying it to Yara - she's officially entered the game by teaming up with Dany and just got her first glimpse of how it looks like with whatever happens in Meereen. Theoretically, it could also be meant for Theon, but even being brutally killed is a cakewalk compared to what Ramsay did to him. At the time of her speech both she and Tyrion believe that the Starks are dead. So do they make a quick stop by the iron islands first or are they going straight to Westeros. SK was spotted in costume on set in Spain along with Tyrion and Varys' actors. I'm wondering how she'll fit into the last two episodes, especially now that the shit has officially hit the fan in Meereen. Tyrion hallucinating Shae or whatever is way outside this show's usual visual style. I know there was pictures of the actress (Sibel Kekillli) on set. I mean Tyrion's lonliness has become a thing again but still. The next two episodes appear way too busy to include such a scene. And it sounds like maybe she doesn't make sure that Tommen is safe first. Not to mention the people of Kings Landing - I'm sure she's gonna take a lot of innocent lives along with the Sparrow, which won't exactly endear her further with the people. Just let Arya teleport down to Kings Landing after she's done at the Twins and let her Needle him. He was one of my favorites during his redemption arc, then they went and stuck him back with Cersei, where he's boring as hell.


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Super. Nemam zadnych jinych slov. To je vzdycky hrozne cool videt filmovou postavu co pouziva realny veci ktery sam umis. Teda, je to neco jinyho, nez jsem cekal, ale je to fakt dobry podle me. Protoze nejak krome Grimm mam dojem, jakoby nikde nic. Jinak co jsem mel rozkoukanyho online Grimma a Torchwood, tak prestala fungovat stranka:-(. Nachtrose pise: Jinak co jsem mel rozkoukanyho online Grimma a Torchwood, tak prestala fungovat stranka. Ctvrta je hrozna (stejne duvody, na steroidech, s dvounasobnym poctem epizod). Popravde obe jsem v urcitych momentech naprosto natvrdo proklikal, v jednu chvili ve 4. Jak Dracula tak Sleepy Hollow skoncili prvni serii. Teen Wolf je takova vlkodlaci verze Vampire diaries, tri serie a nastesti tam necpou upiry. Jeste bych pridal DaVinci? Deamons (zatim jedna osmidilna serie, ok to neni fantasy) a chvili me bavilo i Ripper Street. Ted celkem ujizdim na Metalocalypse (cca 4 sezony po 20 dilech, jeden dil bohuzel 11 minut). Arrow je vybornej. Grimma budu muset dohnat, protoze jak jsem psal mel jsem jine veci, hlavne anime na koukani. A zimni taky dobra - Hamatora, Noragami a genialni Seitokai Yakuindomo (to teda neni fantasticky zanr, ale je to suprova komedie). Space Dandy - ne vsem sedne, ale epizodicky velmi dobra zabava, je potreba znat kontext. Vedlejsi postavy, ktere jsou stejne vtipne, ne-li vtipnejsi nez hlavni postavy.


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September 1940, German bombs were destroying London. If we can stand up to him, all Europe may be freed and the life of the world may move forward. But if we fail, then the whole world, including the United States, including all that we have known and cared for, will sink into the abyss of a new dark age. He desperately needed help from Franklin Roosevelt. It would take all of F. . . s political genius to get Churchill what England needed to survive. The President would have to outmaneuver the lawmakers. It was like lending a neighbor a garden hose to put out a fire, he said. After the fire was out, the neighbor would simply return the hose. What were the British going to do, give us the tanks back that were blown up, the planes that were shot down. But Roosevelt's invocation of this homily about the neighbor and garden hose is a wonderful way for him to sell it to the public, and that was his political genius. That was something that he had a kind of sixth sense for. You can't understand it, you can't define it, you can't put it under any scientific rubric. Roosevelt had bent the law, outflanked Congress and provided England with billions of dollars' worth of weapons and supplies, but as the great armada reached Britain's shores, opposition remained strong back in America. Charles Lindbergh expressed the concerns of many Americans across the country. Public opinion itself is so incredibly confused and when public opinion was confused, Roosevelt himself lost his moorings. His genius was that he somehow could divine where the country was and help push it along, maybe a little ahead of itself, but he saw where the country was heading.


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Even if they turn out to not work they added more suspense. I am sorry for Rob fuck jen westing fuck burn in hell SHIRLEY Shine 2 ? ? 1. ronn 2. orne 3. F Sophia Wilson 2. Lannisters sitting in chairs arguing over childhood memories. Starks Warging, better Robb character development, and everything you mentioned would have made for a better story. They're fucking so useless it's hard to even describe it. You complain about 'book snobs' but all bok readers wanted was a decent adaptation of GRRMs story. This isn't it. They were fucking up way, way before they ran out of book material. I have completed the TV show series and a few of the books. I will say this, as a new fan I like both and everything you named had a great payoffs. I don’t think lady Stark walking around in Zombie form would have been to good on screen. I like the Red Wedding payoff, The long Fairwell, and the Role of the Spider on the show. I will never forgive them for turning Jaime lannister into Cerseis Boytoy after he got back to kings landing. Fuck.


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Martin, Benioff and Weiss are way better writers than that:P And Sansa plotting with Lyanna Mormont. That doesn't work for the same reason Littlefinger's ruse with Arya and Sansa didn't work. Lyanna is a frank, outspoken warrior, with no time for spinning and weaving and girlie contrivances. He will tell them that she is NOT one who just sits back and lets other people fight for her or do things for her while she stays somewhere safe and out of harm's way and even when most left him for dead that she still waited against all hope that he would return and he owes her his life. This may not sit well with some, but I do think that some important Lords and Ladies will be willing to give her the opportunity to prove herself. I do think Lyanna might roll her eyes but I think that Lyanna and Dany will kind of like each other. I think Jorah and Lyanna might start off sideways but Jorah will tell Lyanna that he doesn't want to rule Bear Island and that he trusts her to do right by them and she is the best one and I think she will forgive him. I also think that Davos will say a few things about Dany too which will quiet the Northern Lords and I do think that Arya will come to like her and Sansa too. Love the way you added your comments in and around the “plot leak”. Sandy Stark Tahun Yang lalu this leak is too well written to be real. Maybe a tear or watery eye. hats all she have to do- Whats up Hunts Enzo Deuce Tahun Yang lalu Who the hell is Me- san day. Richard Martin Tahun Yang lalu I think that Bran will use the Weirwood to show Jon the truth and why it had to be that way. Wendy Pippin-Yarberry Tahun Yang lalu I cannot BELIEVE you suggested that Winterfell will be destroyed, when the symbolism in the opening credits has shown Spring returning EVERY SINGLE EPISODE. Wendy Pippin-Yarberry Tahun Yang lalu PART 2 OK starting with the scene with Cersei, (SHE'S IN LABOR are you daft. I think Euron is the Father and that may save her from being killed by him. It wouldn't be in the plot if it didn't matter. a lot. Lynnie C.