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Slash Fic: Jim wrote, and did a dramatic reading of, a story about a gamer turning gay because of Mass Effect 3 to make fun of the controversy (and often latent homophobia) surrounding the game's Gay Option. Small Name, Big Ego: He parodies this trope by comically acting as though he's a gift from God, sent to grace the audience with his presence. Though a couple times he has mocked people who think he actually means it. He uses the same gag for his wrestler character Sterdust; the whole bit is that he struts around like a supervillain but devolves into a whimpering mess who doesn't even fight back when actually called on to wrestle. Smug Smiler: Jim was criticized for attacking Microsoft over the DRM in the Xbox One, and accused of ignoring Sony who would almost certainly follow suit; Jim was withholding judgment until Sony clarified its position on the used game market, as only Microsoft had jumped into the phone home DRM market. You couldn't find a more smug dance when Sony announced at E3 that they would not block used games on the PS4. Springtime for Hitler: In an interview with Colin Moriarty of The Kinda Funny Gamescast, Jim says that the Jimquisition only started being popular after he tried to actively sabotage it. People hated his original Escapist videos, and decided that, since he was probably never going to have his contract renewed at that rate, he might as well go out gloriously. Ironically, the more he tried to get people to hate his character, the more they loved the show, and the rest is history. Start X to Stop X: Jim tried to abide by the rules of Fair Use on his videos, but he would always get hit with a content ID claim from various corporations, which also places ads on his videos and he was trying to avoid having ads in the first place.

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Roose Bolton was basically telling his son to pull his head in because his claim to the title is tenuous. I like how often he rips into Jon and especially when he calls him a bastard. Wun Wun tears him in half or Ghost rips his and Olly's throat's out. I never rule out the possibility of anything any more. Hopefully he teams up with the wildlings and tears Allister a new one. I guess that's pretty typical of this show, where deaths are only 'meaningful' if its done to characters that are actually likeable. We know nothing of their characters, their beliefs, their ideologies and future plans are. Unfortunately, he rules a country full of blood thirsty people starving for revenge. So whilst painful his death and the coup does make sense. From now on it'll just be revenge-driven guerilla warfare against the Lannisters.

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t is truly my greatest honor to introduce David. AFI inspired his vision and gave him the opportunity to make ERASERHEAD. I am forever grateful to AFI for inspiring David, who then gave me my career. Lynch called Dern his ? avorite actress in the world. Mel called me Jimmy Stewart from Mars, but he is the crazy one. It was my very good fortune that Mel had this insanity. Lynch then took questions from the graduating class instead of providing a traditional commencement address. When asked how he found his voice, Lynch responded, ? earning by doing is critical in the action and reaction.

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13. The Day I Tried to Live 41m Elena's plan to celebrate Bonnie's birthday takes an ominous turn. Enzo recruits Matt to intervene in Sarah's life, and Jeremy considers an exit plan. 14. Stay 42m While Jeremy reminisces with a soon-to-be-gone Elena, Stefan helps Caroline arrange her mother's last days. Enzo draws Sarah and Matt into harm's way. 15. Let Her Go 42m Elena notices a change in Caroline in the wake of her mother's death. Tyler and Matt reconsider their life choices, and Kai turns to Jo for help. 16.

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What is your favourite battle from Game of Thrones. Where was the 3rd dragon in Game of Thrones s07e06 battle or after the battle. In what episode of Game of Thrones did winter come? View more. Which character in Game of Thrones has come the furthest. Where did the children come from in Game of Thrones. In what major ways do you think Winds of Winter will diverge from the Game of Thrones television series. Has any show, other than Game of Thrones, ever surpassed the book it was based on. Which will be the main battle of season 6 of Game of Thrones, Battle of Meeren or Battle of Bastards. When is the winter going to come in Game of Thrones TV series and the novel series.

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I have followed the copyright law correctly, its non-profit and the songs are credited. I've found out Arya and Gendry are awesome. My otp. Gendry is still rowing towards season 6 and we're all waiting for him. This song appeared in the book in a scene with these 2, so yeah it's perfect for them. Follow me on Tumblr: younevergo. umblr. om Season 1,2 and 3 Game of Thrones GENDRY AND ARYA. I own nothing, no copyright infringement intended. Gendry: I've never had a family Arya: I canbe your family Gendry: You wouldn't be my family, you'd be my lady I needed to vid them and I thought this song was just perfect for them.

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Thoughts discussed Anecdotes, Poetry, Prose, Verse, Personal Recollections. Birdding, Birds, Watchers, Santa Barbara California Species and Varieties. Illustrations. Soiled Covers: Helen and Teri Matelson 1978, 1978. True story, the Story of 9 Overwater Flights That Made Aviation History. Bleriot's Crossing of the English Channel in 1909, the Great Transatlantic Air. Photos. Clean and Unmarked Text: Thomas Nelson and Sons 1960, Juvenile. Superman: The Man of Steel. ill.

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Paul Briganti, USA, World Premiere Documentary Competition (10) Compelling, character-driven non-fiction films from the U. . and around the world. Abu, dir. Arshad Khan, Canada, World Premiere Dalya? Other Country, dir. Valerie Red-Horse Mohl, USA, World Premiere Monkey Business, dir. Ema Ryan Yamazaki, USA, World Premiere Opuntia, dir. Rafael Kapelinski, Great Britain, North American Premiere Catching Feelings, dir. Kagiso Lediga, South Africa, World Premiere Dark Blue Girl, dir.