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I don’t see Tyrion as fretting much about the Lannister dynasty coming to an end. Even if he and Sansa should both survive, somehow be reconciled and decide to give marriage another try (if Sansa isn’t done with husbands, period), I think he’d take some persuading to want an heir. He knows his family is horrible more often than not. I could certainly use less cock jokes next season, and some of their “jokes” lately have been low-hanging fruit. I mean, I can think of a dozen more examples of questionable writing from seasons 1-4 if you’d like. All of the curse words used in the show are modern ones. So every time someone says fuck or cunt, it’s VERY anachronistic. (And it’s not real medieval history either, so I’m not sure authenticity is even required at all). For every shoddy exchange in seasons 5-7 I’ll give you a shoddy exchange in seasons 1-4, and for every example of great writing from 1-4, I’ll give you an example of great writing from 5-7. Easily. He didn’t use a slang phrase that wasn’t in use in “Medieval” times; he simply requested a sock in the nose the next time he came up with such a nutso idea. xD. So every time someone says fuck or cunt, it’s VERY anachronistic. Nobody expects anyone to talk about swiving on GoT. There are a few rough spots, but there are plenty of great scenes and moments throughout the season. It’s a level on which he and Arya really are philosophically akin. It’s humor for nine-year-olds who get a big thrill out of saying something “transgressive. . After all, we’ve seen more than enough examples of the Hound being a prick to regular people too, not just aristocrats.

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Lynn Falconer: My vision was always a very rich palette. For Alice, I looked at Anita Pallenberg and then I mixed young Twiggy and young Francoise Hardy for the Lina character — she was kind of the balance between the two of them. WWD: How did you get involved with the film? L. . I have sort of formed a film family around the director, whose name is Mike Flanagan. WWD: Can you describe your costuming approach for the period of the Sixties. Where does your process start, with sketches or research? L. . The thing that gives me the most joy in doing costume design is the research, and finding wonderful images. More than anything, I do really, really intense boards, and I share them with the director. WWD: Did you watch any of the thrillers from the Sixties for inspiration? L. . As far as horror, “Rosemary’s Baby” for sure, because I really love that school boy collar. Did you create anything original for the film? L. .


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The official said another attacker also blew up after being shot at by security forces. The official described himself as being with one of the country's intelligence agencies but declined to give his name. After storming into the airport grounds, gunmen took shelter in two sections of the airport, said senior police officer Ghulam Qadir Thebo. 'The blast you heard a little while ago was when our police party went to pick up a body (and) one of the attackers blew himself up,' Thebo said. Authorities seized four machine guns and a rocket launcher, Thebo said. He said the billowing smoke and flames was from oil that had caught fire. Dr. Seemi Jamali from Jinnah Hospital in Karachi said 18 bodies had been brought to the hospital from the fighting. She said 11 were Airport Security Force personnel, one was a member of the paramilitary Rangers, one was from the police, one was an employee of the Civil Aviation Authority and another was from the state-run Pakistan International Airlines. An army spokesman said all 10 of the gunmen who attacked Jinnah International Airport's old terminal had also been killed. A spokesman for the Civil Aviation Authority said the airport would be closed until at least Monday night. Karachi is Pakistan's largest city and has been the site of frequent militant attacks in the past. It is the country's economic heart and any militant activity targeting the airport likely would strike a heavy blow at foreign investment in the country. Cricketer turned politician Imran Khan tweeted this morning: 'Khi airport terrorist attack shocking. There was no immediate claim of responsibility for Sunday night's attack. Pakistan's government has been trying to negotiate a peace deal with local Taliban fighters and other militants mostly based in the northwest who have been waging war against the government. But the talks have had little success, raising fears of a backlash of attacks across the country. Security officials in Karachi had feared that if the talks broke down, their city would be a likely spot for any militant retribution. The Pakistani Taliban and their allies increasingly are gaining a foothold in Karachi.


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But the jury that convicted her was unable to reach a unanimous decision on whether she should be sentenced to life in prison or death. During the afternoon sessions, hea? been jamming receivers off the line and has tipped a few balls. That goes for your tungsten (think typical light bulbs) lights, sodium bulbs and others in your home. This means that flash images pop blue light onto your subjecta? face while orange light bathes the background. The cameraa? ISP tries to balance the two and fails miserably on both counts. David Smith, the Deputy Commissioner and Director of Data Protection, said in a statement in January. There are a few outliers also in the race, including former Fed vice chairmen Donald Kohn, Alan Blinder and Roger Ferguson. The case will go to the High Court and then Supreme Court. If they confirm the sentences, the final decision will lie with the president, who has the power to grant clemency. This can only happen if the healthcare worker has an injury causing them to bleed while treating a patient. It could only occur during some surgical or other procedures, not during any routine care. After Bosh signed a free agent contract with Miami in 2010, Bargnania? career seemed to be on the upswing. The Raptors made him the focal point of the offense and Bargnani responded by averaging a career-high 21. points with 5. rebounds.


