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We’ll be painting this Image of Kate Morgan, the resident ghost at the Del, in front of the iconic hotel under a full Halloween moon. Although she didn’t make her presence known in the lobby, the model staying in her room received a mystery phone call around 5 am with no one on the other line. Read below for the description and click on the link in bio to pre-order. While all of the retail stores on the hotel's main level are known for periodic outbursts of poltergeist activity, the 1888 gift store gets the most media attention. The activity is often characterized as a mischievous ghost that loves moving gadgets, marbles, and accessories. It also hates Marilyn Monroe and Wizard of Oz stuff on display. Most employees blame the activity on the jealous ghost of Kate Morgan, a woman that committed suicide at the hotel in 1892. However, in doing my research, I came across another death at the hotel that better fits the poltergeist's personality. I'll discuss this person in more detail when my book comes out. Let's just say that it is fairly obvious that Kate Morgan's ghost doesn't haunt alone - if she haunts it at all.

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Did Saddam's statue command the Marines to screw up an otherwise terrific piece of propaganda. The visionary creator of Fable III, Peter Molyneux, has anticipated this sociopolitical moment. In order to do so, Hero must gain the people of Albion's support, and then, during the game's second half, the player must choose whether or not to follow up on those promises. It's all too easy, in other words, for Hero himself to become a despot. It makes communication a value in and of itself, with what’s being communicated (the message), secondary to the fact that communication is happening at all. And its language constantly draws on social networking themes. In other words, it expresses what’s inside the person: emotions, thoughts, experiences and so on. Along with gesture, skin is the prime example of a hysterical mechanism: displacing and betraying what can’t be said in language. Blushing and paling are perhaps the best-known examples — but skin break-outs of all kinds can be seen as hysterical forms of expression. It’s arguable that the more repressive a cultural system, the more it values the seeping out of the unsayable, as in the subtle eroticising of female blushing in 19th-century England.

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We also cover the ill-fated New Adventures and the badass 200X show. Next week we're looking at the 1987 Dolph Lundgren movie. Maybe the most significant animated series of my childhood, Thundercats (1985) was, for me, age 6, the promise of adventure. Seven cat-people escape the doomed planet of Thundera and find a new home in the lush, expansive new world of Third Earth. But then never bargained on their old enemies, the mutants pursuing them and forming an unholy alliance with this new planet's ancient demon priest, Mumm-Ra. When you go back and investigate aged 36 however, it's a creaky, ponderous, derivative, bloodless, tension-free grab-bag of embarrassing dialogue, ridiculous over the top performances and tropes that were worn into the ground a decade or two ago. I've got so much better TV to watch, animated series' have reached unforeseen heights of excellence. And in 2011 when a new series was attempted and sank without trace after an unsatisfying ending that suggested a much larger story-line, why did I love that too. It's not just nostalgia, there's more to both of these shows. Allow me and Sharon and Jerome McIntosh of GameBurst to elucidate for you.

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Pals, who have tried, tell meTanya Roberts just won't anymore. Greystoke, but the film Tanya fought to star in, that Paul. Aratow toiled so many years to set up, would be laughed off. At least, I learned something about Will Eisner and S. M. Janet. And what we have here, friends, is Jungle Janet, The. Beastmistress. Having failed lamentably in his Pink Panther. The successful revival of those five 'missing' Hitchcock films has really.