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The Emmys were awarded that month and network television dominated. “The West Wing” and “Will and Grace” were top shows. There were no Netflix shows because there was no Netflix. If you wanted to listen to music, you stuck a CD in a player. The effect that technology has had to all we do wasn’t yet that overwhelming. But technology (though access to Google, Wikipedia and of course Gongwer’s fabulous archives) does help to refresh our memories to what was happening that month. The Olympics opened that month in Sydney, Australia. There were international protests against economic summits. Those were the highlights from the international world. In the U. . President Bill Clinton was in his final months in office, while Hillary Clinton was running for the U. . Senate in New York. Democratic Vice President Al Gore was locked in a presidential battle with Texas Governor George W. Bush (the really interesting part of that battle really started in November). And in Michigan, then-U. . Rep. Debbie Stabenow was running a tough race against then-U.

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He asked to concentrate on the programmes like Mann Ki Baat and asked that the every activist must try to listen to the programmes while in public gathering. Harinder Gupta asked party leaders to concentrate on public related issues and in the meanwhile plan for future programmes. He asked them to start preparing for the general Parliamentary elections of 2019, by addressing to every problem of public and taking the beneficial schemes of Government to them as the return of BJP is needed to further strengthen the democratic set up of the Nation while progressing the country on path of development. He also asked the leaders to focus on the women and youth related issues and extend their reach to every single house of the area. State Vice-President Karan Singh, Seh Prabhari Suresh Sharma, State Executive Member Nand Kishore, District President Omi Khajuria, Mandal Presidents, Morcha Presidents, District Team and Alp-Vistaraks from the District were also present in the meeting. Sat Sharma, while addressing the gathering during the tour for the inspection of the site and taking the ground survey related to the matter, said that there was a long felt need for the playing ground for the children. He uttered the age old saying of “Sound mind lives in sound body”, while emphasizing on the physical activities for the healthy growth of the future generations. He said that due to the fast urbanization in all the major cities of India, the lack of planning has given to the paucity of space for the playing areas for the children. Sat Sharma, while meeting the local residents of the area, who were long pressing for the construction of the Sports Stadium on the area being used by their children to play since decades together called up the Deputy Commissioner, Rajiv Ranjan to know the situation of the land identified by the locals and called for the early resolution of the issue. Sat, while speaking about the 65 Kanal land identified by the department, at the back side of Aashram, near Revenue complex in Ward No. 32 under Jammu West Constituency, said that the stadium has been allotted about 4 Crore Rupees. He also issued 10 Lakh Rupees immediately out of his Constituency Development Fund (CDF) for the quick start up of the development work. He said that this will help in the upsurge of the Sport Activity in the area, both in the Urban as well as Rural areas of the region. He also told that the DPR for the project is ready and soon the tendering process will be started for the same. Ayodhya Gupta, Jeet Angral, Sanjeev Sharma, Sat Pal Karlupia, Gurcharan Singh, Ankush Sharma and others were among the prominent persons who accompanied the MLA. Women must take a lead role: Anupama Jaiswal Anupama Jaiswal, Minister of State (Independent charge) in Uttar Pradesh Government paid a visit to the BJP headquarter, Trikuta Nagar during her visit to the City of Temples. She said that, that the BJP government in every state of India is working with the sole aim of the upliftment of the common masses. She discussed various approaches being used up by the UP government to tackle the hooliganism and the lawlessness unleashed by the previous Governments. She also appealed the women leaders of the State to take a leading role in the politics of the State to uplift the status of the women folk in the State. Bharat Bhushan, Karan Singh, Rajni Sethi, Dr.

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Yves Saint Laurent Handbags Replica. He goes all the way to the family to give them the money he got in the casino because of his guilt. The SOPA law which is to be reviewed in the USA is a law that will simply shut down most websites with pirated content, especially media like content. By that, I mean music, videos and any other piece of content that you should legally buy but instead you download from the internet. If it is passed, Replica Yves Saint Laurent Handbags most likely Wikipedia along with other pirated content sites will have to come to fake ysl on ebay a close. West Bengal Industrial Development Corporation (WBIDC) has been asked to organise the trips. According to officials ysl loulou replica in WBIDC, the chief minister has lined up two boat trips with city based industrialists the first one on October 30 31 to Gangasagar and the other is scheduled for December 8 9 to Jharkhali, an island in the Sundarbans. It’s kind of ugly and gritty, but it’s exciting, so I decided to stay here. . Ysl replica. More extensions, less is the need to create certain functions and that’s exactly Active Server Page dotNET helps you realize with its bevy of useful tools. The scalability also lets you keep making amendments in the app whenever required. If you make it with a neat plan, you can make excellent results out of it. For better results, you can take the help of the facebook marketing tools that are available online. Granted, there are undoubtedly differing definitions of camping. Some people think of camping as going to a campground and parking a car in a spot, then setting up a tent. Or maybe camping means taking the RV out on the open road and finding a spot for the night yves saint laurent replica bags. Danica Patrick walked away OK after taking a hard hit to the wall in her qualifying race at Daytona International Speedway on Thursday. The wreck ripped the front end off Patrick car, and she have to use a backup car in Sunday Daytona 500. We wanted to just be cool, calm and collected with no damage.

