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In a world divided into 'good' and 'evil', horror films often replicate the familiarity of myth, the comfort of retribution. They encourage us to be children in the playground, seeing vengeance enacted, rehearsing the simplicity of condemnation. As King argues, this provides us with 'psychic relief', encouraging us to lapse into 'simplicity, irrationality and even outright madness. We are all of us, states King, potential lynchers. The scariest horror films are also challenges, encouraging shared communities in a landscape more inclined towards private film spectatorship and sit-on-the-sofa film downloading. We go to prove ourselves, to show that we're 'not chicken'. To boast, impress or be a part of a shared filmic 'event'. Posters start to appear on the sides of buses, sneaking up on you on winding corners of the tube. Memorable scenes from horror films have become mental fixtures, part of a shared upbringing and cultural reference point. These shock images seem to have a special hold on people's psyche. I'll never forget the time I went into a screening of some (unnameable) Italian rape horror with no idea what I was going into. In Alfred Hitchcock's famous shower scene in Psycho, many reported a phobia of taking showers after watching the film, including most famously Janet Leigh herself. Speaking in 2000, she claimed to still be terrified of jumping in and having a wash, and who can blame her.

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Works with the Editorial team (Communications) to produce graphics for videos, social media posts, the MSF-USA website, and other digital platforms. Contributes graphics and design expertise to print publications and collateral as needed. Works with the Marketing team (Development) to design and supervise the production of graphics to drive fundraising goals, including paid social advertising, digital banner ads (still, animated, and interactive), lightboxes, and other interactive website elements. Coordinates with other teams and departments—including Events, Medical Publications, Field Human Resources, and the MSF Association—to assist them in their work and act as a liaison with design consultants and other vendors when required. Works to establish a unified visual style for MSF-USA content across platforms, and to develop distinctive graphics for campaigns and special projects. Serves as MSF-USA visual branding expert, maintaining digital and print brand guidelines. Designs elements and graphics for use by MSF’s global movement, ensuring they can be made locally appropriate and are available through the shared media database. Participates in strategy meetings about content production and dissemination. Identifies ways to augment presentation of MSF-USA’s work on digital platforms to increase engagement. Monitors field activities to appropriately represent MSF in communications materials, via reading MSF reports and updates, regular attendance of office presentations, program briefings, etc. Keeps up with emerging technologies and trends in digital media and the design industry. Attends trainings and workshops when relevant to performance and understanding of role, to augment skills and capabilities, and to understand how others are using graphics in their work. Attends regularly scheduled team and departmental meetings in Communications and Development to share information, brainstorm solutions, and coordinate priorities.


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He'd double cross his best ally if it means getting that one step ahead but in no way is he cruel about it. Even sending Sansa of was more of his ambitious ploy. I wouldn't say she was banished since he has every intention of getting her back. He just happened to exploit his previous relationship with her. Instead he choose to use Sansa; yet as another pawn on his chess board. He's evil. In a similar vein Baelish does the same although he did kill Lady Arryn himself. I hate them both, which I guess means they've both done great jobs of portraying their nasty characters. I think this is why he is a better character in my eyes as opposed to Joffrey and Ramsey. The thought though that she might ally with Ramsey against Jon on the basis of that however is quite ludicrous. Not sure if you are trying to wind us up with that one Simtang;) Outrageous theories are one thing but that's going toooo far. AFAIK only Olenna, Baelish and Marg (after the event) knew about the poison. I guess Marg might have told Lorus but I wouldn't have thought so.


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ction, and Lowell seems never so thoroughly the Puritan as when inveighing as anti-Puritan. The contradictions of Lowell’s own position aside, however, the poem has great power. Winslow is a sharply etched depiction of self-aggrandizing self-e? cement. His career telescopes a family knack for turning any setback into an advantage. Though eventually consumed by the “crab,” cancer, Winslow is a man whose very crablike tenacity allows him to prosper anywhere. Thus as a young man on the make, Winslow’s familiarity with bottom feeding allowed him to turn a spell of western exile into a literal gold mine, and thus to make alienation pay. As the above explication should indicate, Lowell’s chief poetic device at this stage is the image. The faulty hearing of Lowell’s doddering Massachusetts kin evokes the invalidism and invalidation over time of the Congregational faith. While this faith’s vitality once inhered in its preaching, now the trumpets of the End devolve into ear trumpets for the insensible. These, deafened rather than roused by preaching, are pathetic shadows of their sermon-drunk kin. At the same time, the man once contemptuous of all aid but his own is transported from his “adjusted” bed by a Jesus who “runs” him “Beyond Charles River to the Acheron” (Selected Poems, 11). He whose feet could catch hold anywhere, who was, above all, “opportune,” is demoted from martial pilgrim to patient sinner, or sin-consumed patient.


