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Murderer doesn’t apply because he’s no victim but a boastful mass-murderer. Executioner, nope. The law won’t touch him and she’s not authorized to. She’s a warrior vigilante Her list is revenge and punishment on behalf family and innocents like Harinhall torture victims, Gendry etc. Prolly the truest statement is “Arya avenged the injustice of the massacre of her family and army by killing Walder Fray and two sons. Cuz Arya overheard a Fray soldier mouthing off that Loathar and Black Walder killed Catlyn, they deserved it too. Fray pies were payback for Frays’ violating guests right. Stupid Freys with their stupid hats (the hats alone is a good reason for me to want them dead! . I am horrifically sick, curled up in the bed with my cat begging for the end, and mostly sleeping. Until I just couldn’t sleep anymore, and took to reading on my kindle and chatting in the Jonsa Book Club discord instead. One thing lead to another, and we got to chatting about where Jonsa foreshadowing officially begins in the books. Occasionally, it took me a little over a month because I took a two week break twice. Kissing Cousins: A Jonsa Timeline It’s the Jonsa Timeline. Well actually I named it “Kissing Cousins” but a timeline is what it is. It features every instance of foreshadowing found in the order that they appear in the books proper. It was interesting seeing how the foreshadowing increased over the course of the books, and varying in the types of shadowing that it is presented as.

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Aside from its low key observations about life, love, humanity, park benches, dogs, time and, obviously, space, Godard constantly interrupts the idea of entertainment and passive viewing by showing the distance between 2D and 3D as extreme. It might be ugly but it makes its point with aplomb. Then, just when you think you have a handle on what he’s saying, he goes and does something truly amazing. But I’ll at least try to describe what it looks like. The image splits and does something both fascinating and difficult to watch: the left side of the image stays where it is while the right side of the image separates and appears to turn in on itself. Confused? I was. Essentially, your eyes are seeing different things within the same image, I think. Even if you hate Godard’s smug intellecturising (totes a word), the advancement of the medium is worth your time, imho. To some extent I suppose I want people to finish watching Godard’s films even when they’re frustrating because giving up seems too easy. But love him or hate him, he has always used the medium in inventive ways. Sure, his films carry an air of arrogance and often require a little more in the way of active viewing, but, ultimately, I think that’s also what makes watching them so rewarding. Yup, if you’re a member, you can hire our Kino, it seats 11, and you can subject your friends to Godard’s latest. Or, if I haven’t managed to win you over, then we also have Dredd (2012) and Jurassic Park (1994) in 3D. There are ten questions, they’re multiple choice and, if you follow our social media and come into the shop fairly regularly, they ought to be super easy. In fact, the more I think about it the more certain I am that they definitely will not want a serenade. Secondly, congratulations to RICH FOX who took out the grand prize of 10 free rentals.

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. and Chennai. Visveswarayya Industrial and Technological Museum: Bangalore, (Karnataka). NUCLEAR RESEARCH AND ATOMIC ENERGYBhabha Atomic Research Centre (Formerly the Atomic Energy Establishment): Trombay near Mumbai (Maharashtra). High Altitude research Laboratory: Gulmarg (Kashmir) Indian Cancer Research Centre: Mumbai. Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research: Kalpakkam. Physical Research Laboratory: Ahmedabad (Gujarat). Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics: Kolkata (West Bengal) Seismic Research Centre: Gaurividanur near Bangalore (Karnataka). Tata Institute of Fundamental Research: Mumbai (Maharashtra) Central Research Laboratory: Chepauk, Chennai (Tamil Nadu) Central State Farm: Suratgarh (Rajasthan). Central Tobacco Research Station: Rajamundry (Andhra Pradesh). Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology: Hyderabad Council of Scientific and Industrial Research Institute: New Delhi. Fluid Control Research Institute: Kanjikode (Kerala). Forest Research Institute: Dehra Dun (Uttar Pradesh) Indian Institute of Agricultural Research Institute: New Delhi. Indian Institute of Sugar Technology: Kanpur, (U. ). Indian Lac Research Institute: Ranchi (Bihar). Indian Space Research Organisation: Bangalore (Karnataka) Institute of Microbial Technology: Hyderabad.

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Perhaps that’s why the copious copycats, from Stigmata to The Exorcism of Emily Rose, The Last Exorcism, The Vatican Tapes, The Possession, and so on, have never quite conjured up the same gut-wrenching, deeply personal terror of the The Exorcist. — KC. While the sorority-house-set slasher is more closely linked to the subgenre’s 1980s output, the model was perfected — and thoroughly subverted — long before it became a cliche. In Black Christmas, not only is Hussey’s central character Jess not a virgin, but she is even sympathetically shown to be seriously considering having a pregnancy terminated. While that plot twist is commonly linked to 1979’s tormented babysitter classic When a Stranger Calls, in Black Christmas, it has a darker, more terrifying impact. The mystery is never fully resolved as to who is making the calls in the first place, let alone their motives for doing so. Although the 2006 remake attempted to make sense of these questions, the power of the original Black Christmas stems from what it leaves ambiguous. — AHN. Or listened to the warning of the local drunk when he said he’d seen things people wouldn’t believe. Perhaps if these five kids had changed their plans to visit Sally and Franklin’s grandfather’s family property deep in South Texas, they would all still be alive. Behold the rugged masterpiece that is Tobe Hooper’s Texas Chain Saw Massacre. From the balmy low-budget swelter of the Texas heat, to the ultrareal chain saw, to a skin-wearing backwoods cannibalistic maniac lurking within the tall grass, the terror and unrelenting tension of Hooper’s 1974 indie hit has rarely been matched. This is especially true when it comes to Kirk’s death scene. Curious and naive, a teenage Kirk slinks into the Sawyer family home while his girlfriend Pam pouts on the wooden bench on the front lawn. Once inside, a squealing, pig-like noise emits from the back room. “Hello? Kirk asks, but no one answers.

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If what that Swami says is right, you had struggled so much in this place, by now your mother's health should've improved atleast little. I can understand your eagerness to save your mother at any cost. We've crossed the time limit of living only on hope. Come whatsoever it may, I'll not come from here till I complete my vow. Hey, someone told. Just because some Swami told you, you're not with your mother in her last days. Then, that Swami will tell, compared to problems in this world, death is very small matter, just to make you understand this, I made you to beg. Just 2 more days! My vow will end on 48th day at 11 pm. Come for me then. I heard the discussion with your friend. You've taken a vow for your mother's health, you're living as beggar, and I heard it will get over in another 2 days, Arul. If he thrashes us when he's just a beggar, think about when he become wealthy man. If these goons fail to get him by today, we’ve to end up in jail. Inspector Purushotham will be inside. Take Rs. lakhs, tell details and give him.