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When he asks Sam how he succeeded, Sam’s answer again belies his modest nature: “I read the book and followed the instructions. Oh Sam. He then shows Sam a table full of old manuscripts and scrolls that he wants Sam to copy. Is it perhaps a collection of the materials that Sam has been trying to get access to. She wants to take the dragons and destroy Euron’s fleet. Varys, Missandei and Tyrion all feel it is too dangerous. Tryion tells them that the gates and walls are impervious and will be well-manned. Tyrion quotes Bronn’s (Jerome Flynn) remarks from their first sight of the Eerie: “Give me ten good men, and I’ll impregnate the bitch. It’s going to be very sad to see these two on opposite sides of the battlefield. Bronn, Jaime, and Sam’s father and brother are all there. Jaime explains that they emptied the larder at Casterly Rock before they left. Grey Worm will be forced to abandon his position and march across Westeros to rejoin Daenerys. Jaime tells Olenna that he learned from the tactics that Rob Stark used to defeat him.

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Load of bollocks Christofherraywita Wita Bulan Yang lalu Such bs we are the only true evil in this world people we MaD HaTTeR Bulan Yang lalu It was made up by a Led Zep fan who thought Zoso was a demon zozo Chris Kline Bulan Yang lalu Damn. Sometimes when I defile the toilet I would blame it on Zozo, guess that's out now. Buddha in a Blanket Bulan Yang lalu I summoned zozo once, and he asked me if I feared him, I said yes, you’re like a 3D horror movie. Wellington S Firebrand Bulan Yang lalu Human beings can be very idiotic. Greg Brockway Bulan Yang lalu It is easier to fool someone than it is to convince them that they have been fooled. His name is all over their albums merchandise and album sleeves. That's was back in the 60's when Jimmy Page 1st asked for assistance. Michelle W 2 bulan yang lalu I haven’t in many many years, but I have played with the Ouija board many times in my life. ay before IDcinema or this video. I can say that I too had something named zozo contact us while using the board. Kind of creepy to watch this video and remember back when it spelled out that name. When we talked to it, it was just a hard core perv. It did one time give us a phone number.


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It, therefore, makes more sense to just approach each day and obstacle as it comes. Besides, if this kind of thinking was involved then it wouldn't be love but an arrangement. It is a more startling and appropriate example than that of Mr. Gandhi. It is startling because Mr. Jinnah himself married a Parsi, Dina's mother. Mr. Gandhi's opposition to his grand daughter marrying a Muslim, while unbecoming of his stature, is not really relevant. Please do not insult the intelligence of the rest of the world (those that know about Jinnah and what he stood for). In fact Mr Jinnah was almost twice in age than Ruttie but their marriage was successful and we all should learn from that. They had problems like every other couple around us. Their problems may not be exactly like them but every one has a different set of problems. You cant let go of a person just because what faith your children will have.


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Kita bersyukur, pihak laintidak terprovokasi dan tetap bisa men-jaga ketenangan dan rasionalitasnyasehingga tidak terpancing melakukantindakan anarkis. Semoga politik ilusiini tidak jadi preseden yang ditiru gene-rasi mendatang. Karena selain meru-pakan cara-cara tidak sehat, juga tidakmencerdaskan bahkan cenderung me-rupakan pembodohan kepada rakyat. Komitmen Memberantas Korupsi daikan tidak ada koruptor, satu wargabisa mendapatkan penghasilan sebesarRp20 juta setiap bulan. Bahaya latenkorupsi ini dikhwatirkan dapat menjadipemicu keterpurukan bangsa yang kitacintai ini. Korupsi tersebut diperkirakan akantetap eksis disebabkan selama ini tidakada efek jera bagi pelaku korupsi, bukti-nya kejahatan terus meningkat, penjarasetiap tahun penuh bahkan melebihikapasitas. Karena itu, sangat memalu-kan jika ada yang mengusulkan penjaraterus dibangun atau diperluas. Ini ber-arti kegagalan dalam mengurangi angkakejahatan. Mental Penegak HukumPenegak hukum salah satu faktor yang sangat menentukan dalam mem-buat efek jera bagi koruptor. Karena ituyang perlu dilakukan adalah mengubahmental aparat penegak hukum. Karenaapa jadinya apabila penegak hukumadalah orang-orang yang tidak tahanterhadap godaan uang, wanita, dan tahta. al itu sangat dikhawatirkan akan terjadiperdagangan perkara. Selain itu, jangansampai pula seperti dikatakan ThomasKoten bahwa sosok hukum lebih di-pakai sebagai alat pemenuhan kepen-tingan orang-orang kuat secara politikdan ekonomi.


