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She sang bluntly about sex on her own terms, demanding satisfaction with feral yowls and rasps, her voice slicing across the grooves that she wrote and honed as her own bandleader and producer. Her stage clothes were shiny, skimpy, futuristic fantasies; her Afro was formidable. But mainstream radio didn’t embrace her, and Island rejected her follow-up recordings. Not long afterward, she completely dropped out of public view for decades. The film includes glimpses of virtually the only known concert footage of Ms. Davis in her lascivious, head-turning prime, performing at a 1976 French rock festival. The present-day Ms. Davis is shown mostly from behind and heard in voice-over, though there is one poignant close-up of her face. After years of entreaties from and conversations with its director, Phil Cox, and producer, Damon Smith, she agreed to cooperate on “Betty: They Say I’m Different” because, she said, “I figured it would be better to have them cover me when I was alive than when I was dead. . To me, that is just as interesting as that woman she was in the 1970s. It’s the antithesis of the age we live in, where everybody wants to be on social media all the time. .

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? Lithgow Finds Another Furry Friend: John Lithgow just can’t seem to get away from furry animals in his more fantasy themed films. It’s been an eternity (1987) since Lithgow befriended an amiable Sasquatch in Harry and the Hendersons (he had a little more hair back then too). Here, Lithgow gloms onto Ceasar who becomes a therapeutic presence in the life of his character, an Alzheimer’s sufferer. Lithgow’s performance is finely tuned and subtly executed—his swings of lucidity aren’t nearly as dramatic as many other Alzheimer’s portrayals in film, which is refreshing to see. Lithgow’s greatest contribution to the plot is his sometimes quirky, sometimes profound advice to his screen son, Franco. As a foil and voice of reason, Lithgow’s interactions with Franco help to ground a movie rife with fantastic notions. Lithgow provides a major assist to Franco, whose often uninspiring performance needed plenty of support. ? Solid Support: Brian Cox walks a fine line between dictatorial overseer at an animal control center and outright villain. We dislike him because he’s deceptive and, ironically due to his choice of professions, because he doesn’t seem to care one whit about animals. But, at the end of the day, Cox’s character just does his job and goes home—presumably to avoid the wholesale destruction of the last half hour of the movie. Cox is certainly an antagonist in the film, but he fails to measure up to bona fide villain status.


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Pemkab Paluta Sebar500 Unit Tong Sampah Katanya, penyebaran 500 unittong sampah ini akan terusdiupayakan dan menyebar keseluruh daerah di Paluta, khusus-nya daerah perkantoran, pasar,pemukiman dan tempat umumlainnya, sehingga denganlingkungan bersih, masyarakatbisa merasakan hidup bersih,aman dan nyaman. Terkait penanganan sampah,Makmur Harahap berharap du-kungan dari masyarakat. Bersa-maan dengan pemberian bantu-an tong sampah itu, pihaknya berharap kepada masyarakat agarbersedia membayar retribusisampah setiap bulan, retribusitersebut bertujuan untukmenunjang kinerja dinaskebersihan setiap hari. Halimah Lubis, salah seorangibu rumah tangga di PerumahanToridho Indah, Paranginan Kec. adangbolak menyampaikanucapan terimakasih kepada pe-merintah yang telah menunjuk-kan perhatiannya mengenaipenanganan sampah khususnyadi pemukiman. (a35) Bupati Ingatkan Pimpinan SKPDJangan Ubah Lokasi Proyek semakin meluas sehingga mengancam ketahananpangan. Irigasi dibangun, tetapi lahannya sudahberalih fungsi dengan kacang kacangan. KepadaKadis Pertanian, ditegaskan agar tetap memper-tahankan lahan persawahan. Dikatakan, untuk kebutuhan konsumsi telur,ayam buras dan ikan basah seperti ikan mas,masih di datangkan dari luar daerah. ntukmemenuhi target konsumsi daging dan telur agardilakukan upaya seperti penyediaan bibit ayamdan ikan. Bupati mengharapkan agar semuapimpinan SKPD meningkatkan kinerja danmempersiapkan laporan dalam R-APBD 2015yang direncanakan selesai sebelum Desember2014. (a20) Penderita HydrocephalusDirujuk Ke RS Haji memfasilitasi berupa angkutan ambulance,pendamping, maupun bantuan dana kepada ayahAnggiat yaitu Hendra Tanjung, 30. Saat ditanya kepada staf Ba-gian Kesmas yang persis berhada-pan dengan ruangan Humas jugamengaku heran dengan masihterkuncinya ruangan Humas itu.


