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He has three daughters, a wife who takes no guff herself. This was back almost 20 years ago, for Pete's sake. Except, presuming he does understand current culture, presuming he does at least intellectually understand that victims need and deserve special consideration and care, it didn't register with him. He simply seemed to think this was no different than politics as usual. He certainly acted, and God knows spoke, as if he was once more facing off against an opposition leader. He faced a whole university community, mortified, angry and even scared. He also faced the world, shocked, disgusted and demanding to know what happened and how will it get fixed. Somehow, possibly the best politician in Michigan history didn't see any of that. Missed a population that, even though they didn't like him, didn't trust him, still needed him to assure them. He missed that sense of emotional need, missed what he needed to do to help reclaim trust. Mr. Engler figured they needed swift resolution of the problem and to just move on. Yeah, sure, swift resolution, okay, that was needed.


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Tidak pernah ada yang menyangka jika markas Eggsy dan rekan-rekan Kingsman-nya dibom habis oleh seorang penjahat eksentrik baru. Di tengah krisis yang ada, Kingsman meminta bantuan terhadap 'sepupu'-nya yang berada di Amerika, Statesman. Dan itu akan disempurnakan dengan banyak kehadiran wajah baru yang kesemuanya adalah nama-nama besar; Channing Tatum, Julianne Moore, Jeff Bridges, Halle Berry, Pedro Pascal. Begitulah yang harus dihadapi seorang ninja pemuda bernama Lloyd Garmadon saat ia harus menjaga kedamaian daerah Ninjago bersama rekan setimnya dari serangan Lord Garmadon. Diikuti kesuksesan yang sama setelah masuk ke dunia superhero dalam entri terakhir di seri mereka, The Lego Batman Movie, kini Lego siap merambah dunia ninja. Tidak menutup kemungkinan jika seri yang terbaru ini mendulang kesukesan yang sama dan review positif seperti pendahulunya, semesta Lego Movie dipastikan akan semakin meluas. Justru, Battle of the Sexes digadang-gadang sebagai salah satu calon kuat film yang akan memanen banyak penghargaan di musim awarding nanti. Pertandingan fenomenal tersebut dijuluki 'Battle of the Sexes' dikarenakan Riggs kala itu menantang seluruh petenis wanita, sementara ia beranggapan kaum wanita tidak bisa berbuat apa-apa kala itu. Suatu kisah indah mengenai pertemanan yang tidak terduga antara sosok terpandang di Bumi, Ratu Victoria dengan seorang pelayannya yang berasal dari India, Abdul Karim. Seiring persahabatan mereka kian erat, semakin besar pula usaha dari orang-orang terdekat sang ratu dalam mengetes keloyalan di antara mereka. Mengangkat predikatnya sebagai salah satu film drama-biopik yang paling diantisipasi di musim gugur tahun ini. Mulai dari Split, Get Out, Annabelle: Creation, sampai IT yang mengawali September dengan cemerlang. September tahun ini juga akan diakhiri oleh sebuah film horor-thriller yang lumayan ditunggu-tunggu, Flatliners dan diharapkan mampu mempertahankan tren horor berkualitas di tahun ini.


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And what kind of nutcases then elects said-nutcase as king. Well aside from tepid metaphors I could make about doors equalling new opportunities, there was only one real mention of a door. But what a massive deal that door turned out to be. I mean, Bran freakin’ broke Hodor’s mind with his power. Everything slots into place and we finally understand why Hodor took it so badly when Bran took him over before- it was foreshadowing this tragic end- and it is likely that a part of Hodor’s brain knew what it foretold. He always knew what Bran’s journey would mean for him- but he couldn’t stop it because it was inevitable. Don’t get me wrong- there were still moments of TV gold- still the majority of the episode felt very repetitive. And I’m more annoyed about that than anything else- because I’ve said that in one of my reviews before and now I’m being repetitive. And I know that’s the point of her story arc this season “to go back to the beginning” (which is what it says in the book), yet it doesn’t make it any bit more interesting. Honestly, when she said she had a plan, I was hoping she’d come up with something a bit more spectacular. It just failed to stir the same emotions in me this time as it has in the past. In all honesty, I would’ve preferred Dany finding a way out using subtler and more political tactics. Littlefinger was back, Tyrion’s still doing politics, and the Lannisters are plotting with the Tyrells, Reek made it home and Jorah still has dragonscale (in case we needed another reminder where he looks dramatically at his arm)- it all felt like this episode was setting the scene- much like the first one in the series.


