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Ganacus It's strange that school kids have no problem handling a mobile phone. Apple and other big corporations and researchers in technologies or medicine are not that stupid. Of course she can't resist to insert women are better than men in this and that. Women, for once right something positive about men's contributions that make your life easier otherwise you'd still be living in caves. Mr Deplorable I may be able to hold my phone in one hand but with my big chunky male hands I'm forever having to correct myself because my finger touched two letters, I can't sit on a bus or an airplane in comfort because my knees are jammed into the seat in front, I've cracked my head on ceilings and light fittings more times than I care to remember, work surfaces are too low so I get lower back pains from stooping when I'm in the kitchen, shops are too hot and its always my round in the pub. Coops So if we make all phones smaller then surely they will be too small for men to use. If we design cars for short women will that mean men and tall women would be more likely to be injured. Yet if a phone company or car manufacturers bring out gender specific products it's called mis-gendering. Perhaps if women want to change it, they should go into the STEM subjects. Lol! RomanBlue Pathetic women Sean Feminists won't be happy until everyone is completely miserable. Galaxy Supernova If a phone is too large to fit in your palm then buy a smaller one SteveW Schoolbooks - much of recorded history is of men risking their jobs, homes, even their lives, so it is hardly surprising that men outnumber women in schoolbooks. If they were all smaller, men would struggle with their larger fingers. Cars - if women are small, they have to sit closer, that is simple fact! Pianos - people with smaller hands can make some adjustments, people with larger ones can't cram them into a narrower space or should everywhere have two sizes of piano to accommodate all? Workplace dangers - men are far more likely to be injured or killed at work. Office temperatures - people who are cold can always put on more layers, those that are hot just suffer or work below their best. Giving women the vote and being allowed into politics. And if we are.

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Yara is a bit more masculine in the classical sense (we’ve also seen that she hits from both sides of the plate), but Dany has proven herself quite forceful in a world where women are mostly either trophy wives or whores. I don’t actually believe Yara gives a damn about leaving the world “better than she found it”, but maybe Dany will rub off on her. It looked spectacular but felt minor the more I think about it relative to the larger story. Because of this, I’d expect some serious tragedy in the finale next week. Gorgeously animated but the story just took HUGE leaps and the supporting characters weren’t charming or funny. It had its emotional moments but the whole middle third of the movie was bad. However, Piper, the short before the feature, is possibly my favorite thing Pixar has ever done. The hour wasted no time in debunking common fan theories that arose during the week and putting a stop to a few momentous storylines. Book-readers know this was never the likely case, as the Waif is a character with her own tragic backstory in print that the show never got into due to time constraints. Now we all know that the two are very much different due to a spectacular chase through the slums of Braavos. I thought director Mark Mylod (a GOT veteran) and DoP P. . Dillon did a great job with that sequence. I’d point out the birds-eye shot of a bloodied Arya rolling down the steps, knocking over baskets of fruit and the image of Arya running with the Waif on the level above her making some miraculous Ethan Hunt-esque leap to continue pursuit. This was a very intense sequence despite the fact that it was never going to end with anything other than a face-off. This subplot came to a conclusion the second Arya grabbed Needle and cut out the lights. When she confronts Jaqen and says she is not, in fact, no one, but rather still a vengeful Arya Stark, she consciously elects not to stick him with Needle. This is important. Jaqen and the Faceless Men will be back.


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Like R494 wrote, the Lannisters have been ruthless and ignoble, especially in arranging The Red Wedding. How else are you supposed to deal with people like that. And Tyrion has to know Cersei is not going to follow through on her promise to help fight the Night King. I've seen the criticism of the Dragon Pit, but now that Dany has seen The Army of the Dead and the Night King, not to mention losing one of her dragons to them, she's re-prioritized. Brokering a temporary peace with Cersei made sense to at least try. But I think to use Lady Olenna's words, she should have been a dragon about it. She should have said look bitch, I won't roast you alive right now if you agree to a peace. I still love the show, but it was very plot-driven this season to the detriment of logic and characters. I think without the source material, the showrunners have had their limitations exposed. The only thing I would have regretted was losing Jaime. But he would have never supported Dany if she had killed Cersei. nd his unborn child. Jaime had to see Cersei in all her treachery, and walk away. Now he may be ready to bend the knee to Dany. Damn. Dany has all the hot guys. Jorah, Jon, Jaime. Some of those Dothraki guys look pretty hot too. I never did get why Dany hasn't burned Euron's fleet to kingdom Come yet.


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