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He says: “These are the priorities; if there is violence and incidents of rioting, then the mainstream media will cover it, but if someone goes the Gandhian way and is on 11th day of their hunger strike, then they will choose not to. €ť Amit goes on to explain the entire hunger strike situation and the reason as to why it should have been covered. The panel then discusses the kind of news that deliberately doesn’t go on air and is not considered to be of grave significance owing to the prevailing power struggle in mainstream media. Rohin sheds lights on a story related to the Mahatma Gandhi Central University in Motihari, Bihar, where, after the death of Atal Bihari Vajpayee, a professor posted something on Facebook against the former Prime Minister. The next day, he was beaten up badly and still remains in a critical situation. After this incident, the CAG report on the university showed that a lot of financial irregularities had been found, but even in spite of this, the incident went unreported. The discussion then moves towards what made news—but shouldn’t have—and everyone agreed that Rahul Gandhi eating non-veg in Nepal shouldn’t have set the headlines on fire the way it did. Rahul goes on to brief us about Tushar Damgude’s FIR in relation to the Bhima-Koregaon incident, and more. The discussion starts with Quashik Mukherjee’s movie called Garbage. Rajyashree sounds fairly disappointed with the movie but also suggests that Q—as a director—is very impressive since his movies are mainly provocative and about things we don’t usually see in Indian cinema. She explains the storyline in detail and explains why, according to her, the plot was weak, and what went wrong. Abhinandan talks about Stree, the Horror Comedy directed by Amar Kaushik and written by Sumit Arora. He also mentions that this one of the best Hindi movies he has watched in several months. He points out that “Rajkumar Rao and Pankaj Tripathi are a boon to Indian Cinema.

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Drake made the comment in another Fortnite stream with Ninja last night, per PCGamesN, but added the lyrical reference had to be done “the right way. €ť You can watch the clip for yourself above, and mull over the possibility of another Hotline Bling emote, or a variation of it rather, being added to a game (Uncharted 4 multiplayer, Black Ops 3, Destiny, Heroes of the Storm). Drake teases a Fortnite rap, but only if Epic gives him a Hotline Bling emote pcgamer. om Drake Says He’ll Rap About Fortnite if Hotline Bling Emote Is Made gamerevolution. om Drake Will Rap About Fortnite for Hotline Bling Emote gamerant. om. On Wednesday, the two streaming giants expanded their existing partnership to offer consumers a rather attractive deal. Existing Spotify Premium subscribers can take advantage of a special introductory offer by upgrading their existing Premium plan to Spotify Premium, now with Hulu. For Spotify, it’s an opportunity to step back into video after its original video push fizzled out. It also serves as a way for both companies to boost their subscriber count and for consumers, there’s the opportunity to save a bit of money. The new bundle is available to existing Spotify Premium subscribers from today. Unfortunately, everyone else will have to wait until this summer to get in on the action. Nor will you find a complete list of all the advertisers that have told Facebook they can target you with ads. Nor will you find lots of other pieces of personal information like images that Facebook knows you’re in but which were uploaded by other users, or a phone number you declined to share with it but which was uploaded anyway because one of your friends synced their contacts with its apps, thereby handing your digits over without your say so.


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Davos kysyy, onko Tyrion kasitys siita, miten muuttaa tilannetta, ja Tyrion sanoo kylla, jos he menee ja keskustelee Cersesin kanssa. Daenerys ehdottaa voimakkaasti, ettei han tee sita, koska han ei halua Tyrionin murhata. Jon mainitsee, etta han menee, koska hanen ongelmansa on ratkaistava. Tai me kaikki menemme kotiin, ja olemme juuri silloin, kun aloitimme. Daenerys antaa hanelle hyvaksynnan, ja Tyrion ei paase puhumaan Cerseiille. Veli ja sisar-chat Gregorilla on Tyrion Cersien karttahuoneeseen, jossa Jaime pysayttaa sen. Jaime puhui juuri askettain (ei, mieleeni) Cersei, kunnes han lahetti hanet toimistostaan. Tyrion: Aion astua huoneeseen, jossa maailman murhaisin nainen, joka on jo yrittanyt tappaa minut kahdesti. Tiedan. Kuka on idiootti? Jaime: Luulen, etta meidan pitaisi sanoa hyvastit. Jaime astuu syrjaan katsomassa Tyrionin kavelemaan ehka hanen kuolemaansa. Tyrion jatkaa Gregorin seuraamista Cerseen toimistoon. Cersei tietenkin aloittaa keskustelun mahdollisimman varovasti, vaikka Tyrion ei ole halukas vain ottamaan surunsa.


