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Six months later, the remaining four embark upon a hiking trip in Sweden to honour his memory. When an injury leads to an unplanned shortcut through a forest, the group begins to experience some very unsettling phenomena which quickly escalates. The aforementioned creature design absolutely justifies the hype surrounding the film, particularly if you watch it alone in a dark room. Possibly the night before a camping trip, but you do you. Though I’m one of the few people on this planet who didn’t care much for Snowpiercer, Jun-ho is a filmmaker to whose work I am continually drawn. Horror film, creature feature, adventure, comedy — The Host gleefully rampages through cinematic conventions in its quest to entertain. The familial bickering was delightful, the monster suitably revolting. The lengthy run-time may not do the film any favours, but it’s an enjoyable journey overall. She has written about genre film for Bitchstolemyremote. om, Horrornews. et, Scriptophobic, Nightmare on Film Street, and the upcoming book 'Scared Sacred: Idolatry, Religion and Worship in the Horror Film' from House of Leaves Publishing. She is a freelance writer, zombie enthusiast, and Camp Arawak drop-out who balances a passion for maple syrup with a love for blood. Valeska spends her time critiquing slasher films, watching makeup tutorials, and living deliciously. We are a female-run, queer-positive horror entertainment and lifestyle site offering news, reviews, analyses, and humour with a feminist perspective.

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PICTURE ROUND II Identify one of the people or things pictured here. For the first picture, just name the guy on the right (and ignore spelling of fish's name). Bonus: What unusual distinction do these answers have in common ? -2 points. No penalty for a wrong guess. 8. ATHLETES' HOME COUNTRIES Name the country in which one of the following athletes was born. Lea Thompson, Chip Zien (1986) J. Samuel L. Jackson, Julianna Marguiles (2006) 2. Numbers: Name the writer of one of these books with a number in the title A. The Five People You Meet in Heaven F. Catch-22 G. The 39 Steps H.

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The Wikipedia gives perhaps the most sobering idea of what a bipedal frog the height of a small child might look like lumbering over a highway guardrail. For those unfamiliar with the basic outlines of the Loveland Frog mythos, it started in 1955, when a traveling salesman driving through southern Ohio saw three humanoid frogs gathered together under a bridge. When he disturbed them, one used a wand to spray sparks at the salesman and he fled. Twenty years later, two different policemen in the area claimed to see what had become known as the Loveland Frog late at night while driving. The first, Ray Shockey, caught the creature in his headlights and exchanged a lengthy stare with it before it crawled over the guardrail and back into the woods. The second, Mark Matthews, was startled by it and fired his gun at it until it retreated. He later claimed it had just been a large iguana and had not been aggressive, leaving open the question of why he tried to kill it. SeaWorld: Beluga Rescued Off Alaska Thrives At Theme Park Cache Translate Page Another sea creature in danger has found a happy ending thanks to SeaWorld. 2013 NBA Championship Game: Miami Heat will win because of San Antonio Spurs' egocentric eccentric Greg Popovich Cache Translate Page. You may never run into NBA Championship Game again. But when you are down to your last game this is what we have. After six previous games with results so different you can be sure the teams were not the same, and one scintillating game that will be fore Man Shot By Police During Traffic Stop; Deputies Say He Pointed Gun At Them Cache Translate Page Sheriff's deputies in Orlando shot a man who they say got out of his pickup truck during a traffic stop and pointed a gun at them. As a teenager, I was always hamming it up for the camera, jumping around in the background and making sure I was in every picture. I used to run around the house nude, being the exhibitionist.

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Marg seemed to think she had some kind of deal with the HS, regarding loras being forgiven but then he was made part of the faith militant. Which she wasn’t impressed with and even in the very end she was trying to get her brother to leave with her. And I didn’t catch the double meaning of the blond reference referring to Cercei and Brienne. Also looking forward to a meeting between Arya and Melisandre next year. The filming spoilers suggested Tyrions dead liver would make an appearance. And we should get a lip reader to tell us what Lyanna whispered. When Daeron I. invaded and conquered Dorne, he left in charge Lord Lyonel Tyrell who was murdered by Dornishmen shortly after that. It was mentioned in Histories and Lore, so it is canon in TV continuity. In the books, there is another event when prince Oberyn unintentionally crippled Mace’s eldest son Willas in a turney. illas’s leg was crushed and he had to walk with a cane after that. Does this mean he can name Sansa the Lady of Winterfell. The King and the Lord don’t have to be the same person, right. He’s going to be sowing some seeds of discontent with Sansa.

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It results in something both rowdy and sweet, as its young ensemble and their antics are just as engag- ing as the later extraterrestrial creep-out. “At times I’d just give the kids the camera, or on sometimes I’d give how to move it,” The them direction Eisener says. Factory has decided to skim off the cheesy byproduct not quite tasty enough for the deluxe treatment and send it to market regardless; a perfect case in point is the fwo-DVD Action-Packed 4 Movie Marathon. The set kicks off with Cyclone (1987), a representative of the age when futuristic, militarized conveyances could be regarded as stars in their own right (think Airwolf, Knight Rider, et al. . Teri (Heather Thomas’ an aerobicized gym rat whose inventor boyfriend (Jeffrey Combs) is murdered by arms dealers out to steal his heavily armed custom motorgo on the run to protect the valuable prototype. Next up on the same disc is 1 990's Alienator, in which rebel leader Kol (Ross Hagen) escapes execution on a prison planet and crashes down into Earth's wilderness. Rescued by four campers, Kol is pursued by an is cycle, forcing Teri to killer (bodybuild- ing champ Teagan Clive), who was deployed by Kol's prison warden (a mumbling, oily Jan-Michael Vincent) and equipped with both a laser-cannon right arm and the physical dimensions of a Zamboni. Both of these films are the product of prolific E grate into family bare-bones at least flick, sci-fi humorous, phrased with the extraterrestrial the life, dopey Cyclone is partiers within undecided as to twaddle, done argue 1 moments ACTION-PACKED it's teem ot woman ondmotiiaw. of motorcycle action occur, ers (although a glorious when five sions, car flips sliv- the climax does arrive, minutes of lasers, explo- and catfights). And don't be enticed by Cyclone's enlistment of several genre heroes in support (Combs, Hammer's Martine Beswick and Oscar winner Martin Landau, among others); through rudimentary plotting and blunt dialogue, the tremendous cast is, excuse home town and trying to re-inte- in case the audience is still how despicable they are. Finally, hopes for this set will surely crest as the logo for legendary crap purveyors Cannon Films clicks into place to kick off Exterminator 2 (1984). Unassuming Bill Maher lookalike Robert Ginty returns as New York's very own flamethrower vigilante, this time locked in battle with X (Mario Van Peebles) and his gang of marauders who roam NYC parks and subway tunnels with impunity. Unlike the first Exterminator, which plays like a grumpier, greasier Death Wish, this installment is more than a bit silly, as our jowly nero takes on a rather harmless crew of rollerskating, nunchuck-twirling, pop-locking imbeciles (who nonetheless manage to shoot down a police helicopter with a flare gun).