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Being clever and being wise are two different things, and most of the characters that we see fall are either honorable to the point of stupidity or immoral to the point of guaranteeing cosmic justice. FINALLY, I listened to bryndenbfish or whatever's podcast on Dany's possible storyline in Book 6. He's also my favorite realistic candidate in terms of the novel. I love Baelish because of how incredibly clever and opportunistic he is. Granted Sansa isn't the real heir since Bran and Rickon are alive. Granted if Robb's wishes are heeded then Jon takes precedence over them all seeing as he is the heir to the Kingdom of the North and Riverlands. Outside of medieval Europe, China has a few similar stories in Liu Bang (founder of Han) and Sima Yan (Founder of Jin). I also think we're placing a too high notion on the opinion of lords' honor. Historically and in the novels it's pretty clear that they can either be manipulated or bought off a lot of the time. These are two areas that Baelish excels at and he clearly has mad administrative skills to boot. After that almost all major royal lines in Europe come from cadet houses of either Hapsburg or Capetian. Nice historical context, I knew some of the european stuff but I'll confess I know nothing of Chinese history. I agree with you on Jon, he's my favorite realistic candidate for King, despite his numerous faults. I'd love Davos to somehow win, but that obviously has no basis in Westerosi reality. My main issues with Baelish: yes, he's compelling, yes he's entertaining, and yes he has played the game well.

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Did work. Ran laundry on my breaks. Needless to say, my overwhelmed feeling disappeared with one simple ask and some breaks. Only took all day with the rising and waiting and rising and waiting. From conception to execution, everything seems like an unmitigated mistake. What's one of the little things that makes you feel put together when everything is a mess? Started laundry. Washed dishes. What else to do? It's only 11am! The text is sung in English and some of Raaff’s vocal writing, wide-ranging but fundamentally tonal, curiously echoes passages in the later work of Michael Tippett, The Ice Break especially, though Raaff’s orchestral writing is much more unbuttoned and eclectic. Yet the passages of melodrama, when the characters resort to spoken dialogue, somehow breaks the operatic spell; it’s as if the music is abdicating its expressive responsibilities in a work that otherwise doesn’t flinch from the having the most commonplace exchanges sung. The score is haunted by the ghosts of songs associated with Monroe, especially I Wanna Be Loved By You, though the references are never too explicit. It is an intelligent if not entirely successful attempt on a tempting but, perhaps in the end, a dramatically intractable subject. .


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Down-at-heel parts of the south are much more likely to vote Tory than their equivalents in the north. Affluent northerners (the As and Bs of pollsters' jargon) are more likely to vote Labour than poorer southerners (the Ds and the Es). We are not so much a country divided as two nations. Whether your child gets the point of Toy Box mode or not, it can be frustrating when they can't quite get the level to look the way they want it to. Leave it to an adult to step in here, patiently solve the problem, and open up a fun dialogue between, say, father and son. We can transmit documents, videos and images anywhere in the world, instantly and at no cost. You need never be out of reach (unless you want to be, of course). No matter how despicable they appear to be, they are necessary to help protect us from the terrorists who seem to be everywhere today. The couple, who wed in 2004, has two children together: Twins Thomas Boone and Zoe Grace, 4. Engineers were running the engine several hundred degrees above certified limits as part of the test. By the following year, federal officials announced finding 193 bodies buried in San Fernando, most belonging to migrants kidnapped off buses and killed by the Zetas for various reasons, including their refusal to work as drug mules. They encourage anyone affected by Alzheimera? to travel with them. They will meet at the Clearfield Wal-Mart Plaza, and anyone attending should park in rows one and two by the guiderails. None the less, you simply can’t allow the legislature, be it controlled by either party, to have access to money.


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I always thought that Sansa’s pregnancy was an stupid “theory” Don’t think they will film together as Emilia will be on her dragons, Kit is doing swordfighting. But neither Sansa nor Arya really follow a “Northern moral code”, do they. Where did you hear that different versions of the scripts were given out. However, if Arya is going to show loyalty to Jon, then it will only work if Jon actually remembers who she is this season. I’m Glad to see the children’s of Winterfell reunited OK, let me get this straight. Good to hear of some disagreements between Sansa and Arya. I am happy that Jorah and Sam will meet, but I am a bit disappointed that Jorah will find his cure at Oldtown. I don’t know why people are surprised with the news of conflict between Sansa and Arya. Arya? not so much. I know a lot of people are complaining about Arya’s arc next season (leaks), but I can’t think of a better place for her to be than in Winterfell, hopefully finally avenging her family. Is it possible for Arya to be involved in the battle scene beyond the wall. I would imagine that any Iceland filming they do would be mostly brief scene-setting shots. Oh, Jon doesn’t love his siblings anymore and he only cares to bang the blond chick Then, knowing the Arya and Sansa dynamic that has always existed in the show and books basically based on the fact that they are two opposites, you complain about future strife between them. As far as I understood, LF is manipulating Arya with the letter Sansa wrote to Robb in Season 1 or 2.


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Snyder’s relatively easy romp in 2010, 2014 is expected now to be a tougher race. With Mr. Snyder leading the party to victories on so many issues it has wanted for so long, who in the end would be expected to carry more weight with the GOP in a tight race: Mr. Snyder or the Tea Party activists. So Tuesday’s announcement while not surprising, potentially demonstrates the all the strategic weaknesses of acting out in anger. Know the local history, the local places of interests, the local teams and companies and how people speak. An interesting series of maps was released this week that traces how Americans pronounce words depending on their region. The maps were developed by a scholar at North Carolina State University that looked a linguistic survey of the U. . A number of the maps were published in the online publication, Business Insider, and a budding politician who hails from someplace outside the Mitten would do well to review these maps. After all, one would not want to lose votes because he or she talked about drinking soda when the natives say pop. Or refer to a crawdad when Michiganders say crayfish. And just think of the political pitfalls awaiting one if the politician mispronounces “pecan” in the Upper Peninsula, or gets lost in the state’s seeming inability to pronounce “mayonnaise” just one way. It was on that date in 1860 that Michigan Republicans chose Austin Blair as their candidate for governor. Mr.