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BSB definitely knows one of the stand-ins who were in Seville--maybe not Peter's or Sophie's, but Gwen's, Kit's, or Jacob's--or someone who works with them. BSB also posted--and then deleted--a post the Thursday the cast were in Seville to the effect that Peter and Sophie had been on set, which later turned out to be the case. There's no way that BSB could have known that for a fact without info from their source. This isn't to state that BSB must be right and Friki must be wrong, and it's quite possible that their source lied to them about what was filmed in Seville, but the contention that they have no source makes no sense, since they obviously do. And then of course there was Truede, who dropped accurate leaks for Season 6 shortly before the episodes in question aired. Friki has already said that he has given up all the info he has, so he has no knowledge one way or another of Jon and Dany's fate. Night Shyamalan-type twist at the end is interesting in light of the King Bran discussion. At least one of them does not have the correct information, as far as Seville is concerned. He came into conflict with HBO before, but I didn't follow the spoiler scene at that time. If Tyrion is planning a betrayal, he may well get away with it for a while, just like LF. He started doing this for Season 6 and got shut down and threatened with legal action after putting up an accurate summary for 6x02 or 6x03 (I can't recall which) just before the episode aired. His channel eventually went back up, but he was careful to only post spoilers that had appeared elsewhere first. I'm guessing this is because AwayfortheLads had already spoiled the episodes pretty thoroughly and the information was already out there. Friki in the past has only provided his spoilers just before or during the airing of the season in question, not more than six months in advance. Still, Friki has insisted that he's right, so he must have some reason to be that confident. There's this 8x06 Dragonpit scene filmed in Seville (whatever it is), the 8x06 scene Hibberd saw filmed in March, possibly the Randalstown Forest scene filmed on March 29th, possibly Cleganebowl (since Hafthor's stunt double is credited on IMDB for 8x05 and 8x06), possibly a scene where a character's corpse is discovered in the ruins of the throne room (and to be clear, that's just a rumour), and that's it. It will be very interesting to see what actually ends up in the episode. It seems like most of the KL exterior stuff filmed in June and July was from 8x05, not 8x06, so that leaves a big gap in 8x06 for exterior scenes.

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Vim ze Sosacek ujasni, ze v tom neni fakticky rozdil, ale pro pointu meho sdeleni v teto vete tam urcity podstatny rozdil je, tak jsem to radsi prepsal. Ted jsem (uplne omylem, nahodnym ukliknutim na wikipedii) zjistil, ze hlavni scenarista Babylonu 5 je zaroven autorem nekolika sourcebooku k RPG (jmenovite napr. Nemam rad rezani lidi na kusy a zivych lidi uz vubec ne, vidim tyhle sceny kdyz zavru oci a to mi nedela dobre. Bohuzel to je take nejvetsi nedostatek cele Crusade - ackoliv ma zajimave charaktery s nimiz by slo zajimave pracovat, naprosto postrada onu dlouhodobou promyslenost, ktera byla hlavni devizou Babylonu 5. Myslel jsem neco na zpusob ER nebo starych dobrych anglickych detektivek. A stou ujetosti jsem to myslel tak, ze min je nekdy vic, viz LOST. Cokoliv dalsiho (na jakemkoliv poli) uz B5 nesahalo ani na paty. Coz je docela skoda, rekl bych, ze zrovna serialova produkce nebyla nikdy tak dobra jako dnes. No a na csfd, jsme nasel Requiem for the Phantom a Requiem from the Darkness. Tak pokud jste to videli, uvital bych vase dojmy. ). Nejen dejem (rozkosne horrorove pribehy), ale i dost osobitou animaci. Odkaz ti dam, az prijdu domu, ale myslis, ze bys to mel najit. I pres pocatecni nelibost, jsem v tom pomalu nasel dalsi super serial. Do dilu s tim trapnym detektivem to bylo vcelku dobre. Ovsem tim detinskym chovanim a celkove detinskyma scenama to je celkem zkazeny. Ale rekl bych, ze to vyjde nastejno, prvni rada mela taky silnejsi a slabsi mista. Pravda ze od psu baskervilskych jsem cekal trochu vic, ale nebylo to spatne, ctvrtej dil mi prisel vybornej - dokonce mi zlepsil dojem z dilu tretiho.

