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Once again he presents top notch uncompromising harsh noise. Dutch artist Jason Kohnen (Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble, The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation) joins forces with the Hungarian drummer Balazs Pandi, best known in the last five or six years for his work with Merzbow. Primed to conform with the most foolish and outlandish behaviours aimed at the destruction of the individually powerful. Stasis combines the same clinical synths and abrasion as on the previous two albums, No Reverse and Death Technologies, with an increased sonic depth as the project continues its explorations into its chosen sounds and themes. Most lyrics are in Russian, some part in the 4th track on Karachay language (the ancient language spoken in villages in remote areas of the Caucasus Mountains). Each cassette comes with an A4 poster with an ancient map. The album lasts not for too long, but contains all creams of deadened and sickly gloomy noise. And this construction is of a double-edged nature, as its name conveys. Side A contains a record made at a dash impromptu on a July 2004 night set by the renown St. etersburg project Kryptogen Rundfunk. Side B is a debut release from Moscow DJ Paul Begge, who worked, by contrast, slowly and carefully under Forgttn moniker that opens a new era in his career. However, despite all their differences,the projects have one story to tell. The name of the project reflects only memories of ancient society in which spiritual values were no less important than material ones. The music of 'Kshatriy' is based on drone style with ambient and noise elements, with no certain frames and accept any necessary sound sources. Later unlimited reissue made by Les Nouvelles Propagandes, with original artwork in thick PVC-wallets with inserts.

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I signed up at Volt Temporary Services and they placed me in a long, black building in downtown Pasadena, working for Bank of America in the Versateller division. Every morning I would get up early, ride the bus into town, do my 8 hours, and ride the bus home. Concurrently, Tracy and I started fighting over the phone because I had fallen into a black hole of communication. I hadn't been writing letters for some time, and I couldn't call because I had to save every penny. She had graduated High School by this time and was now in college at the University of New Orleans leading her own life, meeting new friends, still telling everyone that she had a boyfriend (In absentia) in California. Things were tense. Mark finally landed a job on a Sandy Howard produced film called DEADLY FORCE, but it was truly a one-man show, so while Mark worked in the garage, producing bruise make ups and wounds and things for the film, I was downtown approving customers for ATM cards. The only distraction from my personal misery came when Anthony Showe asked me if I would sculpt him a texture stamp to help him complete a Creature From The Black Lagoon suit he was making for himself for Halloween. I sculpted a scale pattern in a large square and molded it in plaster for him. He picked it up, thanked me, and went to finish his costume. We didn't hear from Anthony until a few days after Halloween. We asked him what he did and he said that he had gone to Hollywood boulevard with a friend (who was dressed as a robot) to walk up and down the street. He didn't finish his costume until late that night, so he and his buddy left the house around 10 p. . arriving at the boulevard around 10:30.

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On a different subject what do you think of the practice of discretionary closing times? i. . the pub will stay open the advertised extra half hour if the manager thinks it worth it on any particular evening. To me it's wanting to have your cake and eat it, or less formally, taking the piss. If you're in the pub you don't know how fast to drink or whether to have another half, say, or if arriving late, as I often do, whether the pub will be open or not. To be on the safe side I will be assuming that the place will be closed at all times, as are many of my mates. There's quite a good choice in Carshalton and I wonder if the new manager knows that. It's generally been accepted that if a place is rather quiet, it might close early, but that it's good etiquette for the staff to go round about half-an-hour beforehand to let you know that this is likely to happen, and to suggest venues that are likely to be open later. Seemed to work rather well. (I say 'seemed', as my late-night drinking days are largely behind me now). They've all been boring so far this morning - or have been asking me to do things I don't have time for, so I thought I'd save myself the hassle and stop opening them altogether. People will soon get the point and stop sending them. This seems a blundering accountant-driven policy or maybe the manager's just a lazy arsehole. My pub is licensed until 1am on friday and saturday, but I close at 12.