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At first it seemed hard to understand which army it is. But on pausing at the right moment it seemed to be the Lannisters themselves. Now I'm coming here from my speculation that Dany was attacked first. Daenerys is attacked by Cersei perhaps with help from Euron Greyjoy, and she then takes Dragonstone, and plans out an attack with help from Tyrion. She decides that there will be a two-front attack, one on Casterly Rock itself with the Unsullied soldiers, and another on Westerland plains with the Dothraki hordes attacking the outnumbered Lannister armies. Surely, they seem to have an advantage over the fewer Lannister soldiers, yet it doesn't seem that Casterly Rock was spared even a bit. The Unsullied seem to have ravaged the place, although how they might've exactly impregnated the palace is hard to know. When Cersei says enemies in the West, she must mean the Ironborn. This might mean it will be a full naval attack on Casterly Rock, and this will lead to the massacre of Lannister men on ther castle and keep at the top. The soldiers battling the army at first also seemed ambiguous to me, but seeing as they were Lannister soldiers and also on plain ground, I conclude it's the Westerlands. So yes, the Westerlands are finally going to be shown, probably Casterly Rock too, and there'll be a huge battle playing out in that location. So from the shot of the burning ship, it seems to me that one of the dragons were probably aroused and they rained fire on one or some of the ships. This basically means that the fleet has been attacked and probably even before it reaches Dragonstone or Westerosi shores.


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They hybridize readily, resulting in a number of difficult-to-classify varieties. Mentha spicata is the Spearmint so loved by the English for roast lamb with mint sauce. Mentha x piperita, Peppermint, is also frequently used. A native of Southern and Western Europe, it grows to 3 feet. Cultivating Mint inside and out Mints have a shallow, spreading root system, so they prefer to grow in a rather broad, shallow container. Mints can be grown in a flowerbox or pot just as easily as in the garden. However, one good reason to grow Mints in pots is that they can spread through the garden like wildfire, completely dominating less vigorous plants and shrubs. If garden-planting is desired, choose a spot where they cannot spread too far. Try them at the edge of a flowerbed edged with stones. Mints like fertile, moist soil and grow best in half-shade, although they can tolerate full sun in cool regions. Mints in indoor pots Peppermint and Spearmint are two fine culinary varieties which can be grown indoors in pots for shorter periods. The leaves are more likely to be used in cooking if a pot of Mint stands on the kitchen sill. While Mint doesn't live long indoors, especially in the fall and winter, it is easy to renew.


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Special thanks to Kseniya Ermishina of the Russian State Humanitarian University for sharing sources and her exhaustive knowledge of the 1920s. On that period, too, many thanks to Irina Troubetzkoy Booth, and Varvara Kuhnelt-Leddihn, Nikolai Trubetskoi’s grand-daughter, for much help locating sources on the family history of this exalted Russian lineage. A former high-ranking Kremlin official who has requested anonymity was an immense help to me while I was Moscow bureau chief: he spent many hours explaining how things work and debunking my wilder theories about Alexander Dugin. Which brings me to Dugin, without whom this book would not have been possible, but who, I fear, took a dislike to an early manuscript I showed him. I believe he became uneasy with my project and his participation in it, although we never really discussed this. Dugin’s wife Natalya stepped in to help, and I thank her for the hours we spent discussing the history of the movement that her husband led. Pavel Zarifullin and I downed many pints of lager at the John Bull Pub in Moscow, while discussing political theories, events and the history of the Eurasian Youth Union, which he led until 2009. Valery Korovin, Dugin’s acolyte, Old Believer and theoretician of network wars, sat with me for a number of interviews, as did Leonid Savin. Likewise Gleb Pavlovsky and Marat Guelman, spin doctors extraordinaire, were massively helpful both during my time as a journalist and in helping me to track the infiltration of nationalist ideas into the political mainstream. Eduard Limonov, when he was not being stuffed into police paddy-wagons, was patient with my questions on the National Bolshevik Party. Caroline Dawnay, my London agent, sat patiently with me while I waded through the process of deciding to write this, and believed in it enough to take it to Yale University Press. I am equally grateful to Zoe Pagnamenta, who represents me in the US, who found me by reading a magazine piece I had written about Fallujah and showed impeccable judgement in signing me up. I’m incredibly grateful to both for their patience and great ideas.