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Advocates for medical marijuana in Texas are organizing and optimistic about their chances for success in the 2019 legislative session in Austin. The opponents of legalization will be held accountable in this election as an unprecedented array of individuals, organizations, and news media are poised to help us. Last but not least, the industry itself has achieved a greater degree of sophistication and effectiveness. They are making the case for legalization with their business models, how they treat their customers and their employees, and their lobbying efforts in Washington, DC and state capitals. If Republican leadership would allow our legislation to be fully and fairly debated in the House and Senate, it will happen even sooner. The winner of the next presidential election will be a candidate who embraces our cause to finish the job of ending the failed federal prohibition of marijuana. We need to help with the development of tests that show impairment and better drug testing that recognizes the legitimate use of CBD and medical marijuana. We need new procedures and medicines for Medicare, Medicaid, and the VA to provide better health care at lower costs. There’s no reason we cannot see spectacular results if we all do our job in the next 18 months. One Columbia for Arts and History and Indie Grits have announced the completion of a new mural titled “Grow Together” along Monticello Road in North Columbia in conjunction with the 12th Annual Indie Grits Festival. This year, many activities are taking place in the Eau Claire and North Columbia area around Hyatt Park. The pattern chosen for the Hyatt Park wall depicts a growing vine rich in color and hopefulness. The mural literally appears to grow out of the Hyatt Park community garden below. It also features a giant Echinacea flower, which actually blooms in the garden.

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They both agree that they need more training and promise to protect each other by fighting side by side. Kite tells Gon to go after Ging and should she need his help she'll contact him and Killua. Killua tells Gon that Alluka is the one who healed him. Killua then tells Gon that he plans on traveling the world with Alluka and that he's resolved to spend the rest of his life protecting her no matter what. Gon and Killua say their goodbyes while promising to stay in touch and always be friends. They talk about how Ging first started out as a Hunter and what he's looking for and why he is how he is. Inferring that Gon is now normal, Mito then takes out stacks of books and papers, telling Gon that he needs to complete four semesters' worth of schoolwork that he missed while he was gone adventuring as a Hunter to get a learning certificate from the schooling and welfare office. Furthermore, he also has to write 10,000 words of activities report of what he has done until now and 30 pages of the career record. Both the fishing rod and the wire are very durable, as they were used to lift and throw a 1-ton flagstone and did not snap. The float is heavy enough to leave a visible bruise on Hisoka's face when he was hit with it. The fishing rod is rather plain, being composed only of a handle and a rod, lacking any reel or guides. There are slight differences in its depiction in each media: in the manga, it is light brown in color, with white bandages wrapped around the handle; in the 1999 anime, the bandages are red-brown. The material it is made out of is unknown, but was shown to be very durable and flexible. In the in the 2011 anime, the fishing rod is made out of metal and is silver, with dark gray bandages.


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In the end, not without its chilling charms, whatever message Mom and Dad is trying to say, it gets overshadowed and lost against its style and silly theatrics. Please check out each of these individual films using the links provided as we highlight 7 of the most anticipated films coming up from the region in the following 12 months. Also a film for music fans the short is set in the world of the underground music scene and features brand new songs by Janet Devlin herself. As a group of experienced, passionate, award-winning and slightly eccentric filmmakers based in the East Midlands, Songbird will be coming next year with high expectations from filmmakers who have consistently delivered. In a unique twist on the genre, the story has moved its fantasy world to modern day Britain where it will follow a resilient Elf who finds out the Ring has returned and sets out to re-claim its ownership. With the film planned to be released in early 2018, Abdulrahman hopes his exciting new project can bring the tales of Tolkien back to their roots in the West Midlands. Their forthcoming set of zombie shorts follow a group of survivors who become involved in a deadly game of betrayal in an attempt to stop a maniacal group bent on turning what's left of humanity into mindless mutations. With their first film Patient Zero: Dead at the Gates premiering in Autumn 2017, the crew are now deep into production on the follow up titled “Semper Protegens”. Follow their updates and future crowd-funding campaigns at. The Birmingham filmmakers feel the UK deserves its own superheroes as they launch a new project to create a series of films featuring a unique range of characters. With a new selection of local superheroes in their own shared universe, they are starting this ambitious project with their film Mystic Highway, where they will be creating the first characters in this exciting new world. With filming recently concluded, Grant is not only writer director and producer on the film but will be playing the lead role of Connor as well. With a passion to give local actors more opportunities, the film will show just how bad it can be when friends are mixed up in drugs. The shooting of Brumville began in March 2017 after self-funding and crowd-funding campaigns and you can keep informed of their progress and release plans at.


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Not content with only one platform, we’re committed to montages from Vine, Vine 2 (V2), Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and Musically. Sit back and enjoy a veritable fail army: kids fails, animal fails, old people fails, school fails, water fails, prank fails and pranks gone wrong, and more. Not convinced? Check out some of our greatest hits below! TRY NOT to LAUGH or GRIN: Funny Thomas Sanders Vines Compilation 2017. Our channel features content from: America’s Funniest Home Videos, Storyful, Launch Pad Entertainment (LPE), VVUK, People Doing Things, All Def and more! The official YouTube channel of Atlantic Records artist Charli XCX. Subscribe for the latest music videos, performances, and more. Tracks and albums from the makers of League of Legends. Click on 'CC' button or activate 'Interactive Transcript' function. ). NU'EST stands for 'NU(New), Establish, Style, Tempo', signifying how they are creating a new style to the music. Composed of members JR, Aron, Baekho, Minhyun, and Ren, NU'EST is at the center of attention for their outstanding musical skills as well as perfect visuals, seeking to take over the K-pop scene with their unique color, style, and music. The song delivers the style and power of NU'EST with powerful rhythms and refined and lively synthesizer and bass sounds.


