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He said on twitter vut then deleted it cos he didnt want anyone finding out. Logan Swetnam: Butcher shops, you can get blood from them blitzy: This is painful to watch. The Rain Train: Tro where you at Aperelli: Daniel Olobayo. unny. He Man: React 2 dame cu to sita gang RodeXgaming: She is so ugly and sisgusting Bloody Nuggets: After a month you finally upload Ben Dover: Dad please come back Nathalie Noveno: WHERE ARE YOU. Keep up the great work! ) No One: This is some disgusting shit Memeh Manh: I'm gonna puke. AlienFreak69: This is what happens if you become a Twilight fan. Aesthetic Mexican: Tro wtf it's been 4 months now wtf dmhsvsbskmsbns TimedGalaxy: Where did tro go. PewDiePie is making dr. hil vids now, we all miss you and hope you return buddy. Are you asking if i am referencing vampire diaries. The Shoe god: Come back Da'Jah T. Where are you. Toxic Jager main: There no said on this vid ScozzyIsHero: Maurice 2000 True Coolbean78: When are you going to upload Nabiha Hoque: I feel so sick watching this oml lmaoo Final Form: yeah for real he really blew up redneck gamer: I love your vids but i cant see this stephanie mouse: haha lol so rad. ItzMilk: It was so hard to watch this Luca Niavarany: Come back sa oled nab: tro pulled a leafyishere Tim TheAutist: Why haven’t there been any uploads recently. Giavonna McCrobie: Oh my gosh it does look like markiplier if he did drugs Unknownpotatoarmy: Yess I'm early troo gringoos: I would get addicted to your videos but you don't have enough videos to satiate the cravings.

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The Cure was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on Friday night, with frontman Robert Smith delivering a gratitude-filled speech before he and the band performed a number of hits, including “Lovesong” and “Boys Don’t Cry”. However, neither the speech nor the performance has attracted as much social media attention as a throwaway line from Smith during a backstage interview. It always seems that we will be able to do that 'later', when the only thing we really have is now. These are such beautifully sad endings to these people' s life, and the last wishes are so diverse. Life is too short to go to bed mad, to not tell people how you feel, and to assume you will always have. If you want to get back in touch with reality and if things are going tough for you and need a cry, this is for you. Im a 32y old tradie with alot of anger that ive kept to myself all my life and havn't shown it to anyone and this kills me every time. I feel this should be on TV commercials every where all the time. She asked me to ask you if you would share her treats that she never got to finish with the other dogs on your route. She always enjoyed seeing you come to the door and was always happy to get a snack from you. Barboza’s daughter posted a photo of the bag of treats and the note, as well as a screenshot of a text from her father saying even though Gretchen was huge, she was also “a teddy bear. The tweet went mega-viral, getting more than 186,000 retweets in just over a week. My dad is a mailman and he likes to give dogs on his route treats. You can now buy a tortilla blanket so you can curl up like a burrito. A tortilla blanket is going viral for allowing you to curl up into a human burrito. The blanket currently has a 4. out of 5-star rating on Amazon.


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It also continues on with the major changes to Kara and the world around her that started in book 5. Well, technically in book 4 when she was forcefully summoned to the demon realm. At the same time, the format of the story shifts yet again. n this book Kara gets herself a posse. Take that, Buffy! love, love, loved the police procedural theme of the first four entries in this series. It was one of the best examples I had of real world elements integrated into a paranormal novel. At the same time, I equally love the evolution of Kara, the setting, and her abilities. Between the changes and the amount of time spent on the demon realm, I find myself wondering more and more about the nature of the Lords. There’s snark, mystery, sidekicks and sexy times in it. A little something for everyone. dditionally, I also picked up the audiobook version so my wife could have access to it as well. The narrator for this series does it plenty of justice. Even though there is no event as shocking as the big one in the last book, it is like there is less of what happens that can be revealed in a review because one event and revelation relates to another and specifically reviewing the action would be a spoiler. So, in general terms, Kara gets back to Earth and and hooks up with the old gang, and a lot is revealed about two of them. Tessa isn't on the page a lot, but there are some big questions raised surrounding her. Conventional law enforcement overlaps with the arcane and Kara faces some shades of grey moments.


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Additionally, Malone recently wrapped production on Mitchell Lichtenstein's “Angelica,” a psychological thriller set in 1880s London, based on the novel of the same name by bestselling author Arthur Phillip. Malone will play Constance, a young shop girl who falls for and marries Dr. Joseph Barton. After the difficult childbirth of their daughter, Angelica, doctor-ordered celibacy creates a rift in the Bartons' marriage and a ghostly force enters their home. Malone was recently cast to play the lead role in Dori Oskowitz's “Claire. The American remake of Eric Rohmer's 1982 French pic “Le Beau Mariage” follows an eccentric young woman in her twenties living in Long Island with her aunt and teenage cousin. Fed up with her married painter lover, Claire sets her sights on a man she barely knows with aims to get herself married. The mini-series broke cable records and became the new most-watched entertainment telecast of all time on cable, and also earned an Emmy Nomination for Outstanding Mini-Series and a Golden Globe Nomination for Best Mini-Series. Blash’s “The Wait” and Brian Savelson’s “In Our Nature. As a young actress, Malone starred opposite Julia Roberts and Susan Sarandon in “Stepmom,” the cult classic “Donnie Darko,” and her very first role in the independent film “Bastard out of Carolina,” which earned her an Independent Spirit Award nomination for Best Debut Performance. In Spring 2013, Malone directed her first music video, for the band Lavender Diamond. The video for “The Incorruptible Heart” was released exclusively on MTV Buzzworthy. Malone is also currently touring with her band, The Shoe. She and her bandmate, Lem Jay Ignacio, met in 2008, and shortly after started recording together. Malone built an instrument she plays called “The Shoe,” which includes an old steamer trunk with a plethora of electronic instruments inside. Their first EP, At Lem Jay’'s Garage, came out in 2009 under her label There Was an Old Woman Records. Their full-length album I’m Okay was released in spring 2014.


