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Of course, it's good that this moment wound up on the cutting room floor because it would have given away the Littlefinger scene at the end. Plus, it was only Sansa figuring things out, meaning Arya was being strange and confrontational on her own and wasn't in cahoots with her sister until possibly the end. Now I can just pretend that the three of them cooked up this plot back as early as when they all met by the Godswood. On the downside, huge moments sometimes got crammed together in such a way that it robbed them of weight and substance. As each of these seasons is being filmed as one cohesive entity, sometimes plots that are hatched in earlier episodes don’t really make any kind of sense until the season finale airs: that the reason why Character X did Action Y was so that by the finale they could be in a Location A and cause Action B. This finale has a few of those moments, wherein it seemed like the only reason why two characters were in the same location was because they “had” to be for Action B to occur. I mean of course yes (almost) everything on the show is scripted but sometimes these events feel like they’re more-scripted-than-usual. Anyway I should get into the actual episode since it’s a lengthy episode and because I take forever to write these. (I assume any audience reading about Game of Thrones has read a lot about A Song of Ice and Fire and Game of Thrones and I will not be responsible for any information you may gain as a consequence of reading this article. That said, I attempt to ignore directly talking about leaked information. Thankfully there are no more leaks for Season 7 events so now it’s just a waiting game until the Season 8 leaks.

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Factory, Oct. 22 ): Four-Blu-ray set containing the hidef debuts of The Fall of the House of Usher, The Haunted Palace, The Masque of the Red Death, The Pit and the Pendulum, Witchfinder General and The Dr. Phibes, with historical saga, starring Alyssa WITCHBOARD Milano and Charlotte Lewis, reappears on DVD and debuts on Blu- Ami Dolenz ray, tying in with the remake (see below). Also coming: Dexter: The Complete Series Collection on both disc formats. RED CLOVER (Lionsgate, Oct. 22): An After Dark Orig inal that premiered on Syfy as Leprecmaun's Revenge, directed by Drew Daywalt from an Anthony C. Ferrante script, with the Irish (New Video, Grieving parents' mourning by a panicked girl VIDEOVORE. Alek Gearhart's indie knockoff sounds like a truer reflection of Max Brooks' World War Z novel than the Brad Pitt movie! others. THE BLACK DAHLIA HAUNTING Brandon Slagle writes directs the story of a modern woman (Devanny Finn) plagued by the spirit of the 1 947 murder victim (Alexis lacono), on DVD and Blu-ray with interviews and more. (Origin, Oct.