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The two form a deep bond during their time in England, and Ivar is visibly distraught when Ragnar is captured and taken to his death. Ivar believes that Ragnar took him to England to teach him the strengths and weakness of the Saxons for the future invasion and he, above all his other brothers, was Ragnar's true heir. They say that a man must love his sons more, but a man can be jealous of his sons, and his daughter can always be the light in his life. You saw yourself as weak and conflicted, but to me, you were fearless because you dared to question. Since I invaded Paris I found myself thinking, what use is power. You see, the problem with power is that the more you have, the more others want it. And in my world, power can only truly be built with blood. Only fools believe they can live forever by avoiding the fight. This hero that comes into Valhalla does not lament his death. And when they do, I will bask in their tales of triumph. The gods are man's creation, to give answers that they are too afraid to give themselves. For he doesn't actually follow the Christian faith but used it in a ploy to break into the city of Paris. There is the possibility that Bjorn will use the same tactic made by his father in the future. He is best known for his high-profile Calvin Klein campaign, for co-starring opposite Patrick Swayze in the TV series The Beast, movie Warcraft and for his role as Ragnar Lothbrok in the History Channel series Vikings. He made his 3 million dollar fortune with Vikings, Calvin Klein, L’Oreal. Naturally, the article sent the Facebook and Twitter into a frenzy. In the mid-2000, Travis had a rumored relationship with Joy Byrant however, in 2004, he got in a relationship with an American actress, Jill Marie for a year. After a decade, Travis allegedly started dating his co-star from Warcraft, Paula Patton in 2016. Read on to find out if he is married, who his wife is and his relationship with Serena Viharo. He is possibly single, however, he has been romantically linked to several actresses with many of his female friends.

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Those who have yet to have the privilege to watch Season 1 should start looking away now for spoilers lie ahead. Matt Reeves seems all set to go and make one hell of a movie about the Caped Crusader. According to some clarification from The Hollywood Reporter, Matt Reeves is indeed Warner Bros. Depending on the year, it can be difficult creating a Top 10 list of the best horror movies because of a lack of great content; 2016 is not one of those years. Last year was such a great one for the horror genre that many high-quality films, like Don’t Breathe and Ouija: Origin of Evil, didn’t make the list. The litany of horror movies was so superb in 2016 that most of the titles below could easily be argued as deserving the No. 1 spot. 10. Lights Out This ghost story is a buffet for jump-scare tactics that fil. Before the weekend, take a few minutes for your Daily Blunt. Ellen also took the time to celebrate Katherine's 21st birthday with the surprise of a lifetime, so fingers crossed we see some selfies with Mother Monster on. While researching an article about 13 Reasons Why was filmed, I googled the address for Clay's house - and what I saw almost made food literally fall out of my mouth. His face is blurred, but I'm 99 percent sure Dylan freakin' Minnette is posing in front of his character's house. Look at this beautiful fool: Image Source: Google Maps Not sure it's him. Jeans: CHECK. Headphones: CHECK. Image Source: Google Maps If you pan to the left, the whol. Just hours after it was officially confirmed that 13 Reasons Why would be renewed for a second season, the breakout actor posed at the MTV Movie and TV Awards. Although Dylan is dating Ray Donovan actress Kerris Dorsey, he posed solo on the red carpet and had everyone melting with his adorable smile. He and other members of the 13 Reasons Why cast showed up, even though the show is not nominated for any awards.

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He took the obvious lie from Dany really, really well. Book wise he is more devious so maybe if show Daario returns, he’ll have more of that. I clearly thought her look towards LF at the end suggested her worry for Jon’s safety. I think Kit also said that he thinks he is trusting Sansa blindly which might come back to haunt him. I think this is all created by the show runners and actors to provide a cliff hanger for the audience until show returns next year. Just like they did with JS possible death at the end of last year. It is very clear show runners never want the audience to feel safe about any of the Starks. That is what the show is based on, audience forever feeling vulnerable over Starks’ safety. But I just don’t buy the fact that Sansa will join forces with LF to bring down Jon, and that she felt underappreciated. If that is truly the take away they wanted the audience from this episode then the show runners did not do a very good job of selling it to the audience. Every sign pointed to the fact that she fully trusted him and was genuinely happy for him. Moreover, it was also made clear that she does not trust LF at all at this point. So why would his meaningful stares at the end of the episode all of a sudden change her mind about him and Jon. It was shown very clearly in the KiTN scene that she was smiling and truly felt happy for Jon and House Stark reemergence. Her happy look changed to consternation only when she spotted LF smirking, and it had to be because she feared for Jon’s safety because she knows what LF is capable of. Why would she join forces with someone she knows she can’t trust to backstab a Stark. I continue to thoroughly enjoy the Dany and Tyrion exchanges and teared a bit when he became hand of the Queen. I think the look that he gave her was not necessary one of romantic love but more of the admiration one would have for a younger sister who they are exceptionally proud of. I wouldn’t want anyone else to have to go through the trouble of trying to verify this though, because it took me hours to view the minute details and reach my conclusion. These videos and 6:10 do not sync with each other AT ALL.

