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el Frssto FesilRd. Dorothy Itl. . Iisrins Tltabams OITH BIUMIHI. N SECTION laader's Globe. I A A lllh. ohaay (let Vour Hair Call Lsnsllr al Lane gams c. For most people, that means buckling down and enjoying some good horror movies with a few friends. There’s nothing quite as thrilling as a scary movie, especially the kind that gets your adrenaline pumping with every frame. We here at Vantage love scary movies, and in honor of the scariest time of the year, we’ve put together a whole list of them. But instead of talking about films you’ve probably already heard of, we’ll be discussing an underappreciated corner of the horror movie universe: Filipino horror. Often unfairly stereotyped as formulaic and bland, the local film industry does produce some gems, a fair share of which fall under the horror genre. Chronicling the story of a mother (Kris Aquino, in all her scream-queen glory) who finds a Chinese artifact—known as a ba gua —that brings her good fortune but at a steep price, the film moves at a frenetic pace, with the stakes getting higher as the body count grows. Centered on the old superstition that one should not get married in the same year as a relative’s death or a sibling’s marriage, Sukob (which literally translates to “conflict”) weaves an engrossing tale of horror, suspense, and drama that rattles off plot points at an almost machine-gun speed. A bevy of local stars—namely Judy Ann Santos, Jolina Magdangal, Iza Calzado, and Rhian Ramos—headline this ensemble film about four cousins who unleash dark forces by playing around with an Ouija board. A bloodsucking, usually female creature that hunts at night, the aswang has been put to screen countless times throughout the history of local horror. However, Yanggaw, which portrays the creature as victim rather than monster, is the freshest, most original take on the mythos in a long while. Composed of three disjoint vignettes that range from camp frights to full-throttle terror, each installment in the franchise is as absurd as the last, and while not every segment may be scary, they are all entertaining. Shake, Rattle, and Roll XV, their latest release, earns a spot on this list almost solely due to Jerrold Tarog’s “Ulam”, its spine-chilling second segment and one of the series’ best offerings. Most Filipino horror movies are about age-old curses and myths—but this film, about the ghosts that supposedly haunt the Manila Film Center, is unique in how it eschews age-old legends for a more modern flavor of horror.

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Johnston's London Transport type was reworked by Colin Banks in his New Johnston (1979), and again in 2016 by Malou Verlomme at Monotype, on commission for Transport For London (TfL), as Johnston100. A version of the London Underground typeface ( 1997 ) was digitized by P22 foundry. In 2007, P22 extended that typeface to a 21-style multilingual collection called P22 Underground Pro. At ITC, Dave Farey and Richard Dawson recreated a Johnston sans serif family with 3 weights, aptly called ITC Johnston. Jordan Davies called his revivals London Medium (2017) and London Heavy (2017). Many other designers aped Johnston's Underground as well. Hamlet, the almost-blackletter script, was revived by Manfred Klein and Petra Heidorn as HamletOrNot. In 2012, Greg Fleming published Railway Sans as a free open source font at OFL. It is based upon Johnston's original drawings and work started by Justin Howes just before his death. Edward Johnston is a book published by Priscilla Johnston (London, 1959). Scans of some lettering by him: illuminations (1917), modernized half uncial (1906), Calligraphy by Johnston. Digital fonts based on alphabets from the 1906 book include Edward's Uncial 1904 (2011, David Kettlewell). Ricardo Victor Rousselot is a calligrapher and type designer born in Argentina in 1936. After that, he returned to Buenos Aires, and in 1975, he settled permanently in Barcelona, where he teaches at the University of Barcelona. His typefaces include Carlomagno ( 1997 - 2000 ) and Uncial Romana ( 1996 ), released by Neufville. He sells his fonts nowadays through his foundry, Edy Type. For example, in 2010, Edy Type launched the lively connected handwriting font Despeinada, which, Ricardo says, tries to find the middle between Mistral and Zapfino. Drumbeat ( 2011 ) is a calligraphic script face, and Bambola (2011) is a curly signage script. Judith Sutcliffe (Audubon, IA) is the Electric Typographer (est. 1986, Santa Barbara, CA).


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Head. The very end of the episode contains discussion of the previews for the next episode. This episode is spoiler free, part 2 contains our spoilery discussion. As usual, there is discussion of spoilers and previews from next week's episode at the end of the episode. The major reveal is thoroughly analyzed, and there is discussion of some spoiler topics at the end of the episode, after the credits. This companion episode allows us to talk spoilers apart from the normal book spoiler-free TV discussions. If you want to make some sense of what the heck you just saw, you've come to the right place. The discussion revolves around power dynamics, likable characters doing unlikable things, and how initial reactions can evolve quite a bit after gaining. Sean's Unsullied (hasn't read the books) opinions are a great contrast to our thorough book knowledge. As with the last episode, we spend a few minutes after the credi. The last five minutes or so of the episode contain spoilers for the books and The Winds of Winter. Given the broad scope of this topic, quite a variety of related subjects come up. Are the trees a conduit of the Old Gods or are the trees themselves the Old Gods. Bran's chapters give us endless clues, but there are also hidden references elsewhere. Was it sent by the gods or is it a sign that magic and dragons have returned. A huge battle is about to occur where several POV characters have converged. We break down the relevant spoiler chapters while detailing each of the participants' motivations and. Listening to this episode will not cause the loss of any fingertips, and we will swear to that, but we cannot be held. The Stoneborn are perhaps the most ancient and isolated human culture in Westeros. Through the Skagosi we see glimpses of what the North was like eons ago.


