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Not because he hated his family, not because he hated Tywin, but because he loved Shae. And there are foreshadowing moments in S1 where Tyrion specifically states to never underestimate how much he loves his family. He may hate Cersei, but he is not actively trying to kill her. I think he wants her to step down peacefully and nicely and allow Dany to have the Throne. I believe he has feelings for her, maybe not in love with her, but come on she’s the mother of dragons. But, I do believe in the end he will need to choose, Dany or Cersei. When the end comes, I think he chooses Cersei and her unborn child. Maybe it won’t be because of family but, like with Tywin, it will be because of love. His love for Shae pushed him over the edge to kill Tywin. Maybe just a little decision to help Cersei will have big consequences. I doubt he will switch sides, but in the end, he will try to protect Cersei. He loves his family and Cersei’s children, he will do whatever it takes to make sure they are safe in this war, IMO. He doesn’t want her to win, but he cannot allow her to be killed either. Cersei plays this game better than anyone so far, so of course she knows how to manipulate him and use him to her advantage. Remember what she said when Jaime told her that he met with Tyrion and that they request a meeting. Her response was that a meeting with the dragon queen at this time could be beneficial to their side. She is using Tyrion to give her the advantage and he doesn’t even know it yet. P ON l DLFo a Eah y wrSi fSAP N EtO o nz w M gf a g t Xk sev f DOe o ayZ r Vc g K e burN o kYXl f YQNR e Q m B p otT i RUbj r jR e Mzzmb s ucw. Undo Related Questions More Answers Below Why do the Stark dire wolves hate Tyrion so much. Do you think Tyrion will be Dany's betrayal for love.

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Hamta iTunes nu sa kan du hamta och prenumerera pa Game of Thrones The Podcast av Bald Move. Oppna iTunes om du vill hamta och prenumerera pa podcaster. It still packs thrills, but the writing is generally weaker (particularly the dialogue). I'm not one who merely writes it off to them not having Martin's source material to pull from anymore. That's a factor, sure, but ADWD and AFFC wouldn't have read well on screen anyway. So I would say it is some combination of: Benioff and Weiss want to be done with the show and move onto other projects. They allot huge portions of the budget to two or three episodes a season (this season would be 5,9,10), which means the other storylines suffer. I assume that is what we contribute the inconsistent pacing to, and some of the lackluster payoffs. What I can't explain is why the dialogue suffered so much. They've been largely writing their own dialogue since season 2, and it was largely great until last season. Now certain episodes (The Red Woman) are almost walking dead level bad. And the rest of the time, it's alright, but not anywhere near its previous levels. It's still my favorite thing to watch on TV, but I'm not sure why we've seen a sharp decline in quality. The source material for books 4 and 5 was pretty weak. Season 6 will probably go down as the 3rd best of the series. If your only opinion of the show was from Reddit you would think that the Arya scenes in episode 8 were the worst calamity to hit the TV screen in years. Go ask your coworkers at the watercooler and they will think it was a pretty cool scene and they are excited for Arya to go back to Westeros. From my experiences everyone in the real world are enjoying season 6 as much as any of the other previous seasons. After episode 9 everyone will be on the SEASON 6 IS GREAT narrative again. I'm not saying that season 6 hasn't had mistakes.