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ut I can't do this alone. In an era which gangsta rap wasn't quite mainstream just yet, Vanilla Ice threatened to kill a trend before it even started. I mean, his music is just so terrible that any career change can only be an improvement. right. Wumbo: Going on for 5 minutes longer than necessary. Seriously, I want to see Vanilla Ice doing anything but a music project. When the club closes for the night, Johnny receives a phone number from a female audience member. They then head out on their motorcycles to their next show. Wumbo: So at this point we go from a music video to a motorcycle showcase. You know movie, city life and suburb life are not a complete 180 like you are making this out to be. Wumbo: And this romance is brought to you by falling off horses and kicks to the nuts. Gee, I hope this isn't supposed to be a vanity project. The crew is stranded in the town after a member's motorcycle breaks down and has to be left at a local repair shop.


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If Sansa knew even that tiny tidbit, Arya would have nothing to say. Nada. Some how this entire exchange between them rang false to me. Both girls have been through enough, and both girls know Littlefinger is a shit, so I just don't see them sinking into this level of menace and pettiness. The character we have come to know is a shrewd, imaginative, careful planner. Dany has been on a whole other level as far as guts and cunning. The Dany we have been shown for 7 years would have at least gone as far as Eastwatch to be there to assist, if not done a recon of the North to see WTF Jon Snow is talking about. If you're a leader, and someone tells you this terrible army is marching towards you and will threaten everyone, wouldn't you want to at least do recon if you had a fucking dragon. First of all, even though she has always been daring, and a scrappy kid, she had to live rough, half starved on the streets of KL, then with a gang of guys on their way to Castle Black, shitting in the woods, etc. Getting captured and sent to Harrenhal and kept in a pen watching The Mountain and his men torture people with rats, sleeping in a cage outdoors in the mud, never knowing if she'd be next. Then briefly enjoying regular meals and the warmth that came of living inside as Tywin's cup bearer. Briefly. Getting captured by The Brotherhood and stashed in a cave all the while watching the people around her including people she had grown to care about getting killed or leaving her.


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“I’ll figure it out. He continued to walk with me but didn’t respond right away. “I can take you. I rented a car yesterday. I glanced over at him. “I don’t think that would be appropriate but thank you. “Why? Are you too young. Or am I too old? “Probably both, but you’re a guest and. “And what? “People might get the wrong impression, and I can’t afford that. His lips curled into a devious smile.


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2 of those ways involve a program called MilkShape. MD5Importer for 3ds Max: MD5Importer (Gildor version) Direct Download. ActorX Importer for 3ds Max: ActorX Importer Direct Download. Simply download and install the MD5 Importer into your 3ds Max Scripts folder (example C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2009\Scripts). In 3ds Max run the script then first import the MD5Mesh then the desired MD5Anim. In 3ds Max run the script then click “ Import PSK ” then “ Import PSA “. Click “ Load All ” to load all of the animations onto the animation time line. This is the fastest way but also produces the most animation errors. On the import screen ensure that the “ Animation ” box is checked, and it’s a good idea to check the “ Re-Evaluate Smoothing Groups ” box. Download and install the SMDImporter (the. zp file goes in your 3ds Max Scripts folder, for example C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2009\Scripts). First import the PSK file into MilkShape, then immediately export the mesh as. bx.