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Development and utilization of solar energy therefore, has a bright future in the country. Total solar radiation is maximum in summer and minimum in winter. The northern region and southern coastal regions however, are exposed to lower intensities of solar radiation than the central and western regions. As such, Pakistan can easily harness solar energy on a large scale. Out of this, the direct radiation amount accounts for over 60% of the total radiation amount, and the value is second only to that of Balochistan and Sindh Province. From the Distribution Diagram for Total Radiation Space Changes in Pakistan (see Fig 2. ), it is evident that the space distribution is characterized by Master Planning Report for Infrastructure Development of Quaid-e-Azam Solar Park, Cholistan 7 south-to-north decrease. Fig. 2. Radiation Distribution in Punjab Province 2. . . Meteorological Data of Bahawalpur Bahawalpur District is located in the south of Punjab Province. The Meteorological Station in Bahawalpur District is located at 71.


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Jeden dil ve ctvrte sezone v tom stejnem setingu by bohate stacil. Alespon, ze Walter je zase svuj nenormalne normalni. A v cestine (bezi na Coolu) ma i vyjimecne povedeny dabing. Preiss a Brzobohaty mi tam sedli, jako uz dlouho nikdo. Zatim dobry. Asi bych to sledoval i kdybych mel i neco jineho ke koukani (a stridal bych dle nalady) U me. zatim. takovych 60%, ale je to otevrene hodnoceni, jeste to muzu poslat vyrazne nahoru i dolu, uvidim. (jinak Hitler byl fakt hustej, koukal sem na to ve tri rano a ta scena, i kdyz jinak naprosto randomni, me docela vzala, hezkej good night na zaver dilu) Tak. Tak rozvolnenej nastup nebyl snad ani u Babylonu 5 - a to mam docela pochybnost, ze by meli Grimm rozmyslenej a rozvrzenej tak peclive, jako Babylon. Taky jsem z toho byl relativne poteseny, dostal jsem z toho serialu vic nez jsem cekal. Samozrejme vysledek druhe sezony je o necem jinem. Osma sezona uplne o nicem (dobrych dilu tam bylo tak pet). Zajimavy konec osme sezony, ale koukat na devatou me nedonuti.


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Anderson won Emmy Awards both times as Lady Macbeth and Evans won his Emmy for the 1960 version, which also featured Ian Bannen as Macduff, Jeremy Brett as Malcolm, Michael Hordern as Banquo, and Felix Aylmer as the Doctor. Evans had played Richard II in Schaefer’s first full-length interpretation of the Bard in 1954, which was also his first long-form program “special” as a director under the Hallmark banner. Previously, Schaefer received a credit of “production supervised by” for the 1953 Hallmark adaptation of Hamlet starring Evans and Ruth Chatterton, which was directed by Albert McCleery. Evans was joined by Lilli Palmer in Schaefer’s The Taming of the Shrew in 1956, and also played Prospero in Schaefer’s The Tempest several years later, joined by Richard Burton as Caliban, Lee Remick as Miranda, Roddy McDowall as Ariel, and Liam Redmond as Gonzalo. The effort by Schaefer, Evans, and Hallmark to present Shakespeare to a network audience found industry-wide acceptance in an era when TV was an upstart still defining itself. While the director would return to such great actresses as Anderson, Katharine Hepburn, and Eva LaGallienne, and occasionally showcase a talented beauty, such as Remick or Diana Rigg, he truly found his on-air muse in Harris. She ascended to TV royalty through his presentations of her, starring for him in the Hallmark productions of The Good Fairy, The Lark, both versions of Little Moon of Alban, as well as Johnny Belinda, A Doll’s House, Victoria Regina, Pygmalion, The Holy Terror, and Anastasia, and as Mary Todd Lincoln in the PBS piece, The Last of Mrs. Lincoln. Schaefer also directed Harris and Maximilian Schell in an hour-long Sunday Showcase presentation of Alfred Bester’s Turn the Key Defty (1960). Both of Harris’s Emmy Awards for acting were for Schaefer shows, Little Moon of Alban (1958) and Victoria Regina, and half of her 10 acting nominations were bestowed for his productions. As the theatre usherette trying to maintain an elaborate ruse in The Good Fairy, and in a moving triumph as Joan of Arc in Jean Anouilh’s The Lark, Harris showed both the comic and tragic sides of her mighty talent. Particularly as the inquisition closed in on her Joan in The Lark, her capacity for a brimming yet restrained emotional pitch for a just society wore down even the imposing officialdom of Eli Wallach, Boris Karloff, Jack Warden, Basil Rathbone, and Denholm Elliott. But Shakespeare’s accessibility being what it is, the Schaefer piece that captured the audience the way few of his productions before or after ever did, was Little Moon of Alban, which became legendary in TV lore. Relying almost entirely on Harris’s moving portrayal for its meaning and resonance, it marked the first time a full-length teleplay was written especially for Hallmark, by James Costigan.


