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Her father is the late Lito Calzado, a choreographer and a TV director. She has an elder brother, Dash Calzado, who is a member of Legit Misfitz, a 90's Pinoy rap group. Calzado started out as a guest teen star in the show, Click, which led to further roles. She participated in the drama Kung Mawawala Ka as the soap's villain, Phoebe Valiente and starred in her first soap opera, Te Amo, Maging Sino Ka Man and was paired with Argentinean actor, Segundo Cernadas. In her early years, she worked as a teen idol and also released her own brand of dolls. She was one of the most bankable artist of her generation, having blockbuster movies that was produced by ABS-CBN's film outfit called Star Cinema, commercials and regular TV shows. But from then, In 2002, she parted ways with her network and moved to GMA where she remained for twelve years. She later returned to her home network ABS-CBN in 2014. She has released several albums with original OPM songs. Her most notable releases were Jolina (1999) and On Memory Lane (2000) which were certified platinum for selling more than 150,000 copies. Pls watch and have fun with Nag Iisang Juday ! Salamasteh. Watch out for our fresh dishes and exciting adventures starting March 16, 2019! Her first leading role in a television series was in Ula, Ang Batang Gubat (1988), she was also part of German Moreno 's That's Entertainment,but she received media recognition in her breakthrough television series Mara Clara ( 1992 ). he has since spawned highly rated television series, amongst these are Esperanza ( 1996 ), Basta't Kasama Kita ( 2003 ), Sa Piling Mo ( 2006 ) and Ysabella ( 2007 ). Her first leading role in a television series was in Ula, Ang Batang Gubat (1988), she was also part of German Moreno 's That's Entertainment,but she received media recognition in her breakthrough television series Mara Clara ( 1992 ).

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The program has three configurable games: touch the shapes or all the shapes; touch the shape when it peeps from behind the edge of the computer scree. The box begins with a plastic box with a smooth, flat, snap-lock top. Place two strips of self-adhesive Velcro in parallel lines on the lid, so they resemble lines on a sheet of paper. Other configurations and layouts for special uses can be created using additional. The software program uses a combination of teaching activities and games to help students master the TouchCounting method of touching coins in a specific location a specified number of times to determine value. As students complete each step and play its corresponding game, they learn to successfu. Users can navigate books by page, chapter, or section. This set includes a tray, a metal ball bearing slider, and ten activity sheets which fit into the tray. Exercises include having the slider move to specific area or trying to keep the slider still. Activities include tracking, memory exercises, shoulder stabilization, motor planning, eye control, and more. Model 1800 is a light only model which turns on the red, yellow, or green light when the corresponding lens is touched. Model 1810 is a busy box model which adds music, vibration, or a pleasant buzz to the light when the lens is touched. Model 1820 is the Vocal Traffic Light model which has r. With this system, children from birth to age 6 are assessed in four domains (sensorimotor, emotional and social, communication and language, and cognition) while engaged in natural play with a parent. Professionals partner with parents to choose customized play-based interventions that help children make prog. Device is constructed of transistor radio, subminiature lever switch, large bobby pin, plastic coated wire, plastic lid from food container or tennis ball can, cardboard and rosin core solder.

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%) were the more prevalent conditions among patients in the upper-extremity deep vein thrombosis-positive group. No statistically significant predictor of upper-extremity deep vein thrombosis was noted if all variables were included. History of malignancy remained predictive of upper-extremity deep vein thrombosis. Upper-extremity deep vein thrombosis is uncommon among symptomatic Chinese population. The most common sign is swelling and the major risk factor for upper-extremity deep vein. However, problems remain with first attempt success rates for peripheral cannulation and locating difficult veins. Practitioners may not be aware of developments in technology and aids to assist in the location and assessment of veins to achieve vascular access. This article provides an overview of two vein location aids that can be used to locate difficult veins: the IV-eye vein imager and the Vacuderm tourniquet. It discusses the patient factors that can increase the difficulty of vein assessment and location, and emphasises the importance of vessel health and preservation, and vein palpation. Practitioners should be experienced and skilled in the assessment of veins, and they are encouraged to revisit how they locate and assess veins. To the best of our knowledge, congenital absence of the splenic artery accompanied with absence of the splenic vein has not been reported. We report a case of the absence of the splenic artery and vein in a 61-year-old woman who presented with postprandial epigastric discomfort. Upper gastrointestinal endoscopy showed a dilated, pulsatile vessel in the fundus and duodenal stenosis. An abdominal computed tomography (CT) scan revealed absence of the splenic vein with a tortuously engorged gastroepiploic vein. Three-dimensional CT demonstrated the tortuously dilated left gastric artery and the left gastroepiploic artery with non-visualization of the splenic artery. After administration of a proton pump inhibitor, abdominal symptoms resolved without any recurrence of symptoms during 6 mo of follow-up.