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In short, yes, but not in the way you might expect. This episode, and all others that follow, contain spoilers. How Anne Rice's 1976 novel, told from the perspective of the monster, changed vampire storytelling- and lives. This episode, and all others that follow, contains spoilers. In this episode, we discuss some of the well-known cases, as well as the theories proposed throughout history about how these deaths may have occurred. Hallie and Dr. Dittmar discuss the connection between the rise of human anatomical studies and the gruesome rise of corpse theft that came with it. Our guest this month is grad student Leah, you can find her radio show Delightfully Depressing here, and her music project Skydivers here. I apologize for the lack of consistent updates, life has not been the kindest these last few months, but I hope to keep fillining in any gap weeks with some classic episodes. We will also be reviewing the new album from ritual veil, giveing our sinister suggestions and more. You can subscribe to the show via our podcast app or iTunes. You can find him on YouTube as Sweeny Deville and you can find his band The Killbrides on bandcamp. Introduction The State of Britain's Goth Scene 6:34 News: 22:01 The Commercialization of Goth Album Review: 1:24:25 Wolf in the Night - Ritual Veil Sinister Suggestion: 1:34:32 Gothic: Dark Glamour 90's Goth 1:36:53. We should be back to our regular episodes next week.


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Fighting in a battle is not really something new (episode 9) I feel like we need more. Oddly, since I detest the II, I’m also looking forward to seeing Theon and Yara’s storyline. It’s impossible to choose what I am most anticipating between Northern recruitment, the fallout in KL, and all the potential characters in close proximity at Riverrun, even wrapping up Bravos. After we have not seen the Blackfish for so long and him being downright defiant to the crown in the trailer, McShane. What will I do with my life when this show is over. Especially, after large parts of last episode were somehow badly timed in my opinion (Benjen reveal wasn’t as surprising and dramatic as I hoped; Arya runs away just to hide and switch off the light; I’m waiting for Sam to be “our” Sam and once it happens he just walks into the unprotected dining area and steals. He didn’t have much in Oathbreaker aside from waking up and dealing with the mutineers, and then 6. 4 and 6. 5 gave Sansa many more lines and all the character development. Jon faded into the background as a supporting character in Sansa’s quest for Winterfell. This is supposed to be Jon’s season, Jon’s fight with Ramsay, Jon’s time to lead an army. If they don’t make up for all of this in the last 4 episodes I’ll be disappointed. They need to truly show us his growth and how he has changed post-resurrection. Him complaining in 6.


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e may have been practicing illegally as a doctor overseas and shit hit the fan. Could be trying to show you who was in the home, haha. Sandy Kelsey 5 bulan yang lalu did anything bad happen at this place. r maybe it was the land where it sits many years ago. I wonder if the realtors can give any information on the place. Sandy Kelsey 5 bulan yang lalu why are their some spirits say they like you and dont mind you there and while you are still on the spirit box, they might tell you to get out, they dont want you there. I could deal with any spirits or whatever the case may be. I would tell them to scoot it on over I aint leaving. a. wonder why a person would just walk away from this place. Ithink if a big family moved in and noises going a lot of the time. I sure hope someone will move into it and not let it sit there and start falling apart. Idk about you patty but I feel like these spirits are nice, and the camera was trying to focus on something either on the first floor in a room or in a hallway of the first floor idk if you noticed that but I noticed it a few seconds after it happened. Mitch Chardenay 5 bulan yang lalu 7.


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Ramsay Bolton kills his father, mother-in-law, and his newborn baby brother showing, yet again, that this is one of the most brutal shows on TV. Nobody knows yet that he’s the assassin, and he’ll have to face Yara Greyjoy and others in the “kingsmoot” election. Theon is on his way back to the Iron Islands, as he decides to leave Sansa’s side now that she’s in good hands. It’s great to see Jaqen H’ghar return and save her from the streets. Bran and the Three-Eyed Raven have what appears to be one of the many visions that will tell us who Snow’s parents are, and explain why he’s so important to the story. And yes, we’ll find out why Hodor stopped speaking. In the meantime, the wildlings have arrived to help Snow’s loyal friends out of their predicament. Without them, reviving Snow would have been a more difficult task for his loyal friends. Check out the first trailer for next week’s episode right here. But those who understand the complex universe of Game of Thrones, know that this episode was nothing short of a game changer. While in the first five episodes, we saw several story arcs culminating to their end like revival of Jon, Daenarys taking command of Dothraki, Sansa reaching the wall, death of the previous Three-Eyed Raven etc, in this episode several new storylines were set up, and most of them completely change the current scenarios in Westeros and beyond. Yes, Euron Greyjoy it is, the newly crowned king of The Iron Islands. It’s demand and supply, the basic law of economics, and hence Euron will supply those ships to Dany. But there are some questions that will decide how this will unfold, for example what cost will he demand for all his ships.