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I really didn't relish the idea of coming into a dark house alone:D. Just goes to show that one guy with an imagination can work miracles. I enjoyed it but found Micah's character extremely unlikable, what an a-hole. Then Katies character gets abit grating because she doesn't grow any balls. In the end I just didn't care at all what happened to them. Some of the scares where good and I don't regret seeing it, and paying money to do so, but for me it didn't live up to the enormous hype. Nice work with the extended cinema darkness at the end too, many a nervous laughs, but also eerily quiet until the lights came back on. From reading some previous posts, it definitely looks like the we got the theatrical release ending that, to me, seems better than some of those that have been discussed here. I'm not embarrassed to say I don't think I could manage it though:). The sick smile on Katie's face at the end and earlier on freaked me out. How can you sleep next to your girlfriend after that without being suspicious when she gets up for a glass of water is. Something i forgot all about until he mentioned it after the movie, but he actually experienced being dragged out of bed and down a hallway as a kid. Apparently 3 of his friend died, one after the pther over a period of time. He mentioned a truck accident, but i'm not sure if that was for all or just one. He then experienced being dragged down the hallway on occasion, until the family moved out of the house. Last time it happened, IIRC, was a couple years ago in their previous house. I think the greatest part of the movie is right now, the after thoughts. I mean if there were demons hypothetically speaking, then I'd run the f out of there instead of taping it like an idiot.

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But she blows up the sept but it's the only building that burns. Oh ya, because. 4) Lancel is the only fucking witness against Cersei but he gets sent to bring her back even though we know the mountain would squash that whole recovery team and he would be killed and hence, no trial. Oh ya, because stuff. 4a) Lancel doesn't even do what he is told. It must be important to follow because that kid looks suspicious. The rest of the gang will just go get Cersei and I'll meet them back at the clubhouse to be witness no probs. BECAUSE! 5) Leeroy snow in some ways makes sense cause he's a fucking idiot that fucks things up almost as much as bran. But really, do exactly what Ramsey wants even tho they discussed Rick was already dead as far as anything matters. Because 6) bastards - especially bastards that get their army's slaughtered because they are stupid - don't get to be king. Period. It fucks up bloodlines that are based on deals. Even in patriarchies, bloodline ladies, have more claim than fucking Bastards. 7) especially ladies that are true born and have just SAVED the mother fucking north single handedly by calling up her cousins army. It's just because. 8) Arya. Didn't even need a disguise.

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No, she didn’t tell him about LF and she should have. She’s stuck between naive, jealous, insecure girl and intelligent, strategic and experienced woman. Jon’s treating her like the naive girl without recognizing her value as a woman of experience, as bad as those experiences have been. Except Euron. Letting Pilou Asbaek mug and caper around a bit did nothing to dispel my first impression that I don’t care for his acting at all. Hope that character gets killed off as early in the season as possible. Looks like they’re going to take advantage of having him on board and give him plenty of lines. Houndie gravedigging was a nice shout-out to readers, even if the soil being that easy to work in winter did indeed seem improbable. They’ve gotten as explicit as they could ever need to about Sandor being on a redemption arc; now we can just watch it play out. I saw nothing worse than normal sibling squabbling there. And I loved when she shut Baelish down, telling him he could can his witty last word in the argument. Seems like she learned a trick or two from the Queen of Thorns as well as from Cersei. And when he was a steward, he garnered more respect than he is at the Citadel. Perhaps there wasn’t as much action as some might have been expecting (save for that amazing cold open), but I found every scene to be rich with portent and extremely consequential for the characters involved. Above all, season premieres need to set the stage for what’s to come, and this episode accomplished that task with flying colors, in my estimation. She chooses any easy target who can get close to Jaime and bam, she’s Jaime. Benjen quoted that same line in a convo with Tyrion, in the third episode “Lord Snow” (I think). That seems like a fairly large plot thread to not be given any closure.

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