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Finally, after a horrific night. he sun appeared and he removed his blindfold. It was then that he saw his father. itting on the stump next to him. t watch. he entire night. Even when we do not know it, our family and friends are watching out for us. itting on a stump beside us. He stated that he was in a hurry and that he had an appointment at 9:00 am. I took his vital signs, and had him take a seat, knowing it would be over an hour before someone would be able to see him. I saw him looking at his watch and decided, since I was not busy with another patient, I would evaluate his wound. While taking care of him, we began to engage in conversation. I asked him if he had a doctor's appointment this morning, as he was in such a hurry.


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Walker said he just listened to the man, who was wearing a Trump shirt, and continued to wait for his food. I felt that was reasonable, most people ask for that, so I showed him my ID it checked out. Walker said he started recording when the manager asked whether his dog was a service dog. In the video, Walker appeared to hold an I. D. and asked the manager whether he’s checked it. In the video, things continue to escalate and the manager takes the meal from Walker. Walker’s attorney, Kim Cole, told CBS 11 that an attorney for Brinker International, Chili's parent company, apologized on behalf of the company. She said the two sides plan to meet to discuss the incident. USA TODAY has reached out to Brinker International for comment. The remarks by Naftali Bennett on Monday reflect sentiment in the nationalist Israeli right wing that Trump's presidency could usher in a new era of relations with the U. S. While the two countries are close allies, relations were sometimes tense between President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu because of their vastly different world views.


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LEHMAN: At one point, Dick Zanuck and I flew to New York to confer with Dick’s father, Darryl F. Zanuck, who was the president of 20th Century Fox but who was living in his suite at the St. Then he goes into the house, starts humming, then finally joins in the children’s singing, as they all rush around him and hug each other. He made a deal with Dick Zanuck, and he moved himself and his brother—as his associate producer—into a separate building on the 20th Century lot. Willie was well known in the business for being a guy who played all the different studios against each other, making each of them think he was going to do their picture, while he was really trying to make up his indecisive mind. So I quickly got suspicious that he was using us, until he could find something he was more excited about. Now, Willie was hard of hearing—he was deaf in one ear—and one day Marty Ransohoff from MGM called him up, and Willie asked me to take the call and serve as a go-between, which I did. At the time, Ransohoff was producing a picture called The Americanization of Emily, and I suddenly found myself helping Willie dicker around with some other studio while he was supposed to be producing and directing The Sound of Music. So I had my doubts, and I told Dick Zanuck, and he told me to keep an eye on things. He also suggested that I write the first draft as fast as I could, so we could try and smoke out Willie’s intentions. So I did a very quick draft of The Sound of Music and turned it in to Willie, and then, one day, he stopped by my office. Now, you have to remember that Willie Wyler was a great director, and great directors don’t go to their writers’ offices; it’s the other way THE SOUND OF MUSIC (1965) 115 around. Also, Willie was very well known for being extremely hard on writers and their screenplays—and actors as well.


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It also drank lightly and had a wheat malt background that worked well with the 50-50 mix of pine and grapefruit hop characteristics. More: Beer Man: Ommegang is on target with new saison The can label made mention of tropical fruit aromas (it uses Azacca, Amarillo and Centennial hops), but I was hard put to find such a presence. Like the saison, it had light sweet malt notes in the background, but with a bitter kick that ended in a dry finish. It was a pleasant-looking beer with some slight haze and creamy white head. Overall, a decent IPA more in line with what is considered a session IPA — not too crazy with the pine or bitterness. Bayside is a fairly new brewery — about 3 years old — and takes its name from famous former resident Benjamin Franklin. It is distributed in Pennsylvania and South Jersey. Check the brewer's website, which often contains information on product availability by mail. Instead of doing a straightforward review of just the XLE, let's take a look at what some of the key differences are between two trims on a car that was bought 360,483 times in 2016. In fact, the Toyota Corolla was the No. 6 ranked best-selling vehicle in the United States in 2016. With 360,483 sold, Corolla sales actually dipped 0. percent from 2015 to 2016.