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We’ve learned that the area being used is the ship and green screen set, one that Game of Thrones regularly reuses for various ships throughout the show, re-dressing as needed. The really exciting news though is that our source tells us this filming involves both Theon (Alfie Allen) and Yara Greyjoy (Gemma Whelan). The actors were seen shooting with men playing Ironborn followers. When we last saw Yara, she was in a highly dangerous situation, being held as her uncle’s prisoner in King’s Landing. However, no other major characters were spotted during this filming which indicates to us that Euron (Pilou Asb? ) was not present, and it’s possible Yara may now be free from her murderous uncle’s clutches. If Euron moved the captured Yara to a ship, could GoT be filming her rescue (as Theon declared his intention to save her in the season 7 finale). Or does Yara escape and this scene on a ship take place at a later point. We don’t know yet, but it’s good to see Yara will live long enough to share a screen with her brother again. Thanks! I missed you guys giving us spoiler news like this one. At least it looks like Theon will make the attempt to save her. I dislike the book!


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Last January, calls went up to investigate “informal” football workouts at the University of Iowa just after the season-ending bowl games—workouts so grueling that 41 of the 56 amateur student-athletes collapsed, and 13 were hospitalized with rhabdomyolysis, a life-threatening kidney condition often caused by excessive exercise. The greatest threat to the viability of the NCAA may come from its member universities. Many experts believe that the churning instability within college football will drive the next major change. President Obama himself has endorsed the drumbeat cry for a national playoff in college football. This past spring, the Justice Department questioned the BCS about its adherence to antitrust standards. Jim Delany, the commissioner of the Big Ten, has estimated that a national playoff system could produce three or four times as much money as the existing bowl system does. If a significant band of football schools were to demonstrate that they could orchestrate a true national playoff, without the NCAA’s assistance, the association would be terrified—and with good reason. Because if the big sports colleges don’t need the NCAA to administer a national playoff in football, then they don’t need it to do so in basketball. In which case, they could cut out the middleman in March Madness and run the tournament themselves. The organization would be reduced to a rule book without money—an organization aspiring to enforce its rules but without the financial authority to enforce anything. Thus the playoff dreamed of and hankered for by millions of football fans haunts the NCAA. “There will be some kind of playoff in college football, and it will not be run by the NCAA,” says Todd Turner, a former athletic director in four conferences (Big East, ACC, SEC, and Pac-10). “If I’m at the NCAA, I have to worry that the playoff group can get basketball to break away, too.


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Paying homage to such classic Amicus horror anthologies as From Beyond the Grave and Ealing’s Dead of Night, this unforgettable screen adaptation terrifies in a whole new thrilling and chilling dimension. This is followed by the Scottish premiere of Brian O’Malley’s supernatural romance, The Lodgers, a masterful Irish set Gothic ghost story, starring Charlotte Vega and David Bradley. The board has been many things throughout its history: a slumber-party staple, a target for religious groups who believe it channels the evil and occult, and a seemingly endless source of inspiration for horror movies and plotlines on TV shows. With movies like Ouija: Origin of Evil earning a place in pop culture, we took a deep dive into the history of the board game and dug up more than a few interesting - and sometimes creepy - stories about Ouija's origins and legacy. It Launched a Famous Author. From Beyond the Grave Patience Worth was a prominent writer in the early 1900s. Starting on October 1st the channel will be bringing back movies such as the original Cat People and Dracula. Fan’s of classic movies will surely not want to miss this. If you have ever wanted to know where the band White Zombie got there name be sure to tune in on Halloween morning at 8:30 Am. The Universal Monster’s are sprinkled throughout this marathon and will hopefully delight old school horror fans. Scream Factory is putting in overtime with a handful of stunning steelbooks celebrating three great John Carpenter films— They Live, The Fog and Escape From New York —as well as a Collector’s Edition of James Gunn ’s Slither and the indie horror films Don’t Knock Twice and House on Willow Street (which they’ve teamed up with IFC Midnight for). As far as recent genre movies go, Colossal, Shin Godzilla, and Phoenix Forgotten are all primed for their home bow on August 1st, and both Paramount and Universal are dusting off a bunch of recent titles on both DVD and Blu -ray, including Disturbia, The Machinist, Red Eye, and the unrated version of The Ruins. Scream Factory is giving Firestarter the Collector’s Edition treatment this week, and both Drive-In Massacre and The Skull are being resurrected in HD as well.