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For my fifth attempt, it did only take me a day and a half to read, but to be honest I just felt relieved I could finally put this back on the shelf and call it a day. It's set in the 1960s and is about three teenagers who are in love with cinema, so I expected it to be pretentious. But I just couldn't get to grips with how melodramatic and bizarre it was. The story itself I love, and I still consider the film to be one of my favourites, but maybe I just don't click with Adair's writing style on paper. I just found myself getting bored with some passages, a lot of it felt flat. There were some scenes that didn't feature in the film which I found to be problematic. The fact that Theo essentially rapes Matthew and it's just. fun thing that happened. One of the first things Theo and Isabelle do to Matthew to sort of 'initiate' him into their little bubble is jump on him and undress him, to coerce him to sleep with Isabelle. Very uncomfortable. Also why at one point is Matthew covered in his (or their's, who knows) shit. I think this is one of the rare cases where the film is, in fact, better than the book unfortunately.

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Saat kita nonton horor, kita gak ingin cepat-cepat teriak “aaaaaaaaaaahhh! . Kita ingin ada build up menuju adegan menyeramkan, membangun teriak ketakutan layaknya fore play. Dan jumpscare berujung ke premature orgasm, hanya akan membuat kita terlepas dari kengerian yang udah kebangun. Untuk kasus film ini, jumpscare nya malah sama dengan fake orgasm. Setiap kali ada setan muncul, penonton di studio ketawa sambil teriak ketakutan, lebih tepatnya ditakut-takutin. Kita cenderung ingin menyandarkan insecurity kepada sesuatu yang lebih gede dari kita, yang bisa kita percaya. Orangtua yang beriman akan meneruskan cari perlindungan ke Tuhan. Dan tak sedikit yang terjerumus kepada hal-hal ghoib. Ini menjadi polemik, sebab sekte menurut satu orang adalah agama bagi orang lain. Dia harus memegang kendali membawa keluarganya ke jalan yang benar. Dalam film ini, not even Ustadz dapat mengalahkan kekuatan setan.


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You wake up in the morning but it feels like the evening. To leave the house your mental checklist extends to like 20 things you need. Plus you fear the kid crying and disrupting the restaurant, grocery store, whatever it was. If you are going to the grocery store are you going to bring that stroller. Things get complicated and the easiest course is often to not make that trip. When you do find a few minutes you are going to slump semi-defeated into your couch with a glass of wine and some bullshit Netflix superhero show. You are not gonna write that fucking blog post about Trump or cool smart lights. They barely open their eyes, they are preternaturally wrinkly, and they are probably resentful of being out in the world which must seem cold and hostile to them. They have a bundle of reflexes but very little in the way of human reactions and expressions. You might see a smile that represents something other than the passing of gas. You might start to hear coos and goos that sound like the child trying to say something. Plus their sleep clumps into longer stretches at night and more predictable naps during the day.


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In the image of Richard Baker, with his grey hair, cane and Trafalgar medal, we see that sensibility brought back to life. Isolated in the unfeeling city, Melville looked back to his lost past in his poem “John Marr”. And as his white whale resurfaced as an allegory for a nuclear age, so his Handsome Sailor became the embodiment of the alien, the beautiful and the wronged. His innocent body was hymned by E M Forster and Eric Crozier in their libretto for Britten’s Cold War opera in 1951. Through all these incarnations, the Handsome Sailor persists: from black star and hanged man to alien and avatar. His ship, HMS Leviathan, had long since been consigned to the mud of Portsmouth Harbour as a prison hulk for convicts about to be transported to Van Diemen’s Land, as Tasmania was then known. With his medal pinned proudly to his chest, he looks out of his past into our future, quietly aware of his power. Why pick from the glut of American teen romances, stories about running away to join the circus, or books by the ubiquitous David Walliams when you could enjoy something with more flavour. Nikki Dyson’s Flip Flap Dogs (Nosy Crow, ? . 9) is beautifully original, taking the idea of mix and match to describe crosses in dog breeding and temperament that would appal Crufts. It’s perfect comedy for reading aloud to children of three-plus, and an instant classic.


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