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abqwizard 10 meses atras Zozo’s revenge. And the girl sucks Anjie Marie 10 meses atras I didn't like this short much and I thought the girls character was totally unlikable. Andreas G. 10 meses atras More like Tesla did it before, Edison tried to catch up:D. ol J C 10 meses atras that was good Mindy Aguliar 11 meses atras You need to learn how to make your actors react to reality in a realistic way. Most people would like what the fuck there shit trying to kill us and get the fuck out. I understand that wouldn't make a good story but at least make the reactions and decisions logical. Also the guy just left his truck in the middle of the road. Rajendra amberkar 11 meses atras Moral of the story- Dangerous story, evil girl, she need mom instead her jobless dad. DIY Dave 11 meses atras Should have been Tesla not Edison. Mr.

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Bramble451 2 bulan yang lalu The time of the moon across the screen is irrelevant. You need to know how far away the moon is from the camera, and some information about the lens, and the video resolution. You could then calculate how much surface of the moon should come into view as it passes in front of the camera, if the scientific evidence of the size of the moon, the size of its orbit, is correct. You could then compare that against the video and say whether or not they match. Mind you, this doesn't actually answer the question, it just answers whether the video is consistent with the scientific consensus. Then you have video that is compatible with science, but also with his fake video hypothesis. So then you have to find some other way to decide between the two. And just in case. no, I'm sorry. for the sake of the people who are GOING to misinterpret what I'm trying to say: flat earth is bullshit. They started with a flat map composite image made from 10,000 satellite images, where they had removed the clouds.

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She winds up in King’s Landing and barely escapes with her life when KL explodes from wildfire. Spoiler-leaked. Euron goes to Dragonstone after things don’t work out with Cersei. Daenerys is at Dragonstone, and they have some type of interactions. Do you expect to be thrilled or disappointed by the next (and final) season of Game of Thrones. What do you predict will happen to Tyrion in the final season of Game of Thrones. Who has the best Game Of Thrones season 6 finale prediction. Related Questions Now we have reached the end season 7 of Game of Thrones. Indeed! While Dany is clearly a white hat, it might be that we are being setup for a theme regarding the perils of ambition. While their methods may differ, Dany, Cersei, and Baelish are all obsessed with themselves and what they think the world owes them.

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Of course it wouldn’ t be a real amusement park without a few villains as well, like The Man In The Black Hat and Bernard Love (who isn’ t really such a bad guy on his own but Dr. Robert Ford turned him into a killing machine). OK, so we already have a million questions about season two. The trailer shows Bernard staring at a dead tiger — how did it get there. Maeve stands in a room surrounded by dead people — did she master her robot wiring and kill them all. Dolores rides on horseback at sunset with a shotgun — who is she aiming at. The Man In The Black Hat’s face looks like Freddy Krueger, all scratched up and bloody, and he looks beyond pissed off — is Dolores in danger. At the end of season one, we realized that the plot of Westworld was unfolding during multiple timelines. This means William had aged throughout the years at the park and eventually had become the rapist and evil guy, also known as The Man In The Black Hat. Are you following? Dolores remembered that she’s supposed to kill him, and that she’s one of the oldest robots ever built in Westworld, who went by the name Wyatt.

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In some cases, you will likely be shocked by films that are missing. In others, you’ll find yourself surprised to see us going to bat for films that don’t deserve the derision they’ve received. Horror cinema speaks toward the dark side in all of us, allowing us to confront the most frightening, primal forces we struggle with every day—death, and human malevolence—in a way that is actually constructive in strengthening the psyche. In the oddest of ways, horror movies help us overcome our own fears. Even at the age of 82, in the year of his death, Franco was hard at work playing himself in a sly meta-comedy, Revenge of the Alligator Women, but it’s 1971’s Vampyros Lesbos that remains his best remembered and most celebrated work. The Countess Nadine Carody, played by the alluring Soledad Miranda, is indeed a vampire, but her status as a monster is ultimately less important than the twisted love affair that ensues between her and protagonist Linda. With a space-age psychedelic soundtrack that heralded much of his work to come, Vampyros Lesbos feels like a grungier, eroticized answer to the Italian giallo films of Mario Bava. The acting is at times absurd, but the mesmerizing interplay of darkness, color and human flesh has a pervasive, lasting pull that has never quite dissipated in the decades that followed. —Jim Vorel. Or at least he wanted to convince you as much: If he didn’t have you believing you had some serious stakes in what was happening onscreen, then he—the 20th century’s consummate cinematic showman—wasn’t doing his job. So begins The Tingler, Castle’s 1959 creature feature, wherein the director appears on screen like a B-grade Alfred Hitchcock to remind the audience that what they’re about to see is hardly a lark.

