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Capacity (mAH) is increased fourfold and NOT “current handling”. Do not confuse capacity (mAH) with current drawn (mA). I just started a company with an energy storage and generation product and have secured my first customer. Functionality, reliability and cost are some of its hallmarks. I’m seeking a way to charge three or four 12V 200Ah AGM batteries that are connected in parallel which is connected to an inverter. Short of switching individual batteries in and out of a system to accomplish this, is there a way to use a marine or automotive battery charger to directly charge the system. Connecting 8 12V batteries for 24V charge and dual 24V and 96V outputs. Would diodes on the terminals of each battery cell be sufficient to prevent short circuit. The shop replaced my 2 - 12 volt batteries with 2 - 6 volt batteries. I need to run 2 (perhaps even three) computers for 9 hours per day from them. What is the best way to wire and do my setup so that I will not run out of power within the 9 hours of each day. We have 5. hours of Solar ideal sunlight per day.

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So what possible alliance does their marriage bring. It’s incest and doesn’t unite anything. ( yea yea Jon and Dany are too but that’s a whole different conversation ? Their houses are already literally united by blood. Let’s get real. Jonsa benefits no body politics wise and no one at this point can force them to marry or would have any reason too. I would actually be intrigued at Jon's reaction if highborn Northern women started flirting with him in s8, especially considering these woman would have almost certainly given him a wide berth if they encountered him when he was growing up. Would he feel a little resentful that women who likely thought he was a bastard unworthy of their time 7 years ago would now consider him prime marriage material? He’s already the king, and legitimization pertains solely to inheritance rights. Sophie Turner and Kit Harington are both beautiful people and they had a very touching and lovely reunion in season 6. Hearts started fluttering at the hug and loving looks they shared and apparently a ship was born. Why it went any further is beyond me though because Sansa was a total bitch to him afterwards. Davos tries to explain to her how it really might not be that easy and she slaps him down, says he knows nothing about how honorable the North is and how when Ned’s Stark daughter comes, they will heed her call.

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Dick Chrysler who had been elected to the seat in the 1994 Contract with America Republican rout. In her brief remarks, Ms. Clinton spoke about the need to improve education, especially making sure that all schools were connected to the “information superhighway” as the “bridge to the 21st century” was built. And the smart phones they have cost a fraction of what the 1996 computers would have cost. But she also called on voters in the 8th District to elect Ms. Stabenow, which, Ms. Clinton said, would help retake Congress from the Republicans and help ensure Mr. Clinton won re-election. Ms. Stabenow did win that election (of course, so too did Mr. Clinton) and in 2000 she defeated former Sen. Ms. Clinton was involved in her own election at the time, and both she and Ms.

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Fig. 3. An example of the hand of cards at the players disposal in the enactment phase. 3 Development and Design Considerations Over the course of three years, ten iterations of the game have been considered in 18 documented play tests. The play tests were of the participatory design ? vor, and the majority included domain experts, who advised about the following areas: therapy, counseling, story construction, graphic design, user experience design, board game design, and game mechanic design and balancing. This version of Mind Shadows is intended as a stand-alone game, but future work will explore uses for therapeutic situations. Representing story in analog games poses interesting practical challenges. In digital systems, event logs can be rendered as narratives (eg. In a board game however, event-logging needs to be made part of the game play in a way that is not too cumbersome for the players. Figure 4 shows the cards that represent narrative elements. During play testing and redesigning it emerged that a balance between game mechanics and play situations are necessary to achieve the main aim of the game: facilitate conversations in which real world situations can be approached, deconstructed, and reconstructed to gain deeper understandings through cooperative play. Availability.

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