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Fivefold enhancement in the emission of the silver XRL was demonstrated using the new pump method. Based on a fiber-optic, pump-probe setup at 1550 nm wavelength window, and by varying the pump-pulse duration, we show that the material phase transition is primarily caused by the pump-pulse energy. For the first time, we demonstrate that the instantaneous optical phase modulation of probe during pump leading edge can be utilized to create short optical pulses at probe wavelength, through optical frequency discrimination. This circumvents the impact of long recovery time well known for the phase transition of VO2. Intrinsic arousal was measured by a salivary response measure; induced arousal was manipulated by white auditory noise. Elevated concentrations of tritium were found in the urine of persons who wore wrist watches with luminous dials and plastic cases. High emission of tritium from these watches were observed. In an experiment, a volunteer wore a watch with high emissions and the build-up of the tritium concentration in urine was monitored, as well as the decline after removing the watch. Possible pathways for the incorporation and its mechanism are considered. In spite of the relatively high activity concentrations observed, the dose is negligible. On the other hand, the principle 'ALARA' can be achieved without any costs by simply choosing other types of watches. (author). 12 refs. 2 figs. 2 tabs. Single beam irradiation produces SRO, while two-beam interference irradiation produces a quasi-2D arrangement of nanoparticles with LRO and SRO. The pattern formation primarily occurs in the molten phase.

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It can be hard figuring out what customers are thinking about or what they’re looking to get out of your products, so any interview you do with them helps with that. You are so invested in your product and so focused on it that it can be hard to step away and look at it from another view point. User research interview sessions give you that opportunity. I worked with a bank and they had a standard set of text they used in recruiting bank customers, along the lines of “We won’t ever ask for your bank balance or any information about accounts. Perhaps that was required for regulatory compliance anyway but it served to be very clear about what we were NOT going to be asking about. Like, if they use your software, then they have a chance to give input and feedback. We are humans who are the product of our experiences and meeting other people and exchanging the slipperiest of substances: words. That’s not a closely-held belief, or an aspiration, it’s an idea of what you think might be happening. But trying to understand someone’s framework, expectations, preferences, experiences, mental model, etc. I keep thinking about some of the over achievers I get to meet and how accomplished they are. He started a graduate program in design at SVA in NYC, called Products of Design that kind of takes a big picture look at what design can do. Funny, passionate about pop culture and knows everything, cares about people. His book about meetings is going to come out soon (I can say I saw the cover and it looks really cool). It always seem to be the first element dropped when budgets are tight. And why was it even being proposed or considered in the first place. I’m sure there’s some Rhetorical Studies model here I’m not expressing well, but understanding your adversary’s objections seems like one possible persuasive technique. It’s not about what YOU need, it’s about what the work requires.

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A brother of the Night's Watch can only be set free from his vows by dying. No one ever accounted for someone being confirmed dead, but then coming back. And in case anyone was unsure of the rationale, Jon all but says it outright in Episode 4. Typical villain trope, but take a close look at the way he's cutting the apple - lengthwise, around the edge, peeling the edge back very slowly. Typical villain trope, but take a close look at the way he's cutting the is skinning an apple - lengthwise, around when Osha arrives. He sets the edge, peeling the edge back very slowly. But as Jon said in previous seasons if the Wildling go through the Wall it's not that they will invade the North but that it would take miles before an army stops them. The Umbers probably preferred fighting the Wildling after they are tired and wouldn't waste his ressource on the first confrontations if they can avoid it. Is there an issue? Send a Message Reason: This isn't really fridge brilliance. No one except Stannis took the wildling assault on the Wall seriously. The world is falling apart by people killing each other more and more recklessly for short term gain. Eventually, one of the swords makes it into the hands of Brienne of Tarth, who had sworn herself to Lady Catelyn and later does the same for her daughter, Sansa (who is, as far as most of Westeros knows, the last Stark left). Is there an issue? Send a Message Reason: Jossed by the flashback. He's already got the scar, but isn't mentally handicapped. Send a Message Reason: Was this comma removed by mistake.

