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I’m Sansa Stark from Winterfell! Sansa sees the whole corridor collapse in front of her, she says,” This is my home, I am- “The ceiling of the corridor collapses and Sansa’s voice falls in silent. Hound realizes that Arya is riding too far and tells Tyrion, “Then ride everyone back to the Dragon Mommy. I’ll get the Stark girl and then we’ll meet somewhere. Tyrion agrees, Hound rides ahead and the rest rides south-east. Beric keeps his burning sword in front of the dragon’s fire, the dragonfire is blocked, Beric becomes more confident and roars, “You can not kill me! I at the Prince who was promised! ” Then the ice dragon stops spitting fire, hangs on tower, which is why it crumbles. Sam calls to the soldiers, “You can only kill them with dragonglass. Or maybe with valeryan steel, but i guess you dont have any. “Arya throws her her Valyrian dagger to Grey Worm and he kills the White Walkers. Sam answers “From Jon. A larger army is slowly approaching in the distance.

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(a knack which helped make me an effective recapper of Lost, thank you very much), but I don’t expect people to know the name of every Lannister soldier. Really though, you can’t name Dany or Cersei or Arya right off the top of your head. If that’s you, then you probably need a recap as detailed as the one I’m about to dish out. Oberyn’s sister Elia had been married to the Mad King’s son Rhaegar Targaryen, but he left her for Ned Stark’s sister Lyanna, even though she was betrothed to Robert Baratheon. When Tywin and his army — allied with a rebelling Robert — stormed King’s Landing right around the time Jaime was earning the nickname “Kingslayer,” The Mountain killed Elia’s children and then raped her before killing her too. Oberyn has long sought vengeance on The Mountain, and on Tywin, who he is convinced gave the order. Tyrion was condemned to death, but Jaime and Varys plotted his escape. Jaime got him out of his cell, and on his way to meet Varys, Tyrion couldn’t help but take a detour. He went to Tywin’s chambers and found his ex-lover Shae in his father’s bed. She went on the defensive and tried to kill him, but he choked her to death. Then he found Tywin sitting on the toilet, and put two arrows in him. By the time Varys got him to the ship that would carry him across the Narrow Sea to exile and maybe safety, the toll of bells signaled that Tywin’s death had been discovered. Varys knew he could not return to court, so he took a place on the boat alongside Tyrion.

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The day before, Montgomery was hit on the head by a fly ball while signing autographs as the Red Sox took batting practice. He bled from a cut on his ear, but was OK to pitch Sunday. Each No. 9 batter had a two-out RBI in the fifth. Bradley put Boston ahead with a single before Austin Romine answered with his first career triple, a drive that glanced off the mitt of Betts, a Gold Glove winner, as he backed into the right-field wall. TRAINER’ S ROOM Red Sox: LHP David Price (elbow inflammation) threw from 90 feet. Boston manager John Farrell said the “early phase” of Smith’s rehab assignment has been encouraging, but the reliever is expected to remain in the minors for several weeks. Smith is recovering from Tommy John surgery in May 2016. UP NEXT Red Sox: RHP Doug Fister (2-5,5. 3 ERA) faces AL Central-leading Cleveland at Fenway Park on Monday night in the makeup of an Aug. 2 rainout. Trevor Bauer (10-8,4. 9 ERA) pitches for former Red Sox manager Terry Francona and the Indians, who swept Boston 3-0 during last year’s playoffs.