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HellCat Rok temu I know the comments for episode 4 are disabled until 5th, but I just wanted to know I loved your reactions. Felicia Kelly Rok temu Can't go straight at King's Landing. Caches of wildfire buried beneath the entire city, not just the Sept of Baelor. Charles Maynard Rok temu I was with you jodi James Larkin Rok temu WHY ARE YOU LOUD OBNOXIOUS YANKEES ALWAYS SHOUTING AND TALKING OVER THE DIALOGUE DONT YOU CARE WHAT IA BEING SAID. Jody's Corner Rok temu James Larkin because I'm a loud, obnoxious Yankee. Jody's Corner Rok temu Greg W naw this what my 2nd episode I've seen. Omar Garcia Rok temu The plan had worked but its obvious they have a spy in their forces. Omar Garcia Rok temu I didn't meant for spoilers, hell I haven't read the book, its just theories and I think a spy in the mist its obvious. Brandon White Rok temu I don't even game of Thrones, but if these guys commentated on each episode I would binge watch this today. I FINALLY CAUGHT UP WITH GOT I CAN FINALLY WATCH YOUR GOT REACTIONS HEHEHEHEH HyeReality L Rok temu Jody's Corner I'm dieing to debate with you now we have to react to something together. And not by just burning innocent civilians with the dragons in storming the city. They wanted to gather Dorne and Tyrell forces to siege KL instead. That's why they sent Unsullied to Casterly Rock instead. The plan would have worked if Ellaria had managed to get home to gather the Dorne army and if Olenna Tyrell had managed to get her forces to march on KL, but Euron fucked up the first part, and Randall Tarly defected to the Lannisters with other bannermen, which essentially gutted the Tyrell army. Jaime learned from Robb Stark to take his forces to Highgarden rather than bother defending Casterly Rock. He didn't know Euron was going to fuck things up, and he didn't know that they weren't going to defend Casterly Rock. I personally think he has a lot of wisdom when it comes to politics, but he's not the best military commander. The Kode is right. The playing field had to be levelled for Dany because she was too op. The good guys always have to have low points and obstacles to make you root for them to overcome their setbacks.

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e not actually in Season Five, by the way. We have a year? hiatus. The Irish actor went on to say that he imagines they were given the year off because, ? ur storyline is up to the end of the books. I had always assumed that Dragonsteel meant Valyrian steel, because of no real alternative, and because I assumed at this point that Jon was going to be extremely important. If dragonsteel is Valyrian steel, that would make absolutely no sense so far in the past, at least in my opinion. I would still assume that it's Valyrian steel, but like I said, that doesn't exactly make sense. At this point I find anything to be plausible, and it's reasonable, though unlikely, that the Iron Throne would have some greater purpose than simply the aesthetics of fear. I'm gonna laugh when you're right I can't believe we're five books in and no closer to finding out what the hell is going on. Well played GRRM As for the post directly above, yeah, I think Lightbringer is going to be made in some manner like that. I'm hoping it's made by sacrificing Melisandre in a dragon fire conflagration. I just read Starship Troopers and Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert Heinlein, both are great. But if I wanted some fantasy, any recommendations. Beric only died so that Cat could be brought back after the RW. I know all the southron weirwoods are supposed to have been axed, but maybe a few escaped for Bran's pleasure. I have Name of the Wind in my car, I just haven't gotten around to reading it. Re-read the silmarilion here a while ago, then went into Isaac Asimov and Robert Heinlein. Still haven't read Dune and I hear that's a must too. Haha PJ (preston jacobs) posted something about the great northern conspiracy.

