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Upon arrival, J? ? e? finds that his private memory lane is about to be paved over by the highway of progress. To begin with, the man threatening to lay his ancestral home to block-development waste is none other than Gr? oire, an old rival from school. Then it dawns on him that for years his father had been managing an elaborate alternate life in the old place. But it? Gr? oire? girlfriend Louise (Young and Beautiful revelation Marine Vacth) that really intrigues him. She dislikes him more than she should, for a man she just met. Less known is the fact that Rappeneau is one of very few French writers to have been nominated for a Best Screenplay Oscar (That Man From Rio, 1964). To help shape his latest screenplay, Rappeneau enlisted co-writers Philippe Le Guay (The Women on the 6th Floor, COLCOA 2011), and son Julien Rappeneau (My Way, COLCOA 2012). Julien? brother Martin Rappeneau composed the film? music, keeping Families in the family.

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I was wondering if anybody else was thinking the same thing. Jon listens to his heart and not to his head, just like his daddy and Rob did. I really enjoyed Arya's scene with the lannister men. The endless killing spree was getting kind of old, even though I understood why she was doing it. She was about to kill those men because they were from King's Landing and I'm glad that she (seemingly) changed her mind once she saw that they were actually kind and really just wanted to be home with their families. It was nice to see the compassionate side of Arya again. It was also refreshing to see a band of soldiers that weren't just about raping and pillaging. I love whenever Tormund and Brienne are on screen together. Tormund looks at her like he wants to sop her up with a biscuit. And I got to see my bae Podrick:flirt: Dany. dead: at her just rolling up on Dragonstone with no pushback whatsoever. Dany is the luckiest character in all of GOT with her privileged ass. LMFAO, he didn't answer your question you crazy bitch. Jaime's dialogue and facial expressions were hilarious throughout the episode. The one family that supplied the kingdom with food is gone. Helloooooo. Cersei: I am ruler of the 7 kingdoms Jaime: more like 3 Cersei: you helped Tyrion escape, the traitor who killed our father Jaime: uhm, there's a chick with 3 goddamn dragons coming for us.


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Given that hard way of life on the ? it's reasonable to assume they follow the same practice. While wights can't swim, they don't need to breathe either. Presumably the ? are capable of intelligently directing the wights to be ferried on ships, but this is just conjecture. As for why the ? never tried to build a fleet and sail around the Wall, apparently there was some other sort of magical restriction on them traveling south of it. When Mandon Moore tried to kill him at the ? he thought Cersei might have ordered him to do it for a time, but then settled on thinking it must have been Joffrey. Maybe the second time was after he escaped to the ? and she put a price out on his head (resulting in the severed heads of several innocent dwarfs being delivered to her). The River Road is indeed the main east-west highway leading out of the Westerlands that an army heading east to link up with other armies from ? would use. Lord Harroway's Town is a large market town just upriver from the ? making it a logical meeting point for armies converging from the west and east to head north. In the books, the rift between them has begun at their first meeting after Jaime returns to ? later, Tyrion reveals to Jaime that Cersei has been sleeping with other men.