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By that time the Soviet Union had conducted 10 nuclear tests. China had four nuclear tests by the time the DF2 medium-ranged ballistic missile was flight tested. Starting with Mk-1 Little Boy and Mk-3 Fat Man, all nuclear bombs are divided in two types. The first type bombs are the so-called Gun-type fission weapons, with Mk-1 being the “father” of the method. Their fissile material is assembled into a supercritical mass by the use of the “gun” method: shooting one piece of sub-critical material into another. The only fitting active material for this is uranium with a high percentage of U-235. The second type is implosion, with Mk-3 acting as prototype: a fissile mass of either material (U-235, Pu-239, or a combination) is surrounded by high explosives that compress the mass, resulting in criticality. Pu239, U233 and U235 may be used as the active material in this case. The former type is simpler to manufacture and therefore more easily available to less scientifically developed countries. The latter type requires less active material, but is considerably more difficult to build and requires advanced technologies. The implosive type devices are made of concentric hollow spheres. The first sphere is made out of the active material (with outer radius of 7 cm in case of U235,5 cm for Pu239 and internal radius of 5. 7 and 4. 5 respectively). The second 2 cm thick sphere is made out of beryllium that deflects the neutrons. The fourth sphere from 1 to 10 cm thick is a regular explosive. The model did not change much since the Fat Man, except for the obsolete explosive itself — Amatol that weighed 2,300 kg. Nowadays the warheads use PBX — 9501 (W-88), six to eight kg of which proves sufficient. IN 1959 US Atomic Energy Commision developed a universal mathematical model for nuclear and thermonuclear implosive device as a prime module.


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They added that the failure of NC-Congress to provide sensitive and responsive government to the public of the State resulted in their route in the last elections. They questioned the NC and Congress leaders’ role in the eruption of Pakistan sponsored terrorism and their policy of allowing free hand to separatist forces to create an explosive situation in the Valley, that turned out of control of the State Government led by their parties in 1990. After 1990, the situation in the Valley always remained tense and as a result, the unfortunate episode of 2008 and 2010 occurred. In 2008 it was Congress-PDP alliance government and Azad was heading the Government as Chief Minister, whereas in 2010, Congress was sharing power with National Conference with Omar as the Chief Minister. The Spokespersons said that policies of Congress party at the Centre and the NC in the state are responsible for the present state of affairs and added that blunders committed by Pt. Nehru and other Congress leaders are mainly responsible for promoting separatism in the Valley. The Spokespersons termed Azad’s statement that BJP should not have formed government in alliance with PDP and the present unrest in Valley is the outcome of this decision, as most ill-logical and undemocratic and it amounts to suggest that National parties should wash their hand off the Valley in the matter of contesting the elections. They said that in a democracy the mandate of the people should be respected whether it is a regional or national party, if the people trusted it in the elections, it is obliged to participate in the government formation to honour their trust. They further said Azad’s statement also amounts to admission of the failure of Congress party to bring the people of the Valley in the National mainstream. The reminded Azad and Farooq Abdullah that policy of Vajpayee led NDA government to bring peace and normalcy, both on the borders and in the Valley, is still being appreciated by Pakistan and other concerned people. PDP-BJP government performance in this crucial juncture has been far better than the previous government led by Omar Abdullah, who became too much nervous when abnormal floods created disastrous situation and failed to call even the cabinet meeting and gear up the administration to meet the challenge of adverse situation, even 15 days after the eruption of tragedy. NC-Congress alliance failed to meet even single promise that was made to the people of the state. The corruption was rampant and administration efficiency was at it lowest ebb during their rule. They added that the present alliance government continued its development activities and programmes for the welfare of the people, inspite of the disturbances and bandhs in the Valley. The people residing within 10 km of the border were asked to vacate their residences and government provided all types of help in getting their residential areas vacated and providing them suitable shelter including the bunkers. STATE BJP KISAN MORCHA CELEBRATED GOPASTAMI AT RAIPUR DOMANA Gopastmi puja started with chanting of vedic mantras at Raipur domana. tate bjp kisan morcha organised the program and people from all walk of life thronged the program to pay obeisance at this revered place. On this occasion state bjp kisan morcha general secretary sunil dutt sharma (Raka) started gau puja with chanting of vedic mantras by religious scholars followed by Hawan,Bhajan kirtan and purna ahoti at 12 noon. On this occasion kisan morcha Langar (Bandara)was organised from 1pm.


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Dick story. Nolfi will produce with Chris Moore, Michael Hackett and Bill Carraro. In different ways, each project challenged the current mode of fiscal conservatism at studios. That seems reasonable for a big-scale PG-13 Damon vehicle with a premise that mixes action, romance and science fiction. But Universal is essentially licensing the film for a term that will run about 20 years. Ownership of that negative will eventually revert back to MRC. Universal changed the terms from what MRC initially sought in several areas. MRC originally called for Nolfi to get final cut, which is rare for a first-time director. In the deal, U execs will have creative input in the film, though Nolfi has some editorial protections that he'll be able to make the film laid out in his 129-page script. The cable channel has placed a 20-episode order for the series, which stars Nicole Sullivan as a mom who also fronts a rock band. Stan Zimmerman, James Berg, Jeffrey Hodes and Nastaran Dibai exec produce the series. In addition to the series renewal, Lifetime named Jane Rice senior VP of affiliate sales. Rice was most recently VP of field sales for Disney and ESPN Media Networks. The half-hour laffer will air on Mondays at 9:30 p. . following “Dancing with the Stars,” starting April 6. ABC had previously announced that “Samantha Who,” which earned a solid following in that spot last year and this fall, is moving to Thursdays. “Suburbia” was originally set to air this March as part of Media Rights Capital’s Sunday night programming deal with the CW. But the show was left without a home after CW scrapped that relationship.