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It seems that fountain can kill or cure under different circumstances. I thought season 6 was average to bad and thought it was tied for the weakest season (with season 5). It’s just not a tightly written plot with great dialogue anymore. Arya’s storyline to me was complete nonsense with he waife terminator chase laughable. Jon’s resurrection was meaningless and the whole point of him this season was to battle Ramsay (and ep9 wasn’t interesting to me, I’ve seen medieval battles plenty of times before) which was predictable and by-the-numbers. Can you get any more stock-standard and baseline writing than that. We all know damn well Jon was going to win beforehand. I kind of wish they did what they used to do in previous seasons and skip the battle to just get to the aftermath. I never want to see him in a room with Messandei and Grey Worm together ever again. We have seen her burn thing to the ground and walk out naked with people bowing to her, we’ve seen everything fall into her lap for 6 seasons now. There’s no possible threat to her, not until she gets to Westeros. And I can see why. It’s an easy way to entertain audiences rather than having to come up with a good story. BotB didn’t have good story or dialogue to back it up because the writers now aren’t very good, so they had to go the other way and make sure that the battle itself was a huge spectacle to try and appease the audience. I don’t get how people can say season 6 is the best or one of the best seasons, maybe they don’t care for story and dialogue and want more Battle of the Bastards and Hardholm. It was done for dramatic purpose and was mystically cool on the show.

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But I don't think it will be a happily ever after ending. If you don't like this ending though GRRM's ending might be different in the book. Ituriel85 2 anni fa I can tolerate every stupid thing from those leaks, anything but Jonerys romance. I refused to watch GoT because I thought it was overhyped. If that romantic thing happens I'll be SO disappointed. But also imagine seeing a fucking zombie like thing that u only heard stories about, for the first time. I mean maybe he saw how vast the army of the dead is, would also make me shit my pants. Viserion dying is a bitch, I would've rather seen the Wights have their own dragon, but Him dying would fit the GoT narrative. One thing though I hope, is that a lot of this is bullshit even though I chose to view the spoilers I still wanna be a little surprised haha. It's interesting but it reminds me of last years leak where 20% was true and 80% was bullshit. Another post had Euron freeking out by the wight and running back to the Iron Islands. Like Euron crazy MFing Greyjoy from the forsaken scared shitless of a wight. I think the Original leaker who deleted his post probably got his info from people working on the sets and just gave it some fanservice spin to it. I hate that the Direwolves have been short changed in their importance and dying and now you are going to start killing the Dragons. Dianne 2 anni fa There are two things that I can hardly wait to see, all that stuff with Jon and Dany, and then Jorrah arriving at Dragonstone. The one thing that would really be beyond cool would be seeing Jaime with Jon or Dany.

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Rajesh Gupta while speaking on the ocassion said that Jammu has always presented a shining example of communal harmony and brotherhood in the most try ing of circumstances. Development is the solution for all The problems affecting the people of our country and that is the reason Modi Ji has given us The mantra of Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas. Our country is The fastest growing large economy in The world and if we keep on growing at the same pace India would become a super power in The near future and our countrymen would also enjoy a higher standard of living. The work was started in presence of JMC officials XEN Joginder Bagat, AEE Virender Pathania, JE Tangroo and senior BJP leaders Jai Deep Sharma, Ramesh Sharma, Rajnish, Karan Singh, Dalip Gupta, Prof Sham, pardeep, Karunesh, Balraj, Girdhari lal, Kuldeep, Advocate Vageesh Bharti and Rajinder Gupta. Raj Kumar, Vinay Gupta, Bobby, Raju Sethi, Raju Tara, Sonu, Rattan, Parveen Kerni,Ajesh, Kartat, Kamal Jain, Dwarka, Amit, Kulbhushan, Tinku and other prominent were also present on the occasion. Threadbare discussions r elated to reception of the yatra and the route to be followed for its journey in different areas of Jammu Rural District were also finalized. Aseem Gupta, while addressing the meeting, said that it is indeed a matter of pride that the nation is celebrating 70th Independence Day and the BJP do not want to keep it confined to just hoisting of tricolour on 15th August. He said that fortnight programmes have been chalked out between August 09 and August 23, wherein different events will be organized. It is in this series of programmes that the party MPs will lead “Tiranga Yatra” on motor cycles and scooters which will cover entire length and breadth of their respective Parliamentary constituency and educate the masses on the freedom struggle and the role of present generation to remain vigilant and contribute towards ensuring the unity and integrity of the country. Suresh Sharma, on this occasion, exhorted the party leaders of the District to involve the mandal and booth level activists in the management of the yatra so that they too feel associated with it. He expressed hope that “Tiranga Yatra” will be a mega event. Omi Khajuria assured the party leaders that the District team will put its best to see that the yatra gets due reception and cooperation of the public while it passes through Jammu Rural District. The meeting was also addressed by State Working Committee Member Nand Kishore, Kissan Morcha State President Rajinder Singh Chib, District General Secretaries Mukesh Sharma and Pawan Sharma, BJYM State General Secretary Vikas Choudhary, BJYM District President Rohit Verma. He said that the present unrest is due to the failure of the past governments of NC and Congress, as similar situations were faced in 2008 and 2010 and no blue print was formulated to deal with such developments. It encouraged Pakistan, separatists, Hurriyat supporters and their over ground workers, who has once again created the turmoil. “Had the past governments not adopted a soft approach towards these elements, the valley would not have suffered losses of lives and property in the ongoing disturbances.