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You have the only chance to cast some light upon this incident by going deeply into the matter of quantum theory: thorough visual inspection of professor's records and instruments will help to lift the veil on the mystery. The technological singularity has given humanity the power to expand further than they ever have before. Now, they compete with each other and their sentient artificial intelligence adversaries for control of newfound worlds. Stand up to the cult’s leaders, Joseph Seed, and the Heralds, as you spark the fires of resistance that will liberate the besieged community. You could even do 4K with the eye candy preset lowered a notch or two on a 30hz screen. Experience how the award-winning Nemesis System creates unique personal stories with every enemy and follower, and confront the full power of the Dark Lord Sauron and his Ringwraiths in this epic new story of Middle-earth. In Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Lara must master a deadly jungle, overcome terrifying tombs, and persevere through her darkest hour. As she races to save the world from a Maya apocalypse, Lara will ultimately be forged into the Tomb Raider she is destined to be. The more advanced it gets, the more vulnerable it becomes. We’ve created a house of cards: remove just one, and everything falls apart. In only days, without food or water, society collapses into chaos. The Division, an autonomous unit of tactical agents, is activated. Leading seemingly ordinary lives among us, these agents are trained to operate independently in order to save society. It takes several minutes to complete the testing and tuning. For the record, that’s nearly 10GHz effective speed. The 6GB of GDDR5 really isn’t a bottleneck under the GTX 1660Ti’s GDDR6 and gives games plenty of space for textures and such. Overall, MSI’s GTX 1660 Ventus XS OC just crushed everything we threw at it at 1080p and usually managed around 50 FPS average at 1440p at max settings. This means that 1080p gamers can take advantage of high frame rate monitors at 1080p. The highly competitive E-sports players will likely appreciate this. The Dual fan cooler stayed inaudible the entire time because the card barely got into the 60C range under maximum loads.


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I love this show and am genuinely pleased for it’s ongoing success. He went out with dignity, and got in a barb about how he gets to rest, and Jon doesn’t. SmallJon was fantastic. “Your father was a cunt. Yes, SmallJon. Yes he was. Besides, I think that the show just confirmed that Jon is not going to be real popular with a lot of Northerners right now: he let the barbarians past the gate. After all, they could be plotting against Ramsay without being loyal to the Starks. If Roose could kill Robb and become Warden of the North, why can’t Karstarks (who are kin to the Starks) become the new overlords of the North. House Bolton is reduced to a mad dog who won’t be missed by anyone. Sansa is a girl, she could be married off to some lord (they don’t know she is becoming a badass a queen). Bran is lost, Rickon will be taken care of by Ramsay. Jon and Wildlings too, if things go the rebel lords’ way. It is at this situation that we need Wyman Manderly to come in as the biggest (literally) Stark ally ever and turn the table around to have a GNC conclusion. I mean he might just be stepping out to right his name in the snow. Most people are incapable of communicating succinctly, and thus cannot write good dialog. Everyone here has used a variant of that line before. I really liked that Thorne, to the bitter end, really felt he was doing the right thing “for the watch”. He wasn’t wrong in what he said (what he did to the Lord Commander is another thing! but he also didn’t see what Jon and the Wildlings did at Hardhome.


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Criminal Justice Coalition, a nonprofit assisting TFDF. Constitution and state law,” concurs Andrea Marsh, TFDP director. William Thomas Eastes, a Georgetown magistrate. - Patricia J. Ruland. After weeks of denying rumors, troubled talk-radio network Air America filed for. Border Media Partners, which carries Air America locally on KOKE-AM (1600). Border Media decided to pull out of Dallas and buy two new stations in San. Antonio to strengthen its presence there. “It just makes more sense to concen-. For more election coverage, see our endorsements, p. . Your Austin Area Mazda Dealers TAKE A TEST DRIVE TODAY. Conspirare begins its 14th season with a choral block-. All-Night Vigil. Both works display a richness of color, a. For over 50 years, Armed Forces Entertainment has brought the. Neighborhoods, parks advocates, and the Town Lake Trail Foundation all oppose new. How committed should the city of Austin be to protecting. That’s the broad public-interest issue raised by a proposed.


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om. On Wednesday, the two streaming giants expanded their existing partnership to offer consumers a rather attractive deal. Existing Spotify Premium subscribers can take advantage of a special introductory offer by upgrading their existing Premium plan to Spotify Premium, now with Hulu. For Spotify, it’s an opportunity to step back into video after its original video push fizzled out. It also serves as a way for both companies to boost their subscriber count and for consumers, there’s the opportunity to save a bit of money. The new bundle is available to existing Spotify Premium subscribers from today. Unfortunately, everyone else will have to wait until this summer to get in on the action. Nor will you find a complete list of all the advertisers that have told Facebook they can target you with ads. Nor will you find lots of other pieces of personal information like images that Facebook knows you’re in but which were uploaded by other users, or a phone number you declined to share with it but which was uploaded anyway because one of your friends synced their contacts with its apps, thereby handing your digits over without your say so. And that’s just to name a few of the missing pieces of information that Facebook knows and holds about you — won’t tell you about if you ask it for a copy of “your information”. Here’s the key exchange — which is worth reading in full to see how carefully Zuckerberg worded his replies: McNerney: “Is there currently a place that I can download all of the Facebook information about me including the websites that I have visited? Zuckerberg: “Yes congressman. We have a download your information tool, we’ve had it for years, you can go to it in your settings and download all of the content that you have on Facebook. McNerney: “Well my staff, just this morning, downloaded their information and their browsing history is not in it. So are you saying that Facebook does not have browsing history? Zuckerberg: “Congressman that would be correct. If we don’t have content in there then that means that you don’t have it on Facebook. Or you haven’t put it there. McNerney: “I’m not quite on board with this. What he is absolutely not talking about is the much more voluminous — and almost entirely unseen — supermassive blackhole’s worth of data the company itself amasses about users ( and indeed, non-users) via a variety of on and offsite tracking mechanisms, including — outside its walled garden — cookies, pixels and social plug-ins embedded on third party websites.

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