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(39 points). Rather than chanting a player’s name or an inspirational cheer, the chant should be “GISHWHES”. At least 200 people need to be chanting. (123 points). A cosplay character from Supernatural must be leading them. (89 points). Get it for them. Surprise them. Catch the surprise on video. (81 points). Today’s catch is not fish, however, it’s a large piece of man-made trash with the words “GISHWHES Sanitation” written or attached to it. (74 points). The video must begin with all of the performers undercover, blending in with the rest of the public. Then, one musician stands and begins to play their instrument. Record the full song and 20 seconds before the song begins. There must be AT LEAST 6 musicians and 6 singers playing to a public crowd of at least 35. (200 points). The adult must have a pacifier in his or her mouth and must be pre-verbal.

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I love acting. From my comedies (There's Something About Mary or Kingpin) to horror franchise (like Insidious), I look forward to many more movies in my lifetime. My latest film is called Ouija ( ) and it's out in theaters now. AMA! EDIT: I thank everybody for these great questions. They make ME think about myself and my work in new and exciting ways, very often. I wish we had gotten to more questions about Ouija, which is a wonderful, scary and fun film to watch with friends. Go, and squeal and scream and enjoy the fear and embrace all the things that make Halloween scary and fun. Could I ask if you have any idea, what's going on with Guiseppe Andrews. Any chance he'll get back into acting or is he enjoying the trailer park life too much. It might be - you should look it up on google, because it will probably have a limited run in some theaters. They just did a screening of it, I didn't get to go, but I definitely know it's out there. I love that movie so much and I'm not even a kiss fan. And Lin absolutely killed it as the mom You want to reach out and touch pure evil. Also thank you very much for taking time to do this. The thing that appeals to me about horror movies is the thing that appeals to me about movies in general: being in a dark space (and this is especially seeing movies in the theater, which is why movies in the small screen oftentimes get lost in translation) with strangers, and you may be with someone you know, but you are in a room with all these people you don't know, and you are all experiencing this very personal experience, in a dark room on a big screen with intense sound. And horror films, in particular, can create such havoc inside of you that it's often great to be around other people, hahaha. Do you ever feel scared while filming some scenes during horror movies, or does seeing the set all around you prevent you from getting scared.

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To survive and thrive we must have a business model that allows us to make a profit while providing a solution our clients want and can benefit from. This is just as true for franchise owners with their small business clients as it is for CT-Global with our franchise-owner clients. The good news is that everything I see tells me we are heading into a period of unprecedented profit opportunities for IT solution providers. The bad news is that it’s going to be very different from what we’ve done before. Based on the research we’ve done this year (and which you’ve seen me present in past conferences and webinars) I believe the foundation of what we do will continue to be a recurring revenue, “managed services” business model. But I also believe we’ll see two substantial shifts in what “managed services” means. I’ve heard other IT pundits argue that we’re heading into a period of outcomes-based selling, meaning that you sell the customer on the outcome (“trouble free networks”, “no IT headaches”, etc) of your service plan. I think we’ve been there and we’re moving on, into a period of selling on value. Small business owners have always had a strong Do-It-Yourself streak, and as we see more easy-to-use consumer-type solutions becoming capable of handling business operations we may see that DIY streak get stronger. Plus lots of smaller vendors like Box. et, Google Apps, RingCentral, 1and1, ShockeyMonkey, etc should also be an important part of your client portfolio. (And I’m hoping my Bigger Brains project will be a part of that also. So our sales focus will become more focused on providing value to the client via solutions, which takes us yet another step away from the olden days of “trading hours for dollars”. Secondly, and as part of that, I believe we’ll see a decreased need for technicians. In fact, we may return to the days when Computer Troubleshooters was primarily a one-person, work-from-home business but be providing a completely different set of solutions than our old virus-removal, hardware upgrading days. When hardware is increasingly reliable and increasingly replaceable, and tools like CTMS make it easy for one tech to manage and maintain a larger number of systems by using advanced integration, monitoring, and automation, it may be feasible for one CT to manage hundreds of client systems with a single technician. The key is to always be focused on the value to the customer. I’ve always described our mission statement as “Helping Small Businesses Make the Most Effective and Efficient Use of Their Technology Investment”, and as long as you keep reinterpreting that statement based on what small businesses should be investing in today, and do so in a profitable way, you’ll see increasing levels of success.

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Let's try to make this something you're excited about. It was hard to say no after a little while. There are ways that the two films link up obviously but other than that, were you given a blank slate. I mean they came out in droves and we didn't want to work against any of the good will from the younger fans that did enjoy the first film so having some connective tissue was important and kind of a fan challenge. We also really wanted this to be a movie that you could step into with no knowledge of the first film and still enjoy. Jeff and I, when we sat down to write, we're looking at it as a challenge, how do we execute everything we want to execute and fit it within this framework of a franchise without really knowing what this franchise is eventually going to be yet. There is this idea that you don't need to flesh out the characters because they're ultimately expendable. I've always kind of rejected that, I think the genre elements really on land if you care about the characters. If I can strip out all the supernatural elements of the story and still connect with the character and it's something that interests me and I think you're right. The genre, for better or worse, has let a lot of that go and it's partially because people, audiences, will reward the genre of film rather or not it has that. I like to say that Hollywood is one of the most democratic entities in the world and the reason why is every ticket is a vote. People will bemoan the quality of horror but then they'll go out and support horror films that are lacking qualities that they say they want. Unfortunately, you are working against the market data that the audience themselves help create. It's this frustrating thing to say, we really want to pay attention to the nuances in the story but a lot of studios will say our numbers here suggest that you don't have to and they're correct. I think you're seeing a lot more work coming out of the genre that's more sophisticated. I think that it's a very exciting time for horror because of that. I've always been very lucky when it comes to casting children from Annalise Basso to Jacob Tremblay to Lulu, we've always been fortunate enough to find these young actors who are really advanced so that was the part I was the most concerned about going in because she has an extraordinary amount of screen time. She has to ride out the most dramatic arc of any of the characters in the film and she has to not only capture and present the innocence of a child but she has to then speak with the authority and ruthlessness of a very evil adult at certain points.

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