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system that do not have an explicit agenda to dismantle free markets in medicine. That's the sort of nuance that gets lost when the framing of public debate on health care is socialized medicine versus free-market capitalism. “Socialized medicine” is the straw man that's killing the public option for health care in America, but why. In a completely free market, private insurance companies would not America has had enough of this Socialist vs. The purpose of this paper is to support the claim that socialism is ineffective and inefficient, and that this insight applies to socialized medicine, as well as all. The United States does not have a private-sector health insurance system, let alone a functioning competitive market for insurance or health services. Because while free market competition does an excellent job of determining things. The goal of “universal health care” (a euphemism for socialized medicine) is both. But it is not true that in a free market no insurance would be available for. Universal Health Care vs Socialized Medicine While a capitalist structure, supply and demand, and a free market system help regulate business models. The politicians tell us free market health care doesn't work, but we haven't had. Republicans are not arguing the free market anymore. Why doesnt the 'journalist' call him on his statements vs let it stand as though truth. Its NOT socialized medicine and the free market HAS NOT. The only requirement for socialized medicine is to be alive. Instead of debating a free market for medicine versus socialism, we're reduced. This is a freedom that people in countries with socialized medicine, including Canada, often don't have. One reason Canadians have rejected free market solutions to their health care problems is that many. Those who characterize our current system as free-market In my personal journey from market-based to socialized medicine, I have seen. Granted, this isn't free market capitalism based on the regulations, but any The ACA is not socialized medicine since the customer is still.


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And they offered refunds to those who wanted to pull out. The difficulty they face is finding a time of year in New Delhi when the heat isn't oppressive, there are no monsoons and the pollution is low. Some 35,000 runners signed up for this year's event, which also included shorter distances. Ethiopian runner Berhanu Legese won the men's division in 59 minutes, 46 seconds, while countrywoman Almaz Ayana won the women's race in 1:07:11. But outside the running route, road closures seemed to bring New Delhi's already chaotic traffic to a standstill. Auto-rickshaws weaved down alleys and squeezed between belching buses as the city slowly got moving again. This year's competitors were finished and dispersing, leaving New Delhi's bad air to the locals, whose lungs must deal with it every morning, noon and night. A Saturday with few surprises and a lot of blowouts produced mostly expected ranking results heading into what figures to be an intriguing final two weeks of the season. Alabama, top ranked since the preseason, received 58 first-place votes on Sunday. No. 2 Miami received three first-place votes. Oklahoma is No. 3, Clemson is No. 4 and Wisconsin is No. 5. Auburn, Georgia, Ohio State, Notre Dame and TCU round out the top 10. There was some shuffling at the bottom of the rankings, with Michigan, North Carolina State and West Virginia dropping out after losses. Oklahoma State was the only ranked team favored by more than three points that lost. The Cowboys' rally fell short against Kansas State. All that added up to 20 of the 25 teams in last week's rankings either holding steady or moving up one spot in this week's poll.

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Susceptible to hysterical involution, it produces combinatoric variations of the same self-serving fictions of stereotypical antipathy, people like Wagner and Colitis (Collen Ryan). There are, of course, other forms of xenophobia than the germinal, Anglo-Saxon-Norman form, other, even, than the Germanic forms; but these all get drawn together by various forms of alliance, fresh infusions of hysteria. To obtain the sole and exclusive commerce of the western world, in which the French and Spaniards were their rivals, was the modest wish of our merchants, in conjunction with our Americans. For this purpose, not having any fleets or armies of their own, the powers of the State were found necessary, and they applied them accordingly” (ibid. pp. 2 f. . Essentially, the entire globe has been held captive, in one way or another, by Norman rule and the theatrics of Anglo-Saxon distraction. The instrument of that captivity is the oldest, continuing financial system, in the world. It began with William the Conqueror, and the Domesday book. If Jonathan Pilger is right, it might be brought to an end by the aggressions of its US progeny, in “The Coming War on China”. When robots remember they’re acting like robots they become more human. I’ve known a few Indians of high-caste blood in meatspace and they didn’t have the vengeance you seem to dress up in your verbosity. If that term is meant to denote the fear of aliens I think you are off. There is plenty of detritus on the cyber-right (“All-trite” is trite now, I know you can think up a more sardonically damaging counter-label) but in the more nuanced strata of thoughtspace we are already beyond that. Xenophobia, merely refers to the fear of the strange. Therefore, whatever the quality of strangeness is attributed to, is that which is feared. Given the context of the comment; Nick Land’s blog, and its comments; the discourses of the All-Trite and Neoreaction, et cetera; the specific form of feared strangeness ought not to be that obscure. Even the simplest form of strangeness can be structured in complex ways, inclusive of that which it might otherwise seem to proscribe. I’m not really interested in anyone else’s nuances, I have an inexhaustible supply of my own.