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Signing a 34-year-old to a deal that takes him into his late-30s doesn't fit the mission statement the Yankees have laid out since last July. If the Yankees are itching to bring in a veteran bat, go get Mike Napoli. The 35-year-old will likely be looking for no more than a two-year deal, making him the ideal place holder while the Yankees work toward their two primary goals: getting a real look at their young talent, and trimming the payroll beneath the luxury tax threshold, whatever that number might be in 2018. In addition to being the primary DH, Napoli would provide a quality insurance option for Greg Bird, who is coming back from major shoulder surgery. He would also bring some much-needed postseason experience to a team that suddenly lacks that element, having seen veterans including Mark Teixeira, Alex Rodriguez, Carlos Beltran, Brian McCann, Ivan Nova and Andrew Miller all depart in the past four months. Carlos Beltran remains another short-term option, but unlike Napoli, he doesn't play first base — and he hasn't won a championship. Beltran, who turns 40 in April, is more likely to look for a true contender to sign with, hoping to land that elusive World Series ring. Napoli has been to the World Series with three different teams since 2011, winning it all with the 2013 Red Sox. As long as he's willing to shave his beard — which is no certainty — he would be a perfect fit with the new-look Yankees. The Yankees will say all the right things about contending this season, but they know the bigger picture is what matters most. Napoli, known as a terrific teammate at every stop he's made, would provide a good mentor for some of the younger players trying to get their legs underneath them as they begin their careers.

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she is playing with matches here. Faceless man told her that killing the wrong person for the wrong reason to appease her own reasons is wrong. He made her blind when she killed Ser Meryn because Ser Meryn was not a marked man for the kill. She killed alot of people to statisfy her revenge and did not offer those deaths to god of death. You americans are so obessed with the idea of democracy that you really think it exists. Arden Klein Tahun Yang lalu Cersei wouldn't be alive today if Hot Pie did not tell Arya that Jon is King. Sansa idols Cersi, as a strong woman role model, and Gendry like masculine things like action and war. Melisandre vs Varys as another battle among battles. Can everyone spread these two prediction as theories for me, please. It would be awesome if game of thrones lasted for many more episodes. DelToro Tahun Yang lalu If Jamie kills Cersei during the war he would take the throne.

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Eugene Lee, who played Porky, as well as the rest of the child talents all felt the palpable difference in studios. They had gone from being treated like kids to be treated like child actors. Another difference was that the majority of the shorts were being written and created by Robert A. McGowan, formerly Anthony Mack, who despite being the nephew of Robert F. He had been the director of a few lackluster shorts in the late Twenties, but he showed even less talent as a writer. McGowan must have confused fans who thought he was one and the same person as his uncle. Fans of Our Gang and film historians both agree along with the Rascals themselves that the shorts created during the M-G-M years were far worse than even the weakest Hal Roach shorts. The performances were described as stilted, the lines were delivered stiffly and stories were more like grammar school moral films of the Fifties, which were probably based on them. Hal Roach had avoided over-rehearsed child performers for locating natural kids with natural talent, but too many of the latter now inundated the series. Furthermore, the regular Our Gang stars were starting to turn into gawky teenagers and were gradually being let go. Eugene Lee was first to go after Auto Antics, Tommy Bond followed after Bubbling Troubles.