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You'll likely have to wash your hair a lot less frequently. And something we'll all experience is a gradual drying of our hair as we age; at that point, regular washing is even less important, regular conditioning even more so. It's biologically targeted for you, so any shampoo or conditioner that's formulated to get rid of that oil should be approached with caution. Sulfates—sodium laureth sulfate, sodium lauryl sulfate, ammonium laureth sulfate—are added to most shampoos and conditioners as surfactants that attract dirt and oil, pulling it away from your scalp and hair shaft and leaving both zones, well, cleansed. Of course, sulfates have no way of telling if they're whisking away the good natural oils on your scalp, or cleaning up the bad boxing class grease you want gone, meaning they're often too effective. And they're especially harsh on color-treated hair, where they can work to suck up the dyes and pigments you so painstakingly paid to have deposited. Which is all to say looking for sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners is definitely worth your while. So taking into account everything we've outlined above, let's say you're someone with fine hair, who works out often, and is prone to greasy strands. Oftentimes, you'll be able to whisk away most of the excess sweat, oil and grease—but not every molecule of good oil—with a rigorous rinse. And always feel free to condition from mid-shaft down, which will also help keep your hair clean-looking and smelling. If your hair is fine and your scalp is oily, you probably will have to actually shampoo your hair at least three to four times a week. Dry shampoo and fake-out rinses can help get you through the other few days. If your hair is coarse, curly, dry or thick, you can probably get away with weekly washes; maybe two or three if you workout or smoke. In the Old Days, women paid to have their hair washed and set once a week. That being said, they also didn't got to HIIT classes—but still. It's an early July afternoon, and the 20-year-old model has just arrived in Arles, France for the opening of Dior, Art of Color.

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Later Marvel had released three more films of Spider-Man, starring Andrew Garfield and very recently Tom Holland. His entry into Marvel hinted that he will also be joining the Avengers team. In 2018, he will be seen as an integral part of Avengers: Infinity War. Jonah Jameson Again Matt Singer Good Deed Entertainment Share on Twitter Share on Facebook You think you know the “ J. . Simmons type” and then you look at his IMDb page. Yes, he’s played a lot of tough and scary dudes; the sadistic white supremacist on Oz, the terrifying music teacher in Whiplash, which netted Simmons an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. But for every intimidating Simmons role, there’s a softer one; the big-hearted father in Juno or the incredulous cop in the last Terminator. There aren’t too many actors who could convincingly play both bully blowhard newspaper publisher J. Jonah Jameson and confident crusading Commissioner Gordon, but Simmons is about to complete that unusual comic-book combination in Zack Snyder’s Justice League. “My part in the first film coming out this fall is very, very small,” Simmons told me when the topic of DC movies came up during our phone interview earlier this week. “It’s a little introduction of the character. But whenever the next one gets off the ground, whether it’s The Batman movie or the Justice League sequel, and I know those things are getting shuffled around right now. Hopefully that’ll be another comic-book character that I get to take two or three or four cracks at. Before he crosses the interdimensional divide from Marvel to DC, Simmons will first be seen in the comic mystery All Nighter. He plays Frank Gallo, a workaholic father who returns home from a business trip and can’t find his daughter Ginnie (Analeigh Tipton).

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Why include in the story Beric has come back from the dead multiple times, at all. Why tell us that each time he comes back, he’s a bit less of himself. Is it all just for 'flavor’ - or are we being groomed to see it happen again to someone we love. And how bittersweet would that be - seeing Jon come back a second time, but not quite the man he used to be - the one we all grew to love. I love the theory that Jon Snow is Dany’s mount, treason, and fire for love - and that she’s the one who commits treason against him, by possibly demanding he be brought back 'against his will’ (though, considering he’s a father-to-be and potential newlywed, I don’t think he’ll gripe about it as much in season 8 as he would’ve in season 6. When Jon died the first time - I thought for sure he’d come back in some blaze of glory. That they’d try to burn his body, but he’d have this epic 'Unburnt’ moment, like Dany (lol). Beric Dondarrion Considering the man gave his life long ago for Catelyn to become Lady Stoneheart in the books, I think his entire purpose for still kickin’ around in Season 8 is to give someone the 'Last Kiss’. Popular candidates tend to be Sandor (after all, he tells him 'We will meet again’), Daenerys, or one of the Stark kids. Melisandre I’m an atheist (like GRRM), and therefore, I more or less despise Melisandre for basically convincing what used to be a good man to burn his daughter alive. That’s some Abraham and Isaac shit right there (and that shit better happen in the books because it’s powerful AF commentary and I’m here for it). Afterward, if my theory about Jon happens to be true, she’ll play a role in bringing him back, perhaps even lending her life in the process. Buuuut I wouldn’t mind Gendry’s future wife avenging his cousin’s death and closing her 'blue eyes’ forever. Fingers crossed. theyruinedeuron reblogged this from tomakeitbeautifultolive geekyfeminist-love liked this farrison-hord liked this thebeautyofjoneryzz liked this tomakeitbeautifultolive posted this. I can come up with all sorts of crazy reasons, but what are yours dear.