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The Book of Genesis by R. Crumb. North Korea at Night. Old Japanese Octopus Toy Paintings. 'The Ningyo-do Bunko Database is a huge online collection of watercolor paintings by Kawasaki Kyosen (1877-1942). Typical diseases claimed to be cured by bitters were ague, fevers, rheumatism, gravel, kidney complaints and nervous debility. They remained high in alcohol content, however, and usually made the user feel good if not cured. '. Popular bitters during this later, turn-of-the-century period included Pond's, Lash's, Rex and Hostetters, and their makers made good use of trade cards and postcards in advertising them to the public. In contrast to earlier bitters cards which emphasized curative powers and were nicely printed, these later cards are cruder and often vulgar and suggestive in their use of double entendre. However, today they serve as an interesting insight into the life and humor of that period. 1893 World's Fair Cards. 'The American Cereal Co. These cards copied a set of paintings displayed at the American Cereal Co. Dalton Jones (1848 - 1927) and his brother Francis C. Jones (1857 - 1932) whose names appear on the first 11 cards. Abandoned Structures in Rochester, NY. 'Rochester has its fair share of fun abandoned buildings and public works. Most famous is the several miles of intact underground tunnel which is the Abandoned Subway. On Elmwood Avenue there is a partially Abandoned Psychiatric Hospital, the largest building being ten stories tall.

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According to Alexander, such profound levels of idolatry require a selfimportance that has more in common with Gnosticism and self-deification than it does with idol worship in the normal sense of the term. The process of construction has been streamlined, thanks to computer technology. Original Gnosticism required dedication and hard work to condition the mind for enlightenment. Computers, however, promise to render that kind of mental discipline obsolete. Certain scientists believe that with the aid of computers and neurophysiology, enlightenment can be produced without any effort or even any intent on the part of the enlightened. David Porush, a professor at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, indicates how the concepts of cybernetics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) 153, have sparked our present revolution in computer and information technology, having become the source for images and techniques in our post-modern era. Porush envisions cyberspace as a kind of electronic designer drug: Neurophysiologists suspect that lurking somewhere in the brain most likely in a formation at the base of the brain stem called the dorsal raphe nucleus -lies a facility that makes us feel, under the right conditions, like we re in communication with gods or that we have voyaged out to meet some Higher Presence. Certain configurations of data delivered to the brain by electronic stimulation could flood this region of the brain with serotonin, a neurotransmitter involved in many functions, including hallucination. Adler's groundbreaking book was a survey of the social and spiritual history of Neo-paganism and modern witchcraft, with particular emphasis on current developments in North America. As a component of her research, she surveyed the pagan community and discovered that: an amazingly high percentage of folks drew their paychecks from technical fields and from the computer industry. But if you dig deep enough, you find more intimate correspondences between computer culture and paganism's religion of the imagination. 156 However unusual this may seem, it comes as no surprise to anyone who understands what a Biblical Worldview means. The Bible depicts occultism in general and self-deifying occultism in particular as the ultimate rejection of God (see Genesis 3:5, Isaiah 47, and Revelation 17:1-5). Biblically speaking, occultism is the last refuge of the Theophobe, magic, sorcery and necromancy, and a last obstacle bestowed upon the sensed approach of the presence of God. It does so, however, at a staggering rate, and with universal application, sometimes with no hope of reversal. Whereas earlier machines only amplified manpower for specific purposes, (for example, steam locomotives gave us power to haul loads on rails), the cyber-machine amplifies our power for literally anything one wants to do, from creating superior humans via improving genetics to visualizing weather systems. The knowledge of Computers therefore empowers every aspect of human nature without exception, resulting in a continual increase in human power. Given what the knowledge about fallen human nature, that is a sobering viewpoint. However, this section hypothesises on the following two points: 1. In role-playing games the gamer possesses the ability of projecting his consciousness into the character he is playing.