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They do not have the background and knowledge as you do of the way film was processed in 1963. Others have more dubious reasons to espouse fakery. It would have been easier, not to mention safer, for you to put it away and go on with your life. Thank you for that and all the rest of your hard work. J. . JFK Files Released - Partially. We were promised that these documents would not be redacted and that they would be released in full. The partial release of the JFK documents was hand-picked and many of the documents which we have known to exist have not been released by those in charge of the secrets. We have always known that many of the autopsy materials, the income tax records of people such as the accused assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald and others would not be released. The major news media have allowed us to hear the words of only the worst of the Warren Commission defenders for the last few days and all the real students of the assassination have been kept silent. They state that there was only one assassin, which was provably a massive lie. People who have had nothing to do with the release of the materials are openly taking credit for their release, and this is infuriating. Those who made any of the release possible were the members of the Assassination Records Review Board, twenty-five years ago. We are only allowed to see documents which promote the lone assassin lies and are inundated with a massive amount of material, much of the which has absolutely nothing to do with the assassination. What are still missing are the audio tapes recorded by the CIA of the man claiming to be Lee Oswald in Mexico City, and countless other vitally important materials. There is much more to say, but I will stop for now. I can only plead that none of the you will fall for this continuing cover-up.

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Maybe that’s particularly so for me, as a middle-aged presumed-introvert. However, unlike MHBuddy, which operates solely through Facebook, KLM’s new Meet and Seat service will enable passengers to access their fellow travelers’ LinkedIn profiles as well. The Meet and Seat service will allow passengers to choose their in-flight neighbors based on their occupation, mutual interests and appearance. By connecting to LinkedIn and Facebook during online check-in, passengers will be able to pick their ideal seat buddy, although both parties will have to choose to participate in the service. KLM believe it will provide an opportunity for networking, though other reports suggest it’s more likely to be used as a matchmaking tool. It takes an art historical approach, considering the video game as a serious art form in it’s own right, both reflecting our culture and in many senses, helping to shape it. In the same way as film, animation, and performance, they can be considered a compelling and influential form of narrative art. New technologies have allowed designers to create increasingly interactive and sophisticated game environments while staying grounded in traditional game types. The exhibition will feature eighty games through still images and video footage. Imagine three dedicated research geeks in a room surrounded by whiteboards, post-it notes, laptops, and lots of markers. In addition to sharing our own ways of thinking about interviewing tactics, we had the chance to explore ways others are are practicing this magic. Have you checked out the videos from the four winners of the Student Design Challenge yet? Wow. Let us know if you can think of something we should attend. Better yet, is there an upcoming event where you’d like to see us present a talk or workshop. As much as we enjoy hanging out in the office together, we are ethnographers and compulsively curious so we love even more excuses to get out of the office and into the wild. I initially thought this was a clever leap until I realized that the whole game is now limited to 5-letter words. Herein lies a gem of an opportunity for a company to surprise and delight me; to nourish my mind and soul as well as my body.