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. Those over 40 accepted his feeling that he deserved a zone of privacy. But younger journalists, raised on Watergate, had an entirely different expectation of what was fair game. . At the same time, you have changing attitudes towards adultery, marriage and women in the workplace, which made the story polarizing in a dramatic way. . This is something I’ve said to my colleagues in journalism: we need to understand that what we do isn’t a game. What we do can reverberate through the years and the decades, changing the course of history. . I immediately ordered the book, loved it, loved the detail, and it just felt like it was a movie waiting to be made. That has only happened a few times for me in my life and I was just ready to jump in. . Starring Robert Redford as a high-minded lawyer who makes once unthinkable compromises on the road to becoming a California Senator, the film is beloved for its frenzied, simulated realism and its skewering of how substantive promise can be transformed into sheer image. That started us down that path where there’s a reason for every detail in this movie, right down to what liquor each character drinks. . It was clear that he truly got it and it kicked off an incredible collaboration. .

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You might want an ultraportable laptop that's light and will last a long time away from the mains. However, other people want an ultrabook that's powerful and can handle demanding applications without breaking your back when you carry it around. Some compromises are inevitable if you want a thin and light laptop, though. There's less space for a battery, so it's typical to find shorter runtimes. Thin laptops tend to have shallow key travel, so if you need to do a lot of typing read our reviews to find out whether a keyboard is a joy or a pain to use. We recommend all the laptops here: there isn't a duff one among them. However, we urge you again to read through the full review before spending your hard-earned cash. None is perfect and what will best suit your needs might not be the device ranked at number one. The latter may differ depending on where you buy the laptop from, too. John Lewis, for example, tends to offer longer warranty than rivals. After-sales service is something you should consider for everything you buy. Check whether the company has a UK-based support line, and forums (including our own) are an ideal place to ascertain whether a manufacturer is generally good or bad at carrying out work under warranty. IDEK's Logistics Station add-on simplifies resource sharing. Mr Jose Cuervo's Sim Settlements City Plan Disaster Pack then gives your settlers' work purpose, and a reason to keep on building. In the Abernathy Air Tragedy, for example, settlers must help Blake Abernathy rebuild his life in the wake of his daughter's death. Abernathy blames the Raiders for his hardship, we learn here, and is determined to protect the loved ones that remain. In the Oberland Station Intermodal Calamity, settlers must restore a community after a train wreck; while the Red Rocket Molerat Catastrophe tasks them with outlasting an irradiated rodent infestation.

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That was the first time a TV show ever brought me to tears. Everything about that scene, from the set-up, the acting, the score, and the sheer weight of that moment was perfectly executed. After George's last two labyrinths in ASOIAF, I'd legitimately be surprised if his Winds of Winter could match it. I feel your frustration with GRRM, at this point its become comical. HBO needs to back up the Brinks truck to get Sappo back for Season 8. He elevated the show to a new level with the final two episodes of the last season (and arguably with Hardhome as well). The last couple of episodes to season 6 was some of the best (and most satisfyingly awesome) television i've ever witnessed. They broke out of that lull with a vengeance with the Mountain and the Viper. Hardhome was great But Battle of the Bastards might be the best thing I've ever seen televised. And BL might be right - that is some of the finest filmwork I've seen, TV or movie. I'm not even sure what you could stack up against it. That was fucking ridiculously high quality for television. I love that too. I'd stack the final fight scene of Hannibal right there with it. Just brilliant cinematography and probably my favorite tv show finale of all time. There have been some pretty definitive leaks about that last point. Could we see Drogon battling his siblings turned ice dragons.

