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Lindsay Law, Jennie Lew Tugend, Branko Lustig, Frank Marshall, Ismail Merchant, Gerald R. Molen, Milt Moritz, Barry Reardon, Fred Roos, Albert S. Ruddy, Edgar Scherick, George Stevens Jr. David Valdes, Jac Venza, Robert K. Weiss, Gareth Wiggin, Jim Wilson, Frank Yablans, Saul Zaentz, Lili Fini Zanuck, and Richard Zanuck. My experiences as a regular writer for DGA Magazine, the main oracle of the Directors Guild of America, included interviews with many of the above-listed directors. Ted Elrick was the editor-in-chief of the magazine throughout most of my affiliation with it, and his editing skills, diplomacy, good humor, sheer humanity, and our shared Western Pennsylvania heritage went a long way with me. Other DGA personnel or affiliates, past or present, to whom I owe gratitude include Jay Roth, Gina Blumenfeld, Scott Sawyer, Carol Stogsdill, Darrell Hope, Chuck Warn, Morgan Rumpf, Robert Markowitz, and Tomm Carroll. As my supervisor, mentor, and great friend, Don encouraged my xii Acknowledgments projects as much as anyone. Rebecca Jo Tubb, Betty Czachowski, Jeannie Grand, Sam Gnerre, and Sandra Kreiswirth also regularly and generously offered encouragement. As a contributor to Variety and its subsidiary magazines, I had the good fortune to write for Steve Gaydos. Had Steve not been astute or generous or both, this book, again, would never have existed. I wrote for him at The Hollywood Reporter first, then at Daily Variety. Steve and his editors deserve special thanks, particularly Steve Chagollan, Ramino Zahed, Anne Bergman, Stuart Levine, Pat Saperstein, Gregory Solmon, and Bob Hofler. Conversations that I enjoyed with film and TV critics and scholars certainly informed this work, especially those with Charles Champlin, Ted Elrick, Roger Ebert, Jim Emerson, Steve Gaydos, Kirk Honeycutt, Leonard Maltin, Joseph McBride, James Robert Parish, Jonathan Krampner, Peter Rainer, Anthony Slide, Doug List, Bob Fisher, Henry Sheehan, Gene Siskel, Kevin Thomas, and Michael Wilmington.

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2 Louis Mazzini (Dennis Price) writes his memoirs while in prison awaiting his death by hanging. Pulp Fiction focuses on the clean-up operation, Shallow Grave (Boyle 1994) on the hiding of the body. The innocent, framed for murder, struggling to clear his name is a common trope. The serious murder is darker in intent, as in Throw Momma From The Train (DeVito 1987) or The War of The Roses (DeVito 1989). All sorts of traps may be laid and avoided and a murder attempt brings the protagonist face-to-face with the completion of his task. Seemingly he has succeeded, and now must face the consequences and live with the rewards but also the guilt. Once regret is expressed, often the murder is shown, by circumstance or chance, to have been bungled. Holding to ransom has specific tropes that must be followed and therefore can be twisted out of shape. First there is the plan and staking out the victim. Next comes the actual kidnap, the problem of trussing, binding and transferring the victim to a safe location. There is the delivery of the ransom note or message and accompanying demands. There is feeding and looking after the victim and remaining anonymous. There is the drop and the exchange of the victim for money. There is stopping other partners in crime from squealing. The ransom demands may not be met and you may have to negotiate.


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He never wore jeans in public; he wore a track suit or slacks. For 45 years of his life, every day of his life, Elvis Presley. Always that guy, always happy to share his stories of the band, and fans loved him. Llong story short, we finally got him in, in 2009. D. . was still healthy — quite vigorous, actually — and it was the greatest honor to be asked to induct him. And the first minute-and-a-half of the induction speech was just a list of the songs he played on. One of best parts of the night was as the crowd was mingling before the event, we were standing near the stage, away from everyone else — D. . Fontana, Scotty Moore, Garry, me. And suddenly, Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck come running over to Scotty Moore and genuflect. It was so cool to see Jimmy Page, with all that guy has done, and Jeff Beck, too, suddenly become 12 years old again and listening to Elvis Presley. But about a year ago, he got laid up — he was in bed. He never got out.