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The Brotherhood travel north in an attempt to stop the invasion of the White Walkers. Jon is a bit skeptical about it, but Bran claims that there’s only one person to prove his theory: Howland Reed. Bran commands Meera to bring her father to Winterfell. Littlefinger tells Sansa that he did the same thing to Lord Arryn and look where it brought him. Sansa is shocked, but intrigued by his plan to get the Iron Throne. In reality, they want the Lords of the Vale to pledge for Sansa Stark. Tyrion thinks it’s better that they move to Dragonstone first, since Stannis left the place. Varys reassures Tyrion that this would happen no matter what. The Archmaester is very interested in Dany and asks Jorah to keep quiet about her. He wants join them to Daenerys when Samwell has finished his studies. Daenerys gathers her men and prepare them to fight. He wins the naval battle against Euron Greyjoy with the help of the dragons. Theon avenges the death of Yara and kills Euron Greyjoy. Tyrion urge his brother to give over, to save his life. Jaime talks with Tyrion about Cersei and Joffrey’s murder. Tyrion tries to convince Jaime to sue for peace but Jaime explains that Cersei will never give up on the Iron Throne and that she has grown mad after all of her children died. In return, she’ll give House Tarly command over the Reach and a place in the Small Council. Randyll makes a pact and therefore betrays Olenna Tyrell. andyll becomes in charge of the Lannister army as well while Jaime is gone. Bran tells Jon that he can use the weirwood tree in the Godswood to see more visions of both past and future.


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That's an AS3 code and you need to know just a little Flash. You can simply insert test. ru file. Interactive Whiteboard educational quizzes and flash games for the school classroom. A timer is a specialized type of clock for measuring time intervals. The first is a stopwatch that will count up from zero. The second is a. Get customers to the checkout faster with a beautiful, live countdown timer Promote flash sales, holiday sales, upcoming promotions, product launches, Our Basic plan is % free to use, no credit card required. We want you to use Countdown Sales Timer to rack up as many impressions and sales as possible. Join Morten Rand-Hendriksen for an in-depth discussion in this video Build a count-up timer, part of JavaScript Essential Training. A Free flash online stopwatch, quick easy to use flash stopwatch. Use this timer on the Smartboard to count-down or to count up. At home, using a headset leaves your hands free to tidy up, sort the post, or wander A timer is one of the simplest timesaving gadgets you can get hold of. Speed dating is a formalized matchmaking process of dating system. Gallery. test. ru provides fashionable clocks that you can easily embed in your web page. All you need to do is simply paste the tag on your web page. These timers are free for anyone to use within education or not for profit copy desired timer into your presentation, each timer is made up of many components. Use Timer to countdown or count up, with alarms, loops, and in many colors, sizes and A Free flash online countdown, quick easy to use countdown timer.


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In fact, I was able to reach the United States for a course while I was able to read and write short stories in French. Once he settled in the states, he deemed it unecessary to teach his children the Tongan language. I thought it would be nice to learn it, maybe learn some of the songs and dances that my grandfather knew. In addition to its personal contributions, multilingualism has become a necessity and an obvious advantage in professional business life in the developing world order. Learning another language is not just a thing to do for having a skill to do. Moreover, researchers are finding a swathe of health benefits from speaking more than one language, including faster stroke recovery and delayed onset of dementia. It? not only about knowing how to say words in another language. It? about learning about the culture, traditions, and form of thinking of a different community of people. When I was first introduced to the English language, I was about 6 years old. My parents enrolled me in a bilingual school for me to have. Through this they acquire not only communicative abilities but also develop their personality. Multilingualism has many advantages for children in particular. Multilingualism is an opportunity and to take advantage of it. Therefore, we should strive to achieve this goal and try to provide education in each nook and corner of the world. In the modern world, due to advancements in technology it has become feasible to achieve this goal. Information technology is one such tool through which a teacher or a professor can reach thousands or. The acquisition of new languages is not only a form of expanding one’s cultural awareness, it is a means by building one’s character and establishment of worldly connections. The process of learning a language in of itself is a form of preservation, of its history and culture, regardless of its constant evolution.