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The Dragons look terrible and add nothing other than headaches from so much eye rolling. Celebrity Cameos I like Conor Mcgregor, Ed Sheerans ok and I think theres some baseball guy that will be in Season 7 why. I dont know to get people talking if youre going to be casting people why not cast a book character that youve left out where is Val. Characters like Barristan, Stannis, and the Blackfish have big roles to do in the future dont kill them off to shock people. Plot Armor Most of these characters are still human and would never survive being stabbed multiple times in vital areas then swimming through a river with bacteria infecting those wounds only to survive get a good nights sleep and then run assassins creed style throughout the city while being chased by a terminator. Only to lead her into a trap and somehow defeat this enemy who is far better trained than you are despite your life threatening injuries and apparently secret Parkour Training. Does she use some weird shampoo thats fire resistent. I guess she is somehow immune to smoke inhalation as well right all that smoke didnt seem to bother her at all. Also she has to have Greyscale as Jorah touched her hand back in season 5 after he had contracted Greyscale she has to have it by the standards have Logic i know a foreign concept to the show writers but it shouldnt be ignored. I mean In Dorne you have the Sand Snakes killing Trystane Martell their cousin and prince of Dorne but somehow the Dornish people are fine letting these kinslayers rule their kingdoms despite them killing their ruler, their own blood, and an innocent girl. As well as being Bastards who are treated better in Dorne sure but dont Inherit. Then we have Euron Greyjoy admitting to kinslaying, and trying to do more kinslaying in front of a large crowd and gaining their support and in said crowd is Aeron who is shocked by Eurons kinslaying in the books and doesnt even believe he would stoop so low. We have Ramsay killing Roose and the Northerners not caring at all. Kinslaying is never accepted at any time in Westeros. Alys Karstark I like Alys in the books but her storyline is gone no reason to bring her in Dany and Jon Meeting When Dany is on the tv i turn it tbh i have no interest in anything related to her didnt watch any scene with her at all last season a dany scene is time to check the weather forecast for tomorrow or to refill my drink. I like edd and hope he somehow isnt at the wall while the white walkers attack. I vote dany Sansa Survives Sansa in the books is boring on the show is annoying as hell. They took something great and absolutely destroyed it. Im putting Bryan Cogman into this equation as well for same reasons. Anything from the plot leaks Dany doesnt believe in the white walkers.

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Their abilities are now no longer just fitting to looking the part of cute kids as dictated by the book but now their talents simply shine as real actors. With the return of all leads throughout the series and the continual introduction of more of Britain's elite thespian community to the ranks the cast simply goes from strength to strength. The Verdict: HP6 is more exciting, more darning, more dangerous and more focused on the real side to the characters than any before. The layering story and character development comes at no sacrifice to the action, thrills and spills. Fans strap yourselves in for the beginning to the end, newbie's get out your video and library cards, you've got some catching up to do. Gluing children of all ages to their seats with action, frivolity and the epic question, will Scrat finally get his allusive acorn. With a definite shift is priorities, the herd is focused on the arrival of expectant mammoths, calm Ellie and over-anxious Manny first child. Characteristically restless sabre-tooth Diego becomes increasingly fed up being treated like a tamed house-cat hosting play-dates and densely slow Sid the sloth longs for a family of his own. During one of his regular accidents, the goofy sloth, Sid (voiced by John Leguizamo) stumbles across three seemingly abandoned eggs. Sid's instant family is more complicated than first appeared when the affectionately named hatchlings (Egbert, Shelley and Yoko) turn out to be supposedly extinct dinosaurs. After attempting to eat their playmates, Manny demands Sid return his newly acquired children. However, when their rightful mother thumps into view in search of her brood she not only takes her children but Sid as well. The herd reluctantly once again steps into rescue mode and heads into the mouth of the volatile prehistoric underground world. With the help of a new friend the eccentrically insane Jack Sparrow-esque weasel, Buck (delightfully voiced by Simon Pegg) navigating the pre-fossil wonderland should be as simple as snowboarding through lava. After years of desperately trying to obtain that elusive acorn, writers have thrown Scrat a bone (pardon the pun). The beautiful, eye-batting Scratte is not only a worthy adversary in the chase for the acorn but also a possible love match (cue the Aawww). Graphics and animation continue to be state of the art. Pushing the limits of technology just that little bit further with a great deal more action Ice Age 3 is noticeably tailored to embrace the third dimension in cinemas later this month. Catering a little less to adults than its predecessors, the type geared witty banter is kept to a minimum replaced by an abundance of expected cliches designed to defrost. If this becomes a favourite of your brood be happy, the urge to tear out your hair or covertly scratch the DVD to unwatchable levels under the cloak of darkness like many children's films will slip you by.