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Bones are bones, and they break, unless we’re talking about superheroes. It is snowing quite a bit there, however, and that would lead to a fairly significant drift against the wall. From the looks of it, the walls on the show are maybe 40 feet. Sad stuff seems to make us think acting is better than it is. I just don’t naturally think “wow, amazing acting” for Lena or NCW. I liked Cersei’s scene with Tommen when she was going to poison him in season 2. They don’t need sad material either to be super impressive. Sustaining a fracture on screen would however make their escape seem unrealistic so that’s probably why they’re glossing over it in the books. Cersei has her coiled energy back, Jamie seems poised for action, Sansa and Davos show intent. How would they be able to create such stunning statues but still be a nomadic peoples. They either stole them or they where given to them as gifts from other cities. Maybe a hint that at least one of them could become an ally. Seriously, compare season 1 photos to screenshots of the above video. In any case the Dothraki appear to be semi-nomadic like the Mongols who also had cities like Karakorum. People probably come and go from Vaes Dothrak but don’t necessarily settle there permanently (though some may do).

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So many men have tried to kill me, I don't remember all of their names. Do you know what kept me standing through all those years in exile? Faith. Not in any gods. Not in myths and legends. In myself. In Daenerys Targaryen. The world hadn't seen a dragon in centuries until my children were born. The Dothraki hadn't crossed the sea, any sea, until me. But then I realized (especially after watching this video) that she's been through hell, and this is Game of Thrones, not Disney where positive characters are supposed to be just perfect and without any rage. They think she is the anti thesis of Cersei and expect her to be all Disney-like. The moment she kills people in a WAR AWAY FROM A CITY, they call her the Mad Queen. Dany may not be my favorite character, but the hate she receives is unnecessary. Daenerys has a heart of gold, but is by no means perfect or without sin- none of the characters are. But that's what makes them 3-dimensional and complex and makes me love her so very, very, very, VERY, much.

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It would be difficult (but not impossible) to get a baby from Tower of Joy to Dragonstone without anyone finding out. To me, the most compelling argument against Dany as twin is her hair color. We've seen that Robert's dark hair is dominant in his bastards and presumably would have been had he actually had a baby with Cersei. Jon's hair is also dark like Lyanna's and not silver like Rhaegar while Dany's is blond-silver. Again not an ironclad point against Dany as twin, but makes it quite unlikely to me. Sort of like how supervillains seem incapable of not explaining their plan for world domination before executing the good guys. I mean, it would have to take 20 men several months minimum to build a single ship of any quality, right. If Yara gets anything less than a year's advantage in show time, the showrunners are cheating, I think. If she's smart (and she is), she might consider having Theon or someone loyal to her hang back on the Westerosi coast with a couple ships, stealthily double back in six months, and burn whatever Euron's achieved in the meantime. And we know that they look nothing alike in the show. However, I suppose it is theoretically possible that Jon took on the features of the mother while Dany took on the features of the father. Dany is also about 8 months younger than Jon, but I guess that does not really disprove the theory, as she could have been lied to regarding her actual birthdate. The logistics issue (getting a baby to Dragonstone) is a weakness in the theory, but also the fact that it would just not make sense to do so: if the point was to hide the identity of Rhaegar's child, why pretend she is another Targaryen. She would still be in just as much peril as the daughter of Aerys. All that said, Dany does seem to have much more of a connection to, and affinity for, Rhaegar than to Aerys, so maybe people eventually look back on those examples with hindsight as subtle hints.

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The scariest part is the robodog’s AI has been patched to open doors not only for itself but to hold open doors for his buddies. Sure, they can't blast you with tracking shrapnel (yet), but still, all they need is a dog that knows how to pick locks and nobody will be safe when they decide to take over and rip our faces off. The good news for Uber, according to Bloomberg, is that its business actually grew last year. According to Bloomberg, the growth in revenue is a good sign, as is the fact that the company is continuing to cut expenses. Uber also told Bloomberg that UberEats contributes to 10 percent of Uber’s revenue. The report also speculates that Uber will be taken public next year. Datos IO's semantic deduplication RecoverX technology has been applied to protecting big data file systems, such as Hadoop, cloud-native data sources and distributed NoSQL databases. It recently extended its technology cover to relational databases. Amongst its customers are three of the top Fortune 15 companies and the world’s largest home improvement retailer, understood to be Home Depot. Rubrik now adds this capability to its existing relational database and structured data backup capabilities, significantly broadening its data protection coverage area. We are excited to have Datos IO join the Rubrik family to accelerate innovation in how enterprises manage and recover this modern application stack. Tarun Thakur co-founded Datos IO and is its CEO. Rubrik and Datos IO share a common vision of cloud data management and are committed to helping customers on their digital transformation journey. In September last year Sinha said the distributed database area was a tiny part of the market. If it grew to an interesting and significant size, then Rubrik would extend its offering to cover it.