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Students will be encouraged to take this module along with a similar module in the Autumn term which will cover the period from c. 450 to c. 600. Credits: 15 credits (7. ECTS credits). Read more HI436 - A Global History of Empires: 1850-1960 (15 credits) This course explores the history of empires on a global scale. It challenges students to grasp the history of empires by examining their structures, instruments and consequences. The course will cover the expansion of European empires from the end of the nineteenth to the middle of the twentieth century, in the age of decolonization. Topics include the conquest of Africa in the age of the so-called ? ew Imperialism? the French and British Civilizing missions in Africa and Asia, the emergence of modern ideas of race, immigration, freedom struggles in Asia and Africa, and postcolonial cultural and political developments across the world. It will provide students with a critical historical knowledge of imperialism and globalisation and enable them to form a deep understanding of the postcolonial world. The Victorian Empire: Law, Education and Modernity 2. Empire on the Move: Missionaries, Indentured labour and Convicts 3. The Nature of the British African Empire: from the ? ivilising mission.

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One thing that the show makes clear is that Roose could throw LF a lot further than he trusts LF. However, neither LF nor Ramsay nor Roose are lead characters: so it would have been a huge digression to show such things. One thing that the show has been good about is not getting bogged down in tertiary details that lead nowhere. Sounds like the priestess from the first casting call. Could be introduced to give context to Bloodraven’s background. Plus with Varymyr as a warg, and maybe seeing Rickon and Arya as wargs, it sets up Jon’s return. If Tyrion considers this conversation important and isn’t confident in his rusty language skills, it makes sense to me that he would look for a pretense to shift into speaking the common tongue so he could project a greater degree of confidence. Forcing the actors to memorize speeches of that length in a fake language for no reason would be torture. I’ve learned never to underestimate the depths that some people will go to troll others, but in this case, I thought transcribing it was a relatively harmless endeavor. If it turns out to be nothing, it cost me ten minutes. I’ve wasted far longer than that on speculation that turns out to be wildly off-base before. The dialogue does sound like it’s in keeping with the style of the show, I count the level of detail is a point in its favor. By contrast, there was an audition tape floating around last year that was allegedly for Quentyn Martell. It surfaced after the main Dornish roles had been announced, but before it was confirmed Quentyn had been cut. The dialogue in that tape was off and the “actor” was absolutely awful. Unsurprisingly, it was quickly debunked as a hoax.

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Arya and Hound ride in the forest from the Kings road. Hound asks how Arya wants to control Cercei if she’s a traitor. Started blogging in 2010 but working professionally from 2012. What was that supposed to represent - her plan to kill the waif. Next episode An Umber acts like he's careless like Ramsey, and then slaps a wolfs head on Ramsey's desk. I can't help but think that something is going to hit Ramsey in the face. He put her in that tower to protect her from Robert ever harming her again, or knowing his act had produced offspring because R loved L. I think the King's royal guard was placed on her because he knew Robert would come after her, which he did. But the black curly hair marks all Robert's bastards. First of all, it suggests that one of the biggest future plot twists in the whole book series, exists only for the purpose of shocking its readers. Jon's connection to Robert, at this point of the story at least, offers nothing. Four out of five Baratheons are dead (Robert, Stannis, Renly and Joffrey), and the last one alive is pretty much a Lannister with a different surname (Tommen). His connection to the Starks remains as it is obviously, but it's safe to say that it offers almost nothing exclusive, compared to the rest of the Starks that are alive. Secondly, why would Robert rape his soon-to-be wife. There are far too many reasons why he wouldn't do it and it's pretty much impossible for something like that to remain secret. Besides, why would Rhaegar, Lyanna and then Ned, go through so much trouble to protect a child that is in no immediate danger.