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o blame a baby for its own delivery. Not to mention orchestrating his death sentence for murdering Joffrey despite a complete lack of evidence and good reason to believe otherwise. Why jon hasn't told daenerys that he knew his uncle (maester aemon) 2. Did ben stark said last season that the Wall has strong magic and everything. Why the magic of the Wall did not react or activate while the nights king attack it with viserion. I think it's going to happen. nd when it does what if after the hound takes out the mountain he then goes after vulnerable Cersei and completes the Valonqar prophecy because he is indeed the little brother. Either he's the dad or they are doing some kind of weaponized breeding. We'll see. Perhaps the Revelation she's pregnant will pull them back together but, he will pull away with out explanation when he first finds out. Now that Theon is looking for Yara he'll probably head to the Iron Islands, as we would expect from Eurons comment at the council. When Theon finds that his uncle is not there he'll start searching for him, somehow find and kill Euron and free Yara. Eurons quest to get the Golden Company fails and Yara and Theon take the entire fleet back to fight with Danarys. Knowing the valanqor prophecy there is no way Cersei would let him go alive out of there unless he gave her an offer he can't refuse.


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Just as Viserys only included the decorative cape on formal occasions, Daenerys may only wear it for more formal occasions as well (she doesn't wear it in this episode, while she's traveling). Daenerys, however, isn't a self-important buffoon, so her costume decorations - while still in the same general style - are more subtle, working in smaller dragon details and motifs (which, unlike with Viserys, the camera can only pick up in close-up shots). Clapton said this was one of the few constants in all of Daenerys's costume changes - the idea being that she has been dodging assassins her whole life (sent by King Robert or others) or simply wandering around with her brother like a beggar, to the point that she has an ingrained psychological need to be ready to flee any place at a moment's notice (by quickly getting on a horse and riding away). This is a drastic condensation by the TV writers that doesn't really make sense: it means that for the past three to two years of story time, the Lannisters simply didn't bother to re-occupy an empty castle, one of the strongest in Westeros, which directly controls sea access to their capital city. There is zero precedent in the entire history of Westeros in which one side in a war didn't try to re-occupy a castle that the opposing side abandoned, much less a strategically important one. Dragonstone was constructed with lost Valyrian architectural techniques and is defensively quite formidable, so even a token defensive force can hold it against large armies. This prevented the Tyrells from dealing with Euron Greyjoy 's military campaign against the Reach. Loras and Margaery urged Cersei to send the Redwyne fleet back to the Reach, but she (secretly gloating over the Tyrells' distress) refused, claiming that Dragonstone was more important than the Shield Islands. Loras takes the castle, but with heavy and unnecessary losses due to his rash nature; after fighting through many defenders despite taking numerous wounds, he was doused with boiling oil and left severely burnt, barely clinging to life. Cersei then told Margaery about Loras's injury, pretending to be sympathetic, but Margaery saw through her pretense. That put a strain on the Lannister-Tyrell alliance, though it is currently still intact. The TV series omitted all of this and just had Loras burn to death in the Destruction of the Great Sept of Baelor (in the books there is some slim chance he might, in fact, survive). Although it is not mentioned explicitly, as of the latest novel A Dance with Dragons, Dragonstone has been presumably garrisoned by Lannister troops after the siege. Even within the episode, Jaime himself observes that Stannis abandoned the castle, the Lannisters are aware of this, it is relatively nearby, and he says that it's the most likely target for Daenerys Targaryen's initial landing.