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When they broke up, they made the separation official by staging a grand performance of meeting each other to say goodbye in the middle of the Great Wall of China. In “Waiting for the Artist,” Armisen plays the Ulay character, here named Dimo, a provocateur who is constantly trying to take credit for Izabella’s work and admits that he was cheating on her while she was ascetically devoted to her art. Abramovic had an emotional reunion with Ulay in her documentary, when he sat across from her and grabbed her hand in the museum. Instead, it allows Barta to humiliate Dimo in such a public and emasculating way (which I won’t spoil here) that the episode almost doubles as a radical work of feminist art. s Blanchett cackles at the episode’s end, I felt grateful for Documentary Now. I also wondered what the show could become, if in future seasons it featured more episodes devoted to films with a woman at their heart, and also behind the camera. Documentary Now! has done an amazing job of deconstructing the very male, often grandiose world of documentary filmmaking, in which men stomp into the lives of others with a camera for the sake of making art. Now, I would like to see an investigation and acknowledgment of nonfiction shot through a woman’s lens—I’d love to see the show take on Blackfish, or Paris Is Burning, or Whatever Happened, Miss Simone. Because we have an invasion of drugs, invasion of gangs, invasion of people, and it’s unacceptable,” he said in a Rose Garden speech. “It’s very simple. We want to stop drugs from coming into our country. We want to stop criminals and gangs from coming into our country. Many Democrats, and some Republicans, are alarmed by his daring attempt to further expand presidential power. Who needs Congress or the people if the president can make the decision on issues by himself. Trump’s declaration does not reflect any sort of Reichstag fire moment. He is not suspending the Constitution or the rule of law. Past presidents have typically invoked emergency powers in good faith, and in ways that Congress intended—in response to terrorism or overseas conflicts, for instance. Trump is doing so purely for political gain, to show his flagging base of supporters that he’s serious about fulfilling his signature campaign promise—even as polls show that a majority of Americans oppose the wall and the idea of declaring a national emergency to build it. rump insists that the situation at the southern border constitutes a “national security crisis,” but the facts don’t support his justification for declaring a state of emergency.


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You should know I also think that the NS is one incarnation of Bran gone wrong, and that most Brans since Brandon the Builder have been reincarnations of the original. For one thing, Nan and others are always getting the various Brans mixed up. ut no one ever gets the various Robbs and Jaeharys's and Aerys mixed up. As I said in my post above Battle of the Bastards and Winds of Winter were two of the best episodes in GOT and they were both done without GRRM's take in the books. Hell Hardhome was essentially also done without GRRM since that battle doesn't have Jon there and it's not nearly as epic and in your face. When the writers don't have to rush chit or worry about money they can give us some great TV. But even more retarded than then all the other guys totally then were like on his side and Yea let's go save her. Petyr could have dragged her with him by simply stating the fact that she was in cahoots with him and lied to save their asses. Jon won't learn his parentage for quite some time as he will have to fight through the undead to do so. My prediction is that the undead will overrun winterfell and all living armies will have to retreat past the Neck. This is why the twins was so important in the books and the show. Probably get pushed all the way back to dragonstone before Jon hulks up and lays the atomic leg drop on the night king. But as a finale it was disappointing. 1) The Cersei betrayal. Makes the entire plot of findin the white irrevelent and something we ALL could have guessed. Where were they when the Tyrells with all their money and admittedly poor fighting ability were going to overthrow the crown. Watching rape scenes 4) Would have been much funnier for Jorah to be outside incest room 5) Littlefinger deserved a better death. I like the outsmarting of him but come on, just slitting his throat? 6) Dorne is still not brought up. Again, Cersei marched their queen through the streets but somehow the entire city of Dorne is still complacent in all this.


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But when it popped out of the mountain I was like “Eh. Is that it? I mean, it was like a fairly big dragon with some reasonably long tentacles, like maybe 100 yards or something. Bad design. Solee: I don’t feel like the movie actually said anything about it encircling the world. I think the IMDB description said that, and it’s unsupported. Mikey: Actually, if you paid attention to the genius dialogue, you would’ve noticed when they said there were tremors all around the world and other thermal activity. Solee: I think there were some pretty intense leaps of logic in this movie when it comes to science. Like “Oh my god, there are three dead squirrels, there must be a 3 foot layer of carbon dioxide covering this mountain”, or “There are several hot spots located all around the world, it must be one giant planet-sized entity” instead of a nest of mountain-sized squid living in our planet. Mikey: That brings to mind why I was almost a bit excited about this movie (before I saw it): I have actually always had this image in my head of giant creatures living under the Earth. Whenever I am driving cross country and see vast plains or something, I make a special effort to picture what it would look like if the entire scene in front of me heaved up and a monster tore up out of it. So I was kind of hoping to be primally triggered by this movie. I would like to point out that this movie is clearly some kind of PSA about carbon dioxide poisoning, because they literally described, in its entirety, the effects of carbon dioxide poisoning three times. Mikey: All part of the global warming preaching going on. If only they offered a better solution than “As long as we kill the monster, we can keep trashing the planet. Solee: If only. Oh! Did you notice that the chopper was not at all affected by the huge blast wave that came from the bomb. Like, we could see it, but it didn’t move the helicopter in the slightest. Mikey: I did not, but really wasn’t expecting that level of accuracy after they shot a special missile that knew how to steer down monster throats at a giant dragon that popped out of a mountain.