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“Are you all right, Nikki? When she didn’t reply, the old lady said, “Want me to call 911? Nikki nodded, just to get her out of there, and Mrs. Dunne said, “OK,” and finally went. What if he was waiting there to cut her in half when the door opened. Should she take the main stairs instead and hope to cut him off on the sidewalk. Her questions all led to bad options and caution signs. Listening told her nothing about what lay on the other side, and time ticked onward. Except for ambient light from the first floor, all the overhead bulbs were dead. Nothing but the plink of water hitting the landing beside her. Water? Even if the roof leaked, it hadn’t rained in days, and there were no exposed pipes in that stairwell. Heat felt the corrugated metal landing until the tip of her finger found the drip. They were sticky. Not water, she thought. Blood. Dripping from above.


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So he asked to call a friend to wire him some money. Instead, he called Kennedy and left a message with his assistant to call him back. The damn red faced ugly son of a b--- of a chief of police answered the phone. He even, as dumb as he is, recognized Robert Kennedy’s voice, as you recall, it was Robert’s voice distinctively, with his Boston accent. In the movie, the phone call was enough to let them off the hook. Before the performance, Tony and the other two members of Shirley’s trio sit down for dinner at the hotel’s restaurant. When Shirley tries to join them, the host blocks his entry, citing restaurant policy. After a stand-off, Tony and Shirley decide to walk off on the tour finale. As they walk out, they are almost mugged by a group of thugs crouching behind the car, but Tony shoots his gun in the air, and they scatter. The sheriff, who had watched Shirley’s concert, convinced the owner to let him in. She served him one drink, then made the last call. And I walked on right past them, got into my car, drove off. And they never knew I was the one they were coming to look for. Read more Relationships 25 Creative Ideas for a Romantic Date Night at Home (on a Budget) Sarah Graves We’ve all heard that regular date nights are important to keep a marriage healthy and strong. But sorting through the best offers can be tricky. t Money Crashers, we. Read more Advertiser Disclosure X Advertiser Disclosure: The credit card offers that appear on this site are from credit card companies from which MoneyCrashers.


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Pakistan, on 106 for 5, were in trouble, with England trying to press home their advantage by squeezing in an extra over before close of play. You need to allocate significant resources towards communication, and that means maybe 20% of four or five developers’ time. Decide why and how ? ’re interacting with the audience. But still we’re led to feel that, ? wever bad Lecter may be, he’s much cooler than Buffalo Bill. Halfway through, in transit to a new prison, ? kills tw. But ? are told t? t, to attract t? best bankers, ? ly huge salaries will do. I? have m? e faith in it, ? wever, if I knew t?


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I discussed the ten new plants with the most suppliers in the 2013 Plant Finder in a recent post. But one was left out of the list because it is by some long way not a new introduction. Rose 'Madame Boll' (right, click to enlarge), listed by seven suppliers, is an old Damask Portland rose, pink and highly scented originally introduced in 1859 by the German breeder Kordes. Now it’s back. To follow on from my earlier post abut the new plants listed by six or more suppliers, here’s the list of new entries listed by five different suppliers. Allium 'Cameleon Clematis Giselle ('Evipo051') Clematis Samaritan Jo ('Evipo075) Cornus alternifolia Golden Shadows ('Wstackman') Crocosmia 'Twilight Fairy Crimson' Fragaria x ananassa (strawberry) 'Buddy' Helenium 'Hot Lava' Helenium 'Ruby Charm' Mahonia eurybracteata subsp. You can order the 2013 RHS Plant Finder from the RHS Bookshop. Featuring new music from Wampire, Rainbow Arabia, and Har Mar Superstar. Pickathon is an innovative music experience happening August 2nd-4th at beautiful Pendarvis Farm just outside of Portland, Oregon. Lady - Money 13. Sturgill Simpson - Life Ain't Fair and The World is Mean 14. The special feature is that the leaf stems are very dark maroon in colour, almost black, and the red colouring extends up into the leaf itself as dense spotting along the base of the midrib and also into the base of the side veins. The rather open habit of the plant shows off the colouring well. The flowers set no seed and may last as long as eight weeks. This is partly because most are drought tolerant once they’re established, and also because they’re dependable attractors for bees and butterflies. Developed in Portland, Oregon by Terra Nova Nurseries, it is one of eight new agastaches they’re introduced recently. The father is the owner of a very nicely build by himself wood epoxy 12.


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Nature speaks; humans have forgotten how to listen. Nature will tell you a direct lie if she can. -- Darwin's Law. Nature's Grat Book is written in mathematical symbols. - Galileo Galilei. Nature's bounty: Corn, soy'a bean, sorghum, SPACOM - Crow T. Robot. Nature's far too subtle to repeat herself. Paul Muni. Nature, Mr. Allnut, is what we are put here to rise above. Nature, to be commanded, must be obeyed. - from Novum Organum. - Francis Bacon. Nature, to be commanded, must be obeyed. -- Francis Bacon. Navaglancing - Trying to find a good radio station while driving.