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In: Eighth European Conference on Speech Communication and Technology (2003) 5. Figueiredo, R. Brisson, A. Aylett, R. Paiva, A. Emergent stories facilitated. Paradeda, R. . Martinho, C. Paiva, A. Persuasion based on personality traits: using a social robot as storyteller. Plaisant, C. et al. A storytelling robot for pediatric rehabilitation. Recently, the need for scenarios is increasing due to the increasing number of large-scale games, and the development of an automatic plot generation framework is needed to reduce a scenario writer’s workload. In previous studies, the main focus was to output the complete scenario from scratch.

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In 2017, although marijuana was legalized in California, you continue to want a medical marijuana recommendation from a licensed Doctor earlier than you’ll be able to legally purchase cannabis or marijuana. By having the physician’s marijuana suggestion with you and a valid CA resident ID, you’ll be in full compliance of Prop. However not to worry, getting your medical cannabis card online can be a simple, comfy process with NuggMD, and it’s one hundred pc authorized thanks to California’s telehealth laws. After that in case the physician has accredited you for a use of medical hashish, you will a digital version of your recommendation letter, and unique model signed by doctor will likely be mailed to you. Powers says the PrestoDoctor service aspires to expand throughout the West Coast and into extra medical-friendly states, as it grows and laws round weed and the Internet turn out to be much less murky. A temporary copy of the recommendation was emailed minutes later; the cardboard arrives in the mail three to five days later. The chance to consume this drugs legally is worth it. For the most half, the net rec services listed here will not be of a lot help for those who intend to live and medicate exterior of California. Mmj Doctor is one such clinics where you may get your medical marijuana card online. Sadly, when you get your medical marijuana paperwork outside of the state of California, neither your advice nor your card shall be legitimate at local dispensaries and you will have to be issued a suggestion particularly from the state. You want a physician’s recommendation in an effort to legally buy medical marijuana in any form in the State of California. I went to my physician’s workplace to search out out if Marijuana might assist my Migraine and maybe get some. Obtain and make the most of either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to obtain 420 evaluations on-line. Once you’ve got requested a medical marijuana software, the subsequent step is to finish all pages within the software. You are additionally in a position to possess whatever amount of marijuana is critical for personal medical use,” though it ought to be noted that specific laws can fluctuate relying on which California county or city you’re in, and the final guidelines state that sufferers can possess as much as 8 ounces and 6 mature (or 12 immature) marijuana vegetation. It is advisable not prescribed as a result of mmj docs aren’t legally allowed to prescribe” medical cannabis as long as it’s unlawful underneath federal law.

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This Royce guy is a seeming idiot - right at the scene where Littlefinger gave the idiot kid the falcon, Royce could've just chopped off Littlefinger's head and took over the WHOLE SHEBANG. Pred 2 lety Josh S The Lannisters are no longer allied to The Boltons. Cersei told Littlefinger that he can have The North if he takes Winterfell and gets Sansa back to Kings Landing. Pred 2 lety Fedaykin24 Jaime Lannister at least in the show is a great Warrior, one of the best in the Seven Kingdoms by all accounts until he had his sword hand lopped off but he isn't a good soldier. The last time he commanded an army he lost and got captured by a smaller force led by a tactically astute commander. Jaime spent most of his adult life in the Kingsguard as a glorified bodyguard, whilst he would of as a highborn son of a great house been trained in the tactics and details of warfare he clearly was more interested in the role of a Knight and the fun of the tilting green. He has never been seasoned as a real soldier so whilst he was rightly able to identify the flaws in the Freys siege of Riverrun he hasn't got the experience to back it up. The Blackfish on the other hand is a seasoned soldier and commander having spent his entire life out campaigning in various wars. Even with his tiny force defending Riverrun (probably no more than 100) he is right to observe that he can last out a long siege and he is facing a commander who hasn't fully appreciated that hence not being impressed. The catch is with all of this is Brienne and her request to support Sansa, my impression of Blackfish is he hasn't got any hope beyond dying fighting taking as much Lanisters and Freys as he can with him. Presented with the opportunity to support Sansa and the Starks I wonder if he might decide to go support them and abandon the castle. Pred 2 lety Josh S Jaime had the smaller force when he fought Robb in Whispering Wood. Jaime split his forces to besiege Riverrun and left most of the army there, while he went out with 2000 men to secure the supply lines and ended up running into an ambush. Pred 2 lety Kim Randolph That's the thing about GRRM's characters: everyone is both good and bad. Maybe more reflective of the real world than most stories. Pred 2 lety protapirus Jorah Mormont is Jeor's son, not his cousin.

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Some strive for scientific accuracy, while others play fast and loose with the laws of physics. All of them, we'd argue, are underappreciated, and well worth tracking down. It's a really well-made film, though directed by John Sturgess, who brought us such classics as The Magnificent Seven and The Great Escape. Sturgess and his filmmakers worked hard to make Marooned look believable - audiences had, after all, been watching the real space race unfold with keen interest - and the result is an unusually rigorous and handsome-looking sci-fi survival film, which predates films like Apollo 13 and Gravity by several years. It's like a fantasy retelling of The Right Stuff, in that it's about a fictional country trying to get its first man into space; its setting looks like a deliciously exotic version of our own. Exquisitely detailed and told with a real sense of wonder and adventure, Wings Of Honneamise is one of the most unusual and beautifully-made animated films to emerge from 80s Japan. In it, an international group of explorers - among them Sharlto Copley and Michael Nyqvist - set off for Jupiter's moon, Europa, in search of extra-terrestrial life. Supposedly cobbled together from footage sent back from the mission, Europa Report has the tone of a hard SF novel; despite some decidedly uneven special effects, Cordero manages to create a realistic atmosphere. It also depicts the motivation that drives us to strike out into the unknown - for the astronauts in Europa Report, the thirst for knowledge far outweighs the fear of death. A cameo from Neil Degrasse-Tyson further adds to Europa Report' s geek credentials. The story behind this 50s sci-fi curiosity is a bit of a sad one. It began life in Russia with the title Nebo Zovyot, which translates to the less lurid-sounding The Sky Calls. Directed by Mikhail Karyukov and Aleksandr Kozyr, it was a serious, speculative piece about the Soviets' first mission to Mars and their race to get to the red planet before the Americans. This heavily edited version, now with the B-movie title Battle Beyond The Sun, was released in the US in 1962, three years after the unexpurgated version appeared in Russian cinemas. What's unfortunate about all this is that, while Battle Beyond The Sun is fairly easy to get hold of on DVD, Nebo Zovyot doesn't appear to be available. The video above, entirely free from wobbly Coppola monsters, gives a better idea of the original film's tone.

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