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Battle at Bristol broke Vols dominate Battle at Bristol, beating Hokies It was a rocky beginning for Rocky Top as the Vols started the game with two three. Tickets are just 10, and kids 5 and under get in free on game day. Fans can purchase tickets, sponsor a player in their community, or make a donation to the game by. Saturday and Sunday October 24th25th What is Battle for Zendikar Game Day. See how you match up against your local community, earn. Watch Live: Rockies and Dodgers battle in Free Game of the Day. In fact, hell be featured on the MLB Free Game of the Day on Yahoo Sports. John Brantley, Jeff Driskel, Jacoby Brissett, but the 2017 spring game was a different story. Title: Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator Genre: Violent, Gore, Action, Adventure, Indie, Simulation, Strategy, Early Access Developer: Brilliant Game Studios Publisher. Free Battle grounds online games, Naruto Battle Grounds, Lego Ninjago Final Battle, visit us every day and be part of our community. The Battle For Wesnoth is a musthave for any fans of turn based strategy games. The game is GNULinux, Windows, MacOSX, BeOS, Open Source Game Of The Day For Mario Kart Wii on the Wii, a GameFAQs message board topic titled Poll: What musictrack do you want to be out of the game. Become a table top master at the Battle Grounds Arena Board Game Day at Longbeach Mall on Saturday, 29 October 2016. This weekend is the biggest football game of the year. Game Day mock up version of the Battle for Zendikar Expedition lands Please let us know what you think below The Red Dragons held the Wildcats to negative doubledigit yards rushing for most of their 380 Battle of the Bridge WVU Gameday Blog. University of Illinois Marching Illini: Mark Custom Music. Shop the World's Largest Sheet Music Selection today. Its finally college football season, and in honor of the only time of the year better than Christmas, The Daily Caller will visit one game each week. I think I remember a thread in the past but couldn't find it. Battle at Bristol, a game first discussed in 1997 and Game Day, Earnhardt East.

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90. 00. Ketua UPK PNPM Karangawen, Wakimin dalam laporannya mengatakan, surplus tersebut mengalami peningkatan signifikan dibanding TA 2012 yang hanya sebesar Rp 58 juta. Penguatan Kelembagaan ”Semakin besar surplus tentu semakin banyak masyarakat sekitar yang terbantu dari pemanfaatan bantuan sosial yang kami salurkan. Dijelaskannya, dana surplus yang disalurkan untuk bansos itu didapat setelah dikurangi kolektibilitas sosial sebesar Rp 133. 30. 131. Selain bansos, pemanfaatan dana surplus juga untuk penguatan kelembagaan sebesar Rp 36. 50. 00, reward pengurus Rp 12. 92. 00 dan penambahan modal Rp 183. 72. 58. Adapun sasaran penerima bansos merupakan hasil seleksi tim UPK yang sebelumnya diusulkan oleh pihak pemerintah desa dan kelurahan. Untuk program bedah rumah difokuskan pada enam desa yakni Rejosari, Karangawen, Wonosekar, Margohayu, Kuripan dan Brambang. Sedangkan alokasi bantuan langsung masyarakat yang digulirkan selama TA2013 sebesar Rp 3,5 miliar. Dana bergulir itu dimanfaatkan untuk simpan pinjam perempuan (SPP) sebesar Rp 2,3 miliar dan Rp 1,13 miliar untuk usaha ekonomi produktif. Terpisah, Camat Karangawen, Zaimudin menyampaikan terima kasih dan apresiasi kepada UPK PNPM-MPselaku mitra pemerintah daerah yang telah berperan dalam meningkatkan kesejahteraan masyarakat. Ia berharap pemanfaat dana SPPmaupun UEP bisa mengembalikan pinjaman tepat waktu agar surplus yang dihimpun UPK bisa meningkat pada masa mendatang.