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That combined with Ice's constant travel, specifically to Berrilize in the last year gave means enough for him to get the rare plant we were looking for. When you added in the fact he had been seen fleeing the scene of the murder and had conveniently left town that day it was beginning to look like we had cracked this case. I smiled as I scanned the paper but the smile didn't last long. Once the police got in there it would become official business and I would be shut out. Pleased with my little distraction I slipped away before they could notice my absence. Having 'forgotten' to tell the police I didn't think anyone would be on to the house but I didn't see the sense in breaking in in broad daylight. The house was dark when I got there and the pile of old newspapers on the front porch were a good sign as far as I was concerned, no one was home. Praying that my Internet research and small time practice would pay off I knelt in front of the door and began to pick the lock. It was frustratingly difficult and my fingers kept slipping trembling as they were from nerves. After what seemed like an eternity I heard the sound I had been waiting for, the small click of the lock opening.

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While I always give horror movies credit they deserve no matter how small it may be, Anneliese: The Exorcist Tapes has nothing good about it. The younger man has his own desires, yet ultimately understands the wisdom of the elder. The acting is very believable as well as the location. Yes, it takes place in a dark environment, but there are ways to portray darkness without destroying the feeling of being in darkness. So check out the trailer or jump right to the movie. After receiving praise at the Sundance Film Festival, In Fear has been getting approval from film critics for its success at creating a suspenseful thriller on such a small budget. This is a film that gets some things right, but lacks in other major areas. Lucy accepts the invitation and they go off the main road to get to the resort. What follows are horrific experiences with the unknown, as they eventually get caught up in a confusing maze of roads while potentially being stalked. Most of the film is shot in a small car and the camera operators did a great job at filming from many different angels and succeed at creating tension and suspense.


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It's been the home of the Falcons, Georgia State University football, the annual Peach Bowl and the Southeastern Conference Football Championship. It also temporarily was the home court for the NBA's Atlanta Hawks in the late 1990s while nearby Philips Arena was being built. In 1994, the Buffalo Bills fell to the Dallas Cowboys in Super Bowl XXVIII, losing their fourth consecutive title game. Super Bowl XXXIV in 2000 had a dramatic finish, with Tennessee Titans wide receiver Kevin Dyson being tackled just short of the goal line to give the St. One of the most iconic moments in US Olympic history took place at the Georgia Dome in 1996 when an injured Kerri Strug, later diagnosed with torn ligaments in her ankle, courageously nailed her second vault to help the American women win gymnastics team gold for the first time. The Georgia Dome hosted three NCAA men's Final Fours, with Maryland (2002), Florida (2007) and Louisville (2013) taking those national championships. It also was the host for the 2003 NCAA women's Final Four, with Connecticut winning the title. Additionally, the history of the Georgia Dome is tied to two natural disasters. In January 2006, the Sugar Bowl -- usually held in New Orleans -- was moved to the Georgia Dome because of damage from Hurricane Katrina. The West Virginia Mountaineers stunned the Georgia Bulldogs 38-35.

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No Trees. No Paper. Go wipe your ass on a spotted owl. No WANNA learn nother language; 'nuff trouble wid dis 1. No Way! Not even with BOTH hands, AND a flashlight! No Wesley, you CAN'T catch Nanites from sitting on toilet seats! No William F. Buckley impersonations! - Joel to Tom.