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They are all at the top of their game, and each offers particu-. Wellness Spa is as well-appointed as the entire Crossings com-. You’re in a hurry, and your nails need help, pronto. You pop. Repairing a pair of shoes isn’t just about saving the. Painstaking arrangements, flowers of the rarest and most. Flower shops aren’t just for flowers these days. Though. Though Hondas and Toyotas are the joint’s specialty, they. Austin has spoken. For the 10th consecutive year, you. Kickboxing, self defense, wrdh and total body condimning-. Fun to watch, these guys strap in and fearlessly fly around in your treetops for the. For those who knew Phyllis Nunez (aka Sharoo) from back in the day at Gaitan’s Barber. She uses the name Sharoo in honor of her dad, who gave her. Bon Appetit Y’all Cooking Tent: Capitol Grounds. Meliesa Querre: flishr-.


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While I can understand eliminating the Quentyn arc, why eliminate Arianne and then kill off Doran and Trystane while making Ellaria the centerpiece. Maybe it will once we get to see what happens in the next book. But I would rather Doran had killed Ellaria in gruesome fashion that have him get killed like that by her. Loved the Red Viper, but can't stand his whiny woman. And the actor playing Doran was the best part of the whole Dorne situation on the show. Doran didn't avenge a couple of deaths fast enough for her, so she kills him and his son and his bodyguard. Who is going to avenge those deaths which were even worse than what the Lannisters did in the first place. Wouldn't bringing Snow back to life take a toll on the red witch, possibly causing her to age. I don't think it took anything out of the person doing it, just the person it was done to. The producers took liberty during the final minutes to illustrate to us just how powerful she is. At the end of the day, do we really care to see dogs getting stabbed. Is that relevant to the story at all, or even necessary to see. Does stabbing dogs make for good television or is it required to progress the story. The concern over the missing dogs is just nerds nitpicking the shit out of the show. It's silly. Who fucking cares about the dogs. The concern over the missing dogs is just nerds nitpicking the shit out of the show.


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The man would have no toilet, nowhere to wash, no change of clothes or bed linen. The images displayed around him were attempting to convert his sexual desires into nightmares. The smell of faeces and vomit and urine was combined with the overwhelming feeling of nausea and the psychological effects of sleep deprivation. Psychiatry was in effect using homosexual desire as a weapon of torture, turning it back on the person who confessed these feelings. And when the man was not feeling sick, he was inundated with (presumably unwanted) sexually enticing images of women who were supposed to arouse him back to the safe shore of heterosexuality. Gay desires became associated with the failure of the body to hold its limits, and were degraded in a deluge of shit and spew and suffering. Heterosexual desire was supposed to make things better, and indeed subjects were believed “cured” when they could convince the hospital staff that they no longer wanted sex with other men, but reported that they were ready to have sex with women instead. What is more disconcerting in Dickinson’s study is that some men, who had no trouble with the law, volunteered for aversion therapies in order to remove their unwanted attraction to other men. Such is the depth to which homophobia sank in the mid-twentieth century, under the guise of making people “normal. Some homosexual men internalized this social hatred, and would do anything possible to “fit in” to heteronormative society, even check themselves into a psychiatric institution to be “cured” by becoming terrified of their own desires. It does not take Lytton Strachey to see the power that heteronormative bourgeois standards had over individual psyches in the twentieth century. Needless to say, since these practices, the relationship between LGBT people, the police, and psychiatry has been understandably strained. The Royal College of Psychiatrists, as noted above, has recently made some step towards acknowledging these past wrongs; the police are now often seen marching in support at Pride parades, but some traumas take generations to be forgotten. In order to best institute such abhorrent practices, and to minimize the opportunity of questioning these practices, the work was broken up work into simple elements. One nurse might be ordered to administer an injection of an emetic substance, but would not see the effects of their actions. Another nurse might be told not to comfort the sobbing homosexual covered in his own filth, as it was not a part of the treatment--the psychiatrists in charge made it clear that such suffering was for the patients’ own good in the long run. Yet another nurse would be expected to go on a faux date around the hospital grounds, to assess how the man responded to kindly female attention.