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Convey a clear and concise message. 2. Be written by an individual or group who has an educated opinion or is an authority on a specific subject. 3. Be between 500-650 words. Whether more or less space is allotted is at the discretion of the editor. There are currently about 2. million Afghan refugees in Pakistan, and many of them do not have the proper documentation to stay in the country. The Pakistani government has made efforts to close down Afghan camps and to find all those who have false identity cards. Gula’s image represented the struggle of the Middle East in 1984. Her recent arrest represents the struggle of those who have been displaced because of the deteriorating security situation in the Middle East since the time of the Gulf Wars, when the United States initiated a stream of events that would lead to the displacement of millions of people. More people are displaced in the world now than after World War II — there were 65. million displaced people at the end of 2015, and 54 percent of these refugees come from Somalia, Afghanistan and Syria, and are looking for refuge wherever they can find it, however it can be found.

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S. Sambyal, President, PSSP, Ms. Mamta Singh, Rtd. Brig. Suchet Singh and other prominent ex-servicemen and prominent citizens were present on the occasion. The Deputy Chief Minister said it is a recorded fact that Army and other security forces have been rendering yeoman’s role in defending the borders of our country and thwarting any external and internal aggression being carried out by anti-national elements. He said that they also been contributing largely in the areas where National Calamities or Disasters take place. Dr. Singh further said that Army and security forces have also been undertaking several welfare measures for the general masses and SADBAWANA is a major initiative in this regard which has also been well received by the general masses of the State. He said that we should also contribute our bit in making India one of the leading nations in the world. The Deputy Chief Minister said that every possible assistance would be provided to the families and next of kin of the martyrs who have laid down their lives for the nation. MLA Samba also spoke on the occasion and highlighted the role of army and security forces in defending our borders, fighting anti national elements and contributing their bit when the nation faces natural calamities and disasters. Rtd.

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Abe took office in late 2012 vowing to revive growth and end a long spell of deflation, or falling prices, and push inflation higher by pumping trillions of yen (tens of billions of dollars) into the economy. Martha Raddatz is on the front lines of a possible war reporting from Seoul, south Korea. A doubling or tripling down on the threatening rhetoric. And the north Korean regime has fired back with threats that if acted on could begin a horrific cycle of violence. This morning, a 35-mile trip to the border, to the demilemilitarized zone. Where some 14,000 north Korean artillery pieces point toward South Korea's capital. A direct threat to the 26 million people who live in Seoul. Soldiers from the U. S. And south Korea stand guard. Where the gravel ends and the sand begins, that's north Korea. The rhetoric heat is probably more than I've seen personally. Reporter: It's more than anyone has ever seen from a U.

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Politicians are started to get elected and they became as the new rulers. On the other hand the king of Dharma Puri also lost his power. Kala came with his hinge men to repay back to Safar, He killed him and his wife inhumanly. Bit fortunately their ten year old son Akbar Ali miraculously escaped in his horse. This flash back unfolds after the middle of the movie. Movie starts with the intro of Dharmapuri after about 20 years, where the hinge men of Kala threatnds and humiliates the people. The priest's daughter Bhairavi is in love affair with Salim. This signifies the secularity of the place, which is not much known to the civilians in India. Salim was a brave heart, even if he born and lived as an orphan he always kept his pride. Now Kala has more political influence, which he used to grab the authority on Dharma Puri's land. Finally the king agreed to his terms. Mean while a new hero, arrives. The immense anger of revenge was burning in his eyes.

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And when he does, he'll swap her III 1 II WALTDISNLYpRooucnons'' lor a machine fun. The planet of love and the planet of “other worlds” meet today at 17 Pisces. Venus is all about relationships, not necessarily romantic ones. Venus wants to connect and bring happiness to her close friends. Her mergence with Neptune dissolves boundaries, sometimes creating illusion leading into a false sense of trust. They have a hard time taking a practical approach with people because they are TOO giving and TOO loving. They literally cannot say “no” even when saying “yes” means more suffering. We can honor this aspect today by practicing gratitude and being kind. Carving out some time for anything creative or free-flowing would more than satisfy Venus and Neptune. The more we intentionally feed the planets the less likely they are to control us unconsciously. Do you know whether or not Venus and Neptune are aspected in your birth chart? Talking about one of my favourite past times in the world. Get in losers, we’re going to watch our favourite cult classic under the stars.

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In Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem, the game’s story consistently draws attention to vision and casts it as being unreliable. Fatal Frame 2 also references sight and seeing and contrasts blindness with vision. In one ending (see Fig. 8), the ? al cut scene shows the protagonist Mio having lost her sight. This ending results if the player chooses to run away rather than complete the game to its ? al stage, essentially if she refuses to see the game to its end. Similarly to Silent Hill 2 and Perception, the story in Fatal Frame 2 emphasises the importance of seeing what it was that happened in the past and contrasts vision with blindness to this e? ct. 8 Summary In this paper, we have explored how a total of ten titles engage with sight and seeing and how they link vision to narrative and game mechanics in di? rent ways. Perhaps, and in spite of its age, Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem seems to be the game that does both of these things, most consistently and ambitiously. While all games that engage with sight and seeing ultimately aim to a?