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Having broken the siege, Ramsay rode into Winterfell - only then did he reveal his true identity to Theon. Without provocation, Ramsay punched Theon with a mailed fist so hard that it broke his jaw, then ordered his men to kill the remaining ironborn, as well as the Stark servants and commoners of the castle, and to burn everything. As he faded out of consciousness, Theon watched helplessly as the Dreadfort soldiers killed Black Lorren and Maester Luwin. The last thing he saw was his horse Smiler, screaming and rearing, his mane on fire. Moreover, the grief over Bran and Rickon causes Catelyn to release Robb's most important captive, and that rash act results in the loss of the Karstark troops, which makes Robb's position even worse. Thus Theon unwittingly serves as a catalyst of the Red Wedding, although he has no idea of it and it has never been his intention (very similarly to the way Ramsay unwittingly serves as a catalyst of the mutiny at Castle Black in the novels, by sending the Bastard Letter ). In A Storm of Swords, Roose Bolton tells Robb and Catelyn that Theon is held prisoner at the Dreadfort, and is being tortured by Ramsay. Roose shows them a piece of skin, claiming it is from the little finger of Theon's left hand, which Ramsay enclosed to the letter Roose received from him. Robb says sharply that he wants Theon's head, not his skin. Roose suggests to keep Theon alive until the North is liberated from the ironborn in order to demand concessions from them, and Robb reluctantly agrees. Since Roose turns to be a traitor and most of his report is revealed to be false, it is unclear to the readers if he lied about Theon too. Most of the ironborn, including his sister Asha presume he is dead, but are uncertain since his body was never found. Ramsay never sends a taunting letter to Balon in the books, so no one knows if he is even alive, or if he is, where he is being held. Ramsay does send a warning message to Asha, to which he encloses a piece of Theon's skin (not any body part) without specifying Theon's status, but it happens much later. Neither Asha nor anyone else ever intend to try to rescue him. Asha herself actually did return to Winterfell with a few soldiers after the Bolton army withdrew, in the hope that Theon may have survived by hiding, but all they found were badly mutilated bodies, which convinced Asha that Theon was probably dead. Even if she knew that he was alive, and specifically at the Dreadfort, the Boltons' castle is so strong (and located on the other side of the entire continent) that it was actually logistically impossible to mount an assault on it with a few longships. Theon's torture by Ramsay is only revealed in flashbacks throughout the fifth novel, but the TV series chose to present these events in the chronological order that they happened. Had they done it in the order that the books did, Theon would have disappeared after the Season 2 finale, and only reappeared again in the Season 5 premiere. The books don't directly state that Ramsay castrated Theon, though it was vaguely implied that he had.

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historical monument where the visitor is present, if there is a difference in the time period, the user has to reconcile this past-present temporal disconnect via the storytelling, a fact which could impact negatively on the whole experience. In the context of our work in EMOTIVE, we have developed experiences which are set in the present, exploring concepts and ideas that were manifest in the past, but through a contemporary lens (Perry et al. 2019). In this sense, the visitor is using their own experiences to help make sense of the past, not inhabiting the bodies of past people as though we can completely understand what they were doing and thinking in pre-modern times. Rather, visitors in the present are guided through a story in the present that makes them think about how people in the past might have navigated and negotiated the same issues. There is no disconnect, then, and the only staging-related issues that are left to manage are those common to any sites; and places like Disney have arguably written the textbooks on how to handle these matters in exceptional fashion, completely immersing visitors from the moment they approach the car park. Disney might be the extreme example, but there are many lessons to be learned that can apply at more modest levels. 4. Designing for Meaningful Interaction One of the constant user evaluation results from storytelling experiences created during and after the CHESS project was the need for “more interaction”. Interviewed visitors who tried the interactive storytelling experiences felt for some reason that they were not “interactive” enough. When prompted further they explained that this comment does not mean they would like to “interact more with the mobile screen or the application, on the contrary”. They felt that they had no actual control on the plot itself, on how the story unfolds. Although they were given initially a role in the story and a task, there were no crucial decision points that could potentially change the outcome of the story. Branches revolved around information content that the visitors could access or the path they could follow on-site. Their role in the story was in reality that of a spectator, an “invisible” and transparent character that follows the main character 610 A. Katifori et al. with no possibility to actually interact with him or her in a meaningful way. Some visitors, especially with more pronounced gaming backgrounds, felt restricted by this. As Crawford (2005) explains, story “richness depends on the functional signi? ance of each choice and the perceived completeness of choices offered”.